Bailee Madison: 10 Hottest Pics Of All Time

Actress Bailee Madison has been heating up Instagram with her pics. Here’s 10 of the ‘Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark’ actress’ hottest pics of all time.

Bailee Madison: Getting to Know You

Bailee Madison is one of Hollywood’s hottest actresses born on October 15, 1999. The actress made her debut in ‘Bridge to Terabithia’in 2007 and she has yet to look back. Since the start of her career, Bailee Madison has won many awards including the Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Feature Film Young Actress Age Ten or Younger for her role in ‘Bridge to Terabithia’. She also had a role in the movie ‘Parental Guidance’s playing Harper alongside Billy Crystal, Bette Midler and Marissa Tomei. Recently, Bailee Madison has been heating up the scenes with some beautiful, hot pics. Here are our favorite top 10 of Bailee Madison’s hottest pics:

Instagram Pics: 10 Hottest Ever

#10: Bailee Madison Pretty in Pink

With such beauty as that of Bailee Madison, the simplest makeup displays her youthfulness and gorgeous features. This pretty in pink makeup is perfect for such a young face that was shared with fans on Instagram.

#9 Bailee Madison…Noble Reader

Actress Bailee Madison used this Instagram pic to share with fans that she’d be signing books at Barnes and Noble. It seems pink isn’t the only color that the ‘Just Go With It’ actress looks good in.

#8 Bailee Madison: Behind the Scenes

Bailee Madison takes some time for rest and relaxation between takes and. The ‘Zigzag Kids Collection: Books 1 & 2’ actress shares with fans on Instagram this super chill pic of her in a simple black robe looking radiant.

#7 Bailee Madison: Kiss Me

The ‘Bridge to Terabithia’ actress shares this Instagram pic with fans. Her red lips look good enough to kiss.

#6 Bailee Madison: A Million $$ Smile

A smile is worth a million bucks and the smile of Bailee Madison is worth more. The ‘Losing Brave’ novelist show her fans her sweeter side in this Instagram pic.

#5 Bailee Madison: Beach Day

The ‘Losing Brave’ actress looks breathtaking in this Instagram pic sharing her adventures at the beach.

#4 Bailee Madison: A Reader in Every Fan

Actress Bailee Madison shares a casual pic advertising her first novel ‘Losing Brave’ in this Instagram pic.

#3 Bailee Madison: Photo Shoots Made Simple

The actress of ‘Zigzag Kids Collection: Books 1 & 2’ and ‘Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark’ shows how easy photo shoots can be when you know what you’re doing in this Instagram pic.

#2 Bailee Madison…Nap Time

The more subtle side of the ‘Good Witch’ actress is displayed in this beautiful pic.

#1 Bailee Madison: Just Go With It

A day on a yacht and the ‘Good Witch’ actress, Bailee Madison tells fans to ‘Just Go With It’ in this fabulous Instagram pic.

Many More Hot Pics to Come

Bailee Madison has had a successful career as an actress and now novelist. If anyone can learn anything from the ‘Bridge to Terabithia’ actress it’s that the best is yet to come. Fans can expect even more hot pics from the actress in the near future.