Bart Swings Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About 2018 Olympics Silver Medalist Skater

Bart Swings, the world champion inline speed skater, and 2018 Winter Olympian, learn about his net worth and training routine here.

Bart Swings world champion inline speed skater and the Winter Olympics

Bart Swings had the honor of winning a silver medal in the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea. Bart Swings’ win marks the first winter Olympic medal win in the past twenty years for his country. The skater Bart Swings has won Belgium’s first Winter Olympics’ medal in 20 years, which means that Bart Swings will be remembered in the history books as the first delegate from Belgium to win a medal at the Winter Olympics in the 21st century.

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Bart Swings is a speed skater that competed for Belguim at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games. Bart Swings was born in 1991, he is currently 27. At the 2018 Olympic Winter Games, Bart Swings competed with in the speed skating categories. He competed in the men’s 1,500m, the men’s 5,000m, the men’s 10,000m and the men’s mass start. For the 1,500. he placed sixth, 5,000m he placed sixth again, then in the 10,000m he placed eighth, and in the men’s mass start he won the silver medal for placing in second. Bart Swings majored at the Catholic University of Leuven, in Belgium. his major was electrical engineering. He speaks French, Dutch and English. His current coach is Jelle Spruyt He is not the only competitive athlete in his family. Bart Swing’s brother Maarten represented their country in speed skating in the past. Before the 2018 Olympic Winter Games he was having some issues with his knee, but clearly, that didn’t hold him back. Bart Swings is the world record holder on 10,000 m inline speed skating with a time of 14:41.425.

This photo of Bart Swings is from his facebook page. His facebook page posts updated and current photos of the athlete.


Bart Swings started learning how to roller speed skate when he was only eight years old. His main desire was to compete in the Olympics but roller speed skating was not a classification offered. This made him switch to speed skating (on the ice). He once remarked: “You dream of the Olympic Games, the pinnacle for every athlete, but roller speed skating is not an Olympic sport. If it was, I would never have made the switch.” According to his records, he trains six days a week and twice every day.

The caption below this photo on his instagram page described the events he would be paartaking in the next day at the World Cup: “World Cup weekend coming up! With this post I specially would like to thank AnSem for supporting me this season. Because of them I can take my own road to PyeongChang! #AnSem #21daystogo” Tomorrow I will be racing the 1500m and on saturday I start in the 5000m #SwingsOnWings @optiekvangorp 📷: @schaatsfotos

Bart Swings net worth

Bart Swings net worth is not something that is exact, the fact that he is not super famous, means that his net worth is not definite common knowledge. It has been reported that his net worth is around one million dollars.