Justin Theroux Wiki: Facts To Know About Jennifer Aniston’s Husband

Justin Theroux is Jennifer Aniston’s husband. Not only is he a writer but also an actor and a break dancer. Here are some information you should know about him.

Who is Justin Theroux?

Jennifer Aniston is very popular for her messy divorce from her previous marriage and has ever since then being in every terrible chick flick. Aniston’s life has changed in so many ways for years and we’ve seen her cut a swath through Hollywood’ top men trying to find the better man. Actually, Aniston has finally found one. Who is this guy?

Justin Theroux is a Writer and an Actor

Theroux has appeared in some popular movies and also wrote the screenplays for Rock of Ages, Iron Man 2 and Tropic Thunder. Theroux is also slated to write Zoolander 2, but this looks and sounds unbelievable. Theroux has also appeared in a number of TV shows and movies that you’ve seen, but you may not instantly recognize him. Jennifer Aniston’s husband was also the creepy DJ in Zoolander. Theroux also appeared in Inland Empire, Mulholland Drive, American Psycho, Six Feet Under, Sex and the City, Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion (which starred Jennifer Aniston’s Friends co-star Lisa Kudrow). According to reports, Justin likes to dye his hair. And when it comes to this part, Theroux likes it 50 shades darker.

Theroux’s Mom Wrote About His First Prom For The New York Times

Theroux’s mother, Phyllis Theroux was a popular journalist for the Washington Post. Theroux mother also wrote a piece about the stress of preparing for proms for The New York Times. In this write up she told the story of Theroux when he was getting ready for his middle school prom, and a story of Theroux’s older sister getting ready for her high school prom. The story Theroux mom told is an interesting one, but possibly the sweetest part is that young Theroux Justin was apparently asked to prom by two girls. One of the girls whose name was Rachel Grady went on to become an Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker.

Theroux Justin was a Troublemaker as a Child

Theroux was kicked out of two different schools when he was only 14. But he later found his own place at a boarding school in Massachusetts from which point on he succeeded.

Theroux is a Talented Break-dancer

Those who have seen Zoolander would vividly remember that creepy DJ and Hansel break dance fighting in the DJ booth during that climactic scene. All that was Theroux Justin’s doing. This is something Jennifer Aniston has actually been obsessed with and convinced her to stick with Theroux Justin.

Theroux Justin is a vegetarian

Jennifer Aniston’s husband is a vegetarian. There isn’t really so much thing to talk about this. The reason may be because he is an animal lover and has featured in PETA campaigns

Theroux Justin Proposed to Aniston on His Own Birthday

Justin Theroux proposed to Aniston on his own 41st birthday. Theroux claims Aniston’s approval is the best birthday gift he received.

Justin Theroux is a Tattooist

As it turns out, Justin Theroux is a very talented tattooist, as he was seen drawing ladybugs and unicorns on Conan O’Brien’s abs.

Justin Theroux Net Worth

Justin Theroux is an American actor and writer who has a total net worth of $20 million dollars.