Rebecca King-Crews Wife Wiki: Net Worth & Facts About Terry Crews’ Wife

Rebecca King-Crews, wife of Terry Crews, is a successful woman herself. She is strong, remarkable and independent with a net worth of $ 20 million.

Rebecca King-Crews Wife Wiki: Net Worth & Facts About Terry Crews’ Wife

“Ninety days, no sex. All relationship, all talk, all cuddle.”

This is what the NFL player Terry Crews said about the kind of relationship he and his wife, Rebecca King-Crews, shares. For those, who haven’t carefully read the statement, it might seem like a problem between Rebecca King-Crews and Terry Crews. But that’s not so. According to Terry Crews, this had made their relationship stronger. Rebecca King-Crews and Terry Crews had been married since 1990 with three daughters, namely Azriel, Tera and Winfrey and a son named Isaiah. She also has a daughter before marrying Terry Crews, and she is named Naomi. Rebecca King-Crews doesn’t need any introduction. She is famous in her own right. She gained her name from her beauty queen days and then took it further with her gospel singing, songwriting, executive production, and musician. Rebecca King-Crews is best known for The Family Crews; her hit reality series. And while we are talking about Rebecca King-Crews, we have to talk about Terry Crews, especially about his Old Spice commercial series. The National Football League player featured Old Spice commercials can be seen on YouTube.

An Insight To Rebecca King Crews Life

Born to interracial parents on December 24, 1965, in Benton Harbor, Michigan, United States, Rebecca Crews grew up in the areas of Gary, Indiana. Currently, she is 52 years old and her height is 5’ 8”. She went to various schools. In 1984, during her senior years in Lew Wallace High School, she was crowned Miss Gary. At Western Michigan University, Rebecca King-Crews studied musical Theater. And it was there she started to perform regionally with various plays and musical acts productions. During her school and college days, Rebecca King-Crews appeared in many musical theater productions. To name some are “The Whiz,” “Pippin,” “Evita,” “Oklahoma,” “The Music Man” and many more. For The Black Civic Theater, Rebecca King-Crews also appeared as Deena in a regional production of “Dreamgirls.” The Chosen One is her own gospel group where she is a songwriter, singer, and producer. Today, Rebecca King-Crews’ net worth stands at $20 million.

Marriage And Personal Life

It was while serving as the musical director at a church in WMU that she met Terry Crews. He was an art and football major then. Terry Crews, with the height of 6’ 3”, is an American actor who appeared in the blockbuster movies like Expendables and is a former National Football League player. Rebecca King- Crews went through a rough patch in the year 2014-15. Terry Crews, during that time, was addicted to porn and Rebecca Crews was having a tough time dealing with it. But with hard dedication and support, she sought everything out and cleared things up in her relationship with Terry. The ninety day sex fast that we talked about in the beginning, it was it cure Terry Crews of his porn addiction. It not only solved the problem but also made their relationship stronger. Rebecca King- Crews has also been very supportive when Terry Crews filed a police report against a Hollywood executive for sexual harassment.The police report was about Terry Crews being groped at a Hollywood function by a high level entertainment executive.

Social Activities And Career Of Rebecca King- Crew

The beautiful actress, Rebecca King- Crews, has been featured in many magazines like Heart And Soul, Jet, Today’s Black Woman, TV Guide and Reality Magazine to name some. She is also the speaker for Christianity and sin also known for her involvement in humanitarian. Her Christian upbringing has always saved her from a lot of pitfalls of fame and has and always will play an important role in her life and career. She has been requested to be in charge of the various charities for Christian communities over the years. She also acted as the speaker in the Pennsylvania and Philadelphia held Uniquely You Summit and also for the Heart And Soul Awards in Baltimore. She also hosted Well Done Awards ceremony held in New York City, Englewood Baptist Church 15th Anniversary in Pensacola, Florida and American Heart Association Campaign to End Stroke for honoring charitable works. Regarding her career, Rebecca king- Crews is the executive producer of her own hit reality show The Family Crews. She also acted shortly in the reality TV show about her life that aired on BET. In 2011, without any explanation the show ended. In 2015, July 8, she released a song Can I Stay, her debut single. It was a song that served to the dedication to The Lord. Secular, Inspirational is her fourth album.

The Family Crews

The Family Crews was the reality show where the Crews family starred about their lives. The IMDB page for the show says that the show was Rebecca King-Crews production. While talking to the media, she said that she had reservations about putting her family on the TV because of her protective instinct as a mother. But they are already in the shoe business. The NFL player Terry Crews was already famous, and they have been to the shows together. People knew their family, and hence she decided to go on with it. The show ended in 2011 without any explanation. It was during an episode of the show that her unmarried daughter Naomi told Terry and Rebecca Crews that she was pregnant.

It can be deduced that Rebecca King-Crews is a strong woman and with a lot of dedication. She brought back her failing marriage to life and made it stronger than before. Rebecca King-Crews stands for beliefs and cares about her family a lot. She is fierce, independent and loving. Despite her success, she stays grounded. She takes pride in her husband’s success but never lets it get to her head. In short, Rebecca King-Crews a very remarkable woman.