Eugene Lee Yang: 10 Facts About This Ex Buzzfeed Celebrity

Talented filmaker who advocates for LGBTQ and human rights

Being creative is a blessing. A person can do wonders if they’re creative. Creative people strive to learn and let their creativity out in all ways possible. These people don’t settle for less. We have many examples of such people among us but one prominent example is Eugene Lee Yang. This person has always strived to do better in life. He is creative and hard working.

Who is Eugene Lee Yang

Eugene Lee Yang is an American filmmaker, actor, and YouTuber. He is mostly recognized for his work at BuzzFeed. He worked with BuzzFeed from the year 2013 to the year 2018. He also has a YouTube channel called The Try Guys. The channel has a comedy series. Eugene is extremely talented and creative. He has been working in the industry for years now and comes up with extraordinary scripts and work.

How Did Eugene Become Popular


Eugene was still studying at the University of Southern California; he wrote and directed 6 short films that showed social and political topics. Eugene was extremely passionate. He wanted to do something in life. He constantly wrote and directed short films. He worked in BuzzFeed and later in The Try Guy. One can take inspiration from Eugene for doing what he loved doing. Sticking to what makes him happy. His work made him popular.

Eugene’s Prominent Works


Eugene has been working in the Industry before. He always experimented and explored the industry. When he got into BuzzFeed, he was given the chance to explore and be creative. He created several videos and one of the videos he made got over 70 million views which were one of the greatest achievements. His content without any doubt was really attractive. He plays around the characters and the storyline very well.

The Try Guys

‘The Try Guys’ is a YouTube group that posts comedy scripts. It is a group of a few boys including Eugene. They all worked together in BuzzFeed and left BuzzFeed to start their own channel. They got a lot of fame from The Try Guy. Yang always took challenges and made quality videos for the channel. The other two boys left BuzzFeed for the same reason that they wanted to do something on their own.

All You Need To Know About Eugene

Eugene’s parents are Korean immigrants. He was born in Texas and grew up in Taxes. Eugene was bullied for his appearance in his childhood that was not really good experience for him. Yang has two sisters and no brother. One of the teachers persuaded Yang to go into a film school and study filmmaking and which he did. He graduated in the year 2008 in the same field.

“To travel is to enter someone else’s homeSeek new experiencesMake new friendsTry everythingTreat your surroundings with respectLeave the hotelEngage with localsTravel is a luxury most can’t affordBut if and when you can, do not waste a single momentFill them with wonder”
– Eugene Lee on Twitter 


Yang Loves traveling and he promotes traveling; above is a quote on traveling by him. Eugene loves Hip hop dance and that is why he became one. Eugene also took training in martial arts. Eugene is 6 feet tall which is an ideal height. People called him The Asian guy when the Try Guy channel was new and people did not recognize their names.

Eugene did a guest appearance in Brooklyn Nine Nine’s episode one. His net worth is around 4 million dollars. Eugene is a dog lover and absolutely adores them.

Why Eugene Supports The LGBTQ Community?

Eugene announced that he is gay in the year 2019. He is open about his sexuality ever since. He produced short films on topics supporting the LGBTQ community when he was doing his bachelors and then he made videos in the same theme for his YouTube channel called The Try Guy. He was a host in one of Buzzfeed’s Queer Prom five-part videos series that showed how eight high school seniors attended the first LGBTQ themed prom with other students. In the year 2019, he announced that he is in a relationship with Mathew McLean.

Eugene Against Racism

Yang fights against racism because he was bullied for his looks when he was young. He protests against the unjust Asian Americans face. He shows all of these issues through his videos. The content he wrote was eye-opening. It was revealing the negative side of American society. It is sad to see that racism still exists. However, Eugene has worked hard to make a difference and make the world a better place to live.

“Center your experience, honestly and uncompromisingly, on yourself. Being Asian American shouldn’t inform your work. Your work should inform what being Asian American Means.”

Where To Follow Eugene’s Works

One can follow his work on Youtube. The group is called The Try Guy who has hilarious content. He also appears in television series sometimes as he appeared as a guest in the first episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The YouTube channel has around 7.31 million subscribers. It is surely a big family. Eugene is a prominent part of the channel and his work can be seen there. Eugene has won;

  • Unforgettable 2015 Male Breakout Star of the Year in the year 2019
  • Human Rights Campaign’s Visibility Award.
  • Phenom Award for LGBTQ+ Activism in the year 2020.
  • What Is He Up to Right Now

    Eugene is currently working on the YouTube channel. He also released a song in which he revealed a fact about him. The latest video Eugene appeared in is “Try not to laugh challenge”. The channel has similar video topics. The content is hilarious and worth watching. They get a lot of views on their videos and they are everyone’s favorite.

    Some of the famous Try Guys videos;

  • There are hundreds of videos that the Try Guys have produced so far but some of the famous ones are;
  • In the try guys get their bones cracked: the boys go to Dr. Mary Trumpi to get their stress relieved through joint cracking. The video has  21,161,199 views
  • The stay at home series was done by the boys to encourage the viewers and fans to stay at home
  • 4. In the boy’s try out food series the boys tried foods like bagels and pie to rank them. 5. I’m gay was produced by Eugene. It is a song that he used to announce that he is a part of the LGBTQ community. It has millions of views and everyone in the industry appreciated Eugene’s efforts and courage. 6. Eugene babysits Ned’s baby in a video and the experience is hilarious

    7. Keith eats everything at KFC. He comments and reviews all the items on the menu. 8. Eugene ranks everything. Eugene ranks different products such as sodas and other products. 9. In one of the videos, the guys eat 400 dumplings. It was one of the first eating challenges by the Try Guys. Eugene also said that he would eat the most dumplings because he belongs to Korea. They had to eat more than 375 dumplings in 10 minutes. They later posted a spicy noodles challenge. Asian food challenge and also Mc Nuggets challenge. 10. In one of the videos, the boys were also seen trying the Acupuncture method. 11. One of the famous videos showed that the boys switched their pets for a day. It was such a task.

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    Eugene is one talented person who has been working hard and showing off his creativity to the world. Eugene never fails to impress his audience. He along with his team is a perfect combination of humor and talent.  Although he was bullied as a kid it did not stop him. He was different. He explored himself. He was strong all this time. He has worked hard and come to this point where he has a successful Youtube channel. He is close to his family, he even convinced his mother to come along with him in a BuzzFeed video.

    Eugene’s decision making power is strong. He left Buzzfeed to start up the Youtube channel which isn’t easy. He is smart and wise because it takes a lot of guts and energy to make such a decision. This decision turned out to be one of the best decisions for them and has brought them where they are today. Eugene is a true inspiration winning millions of hearts today.

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