Rory Farquharson Wiki: Everything To Know About Malia Obama’s Rumored Boyfriend

You are about to know everything about Malia Obama’s boyfriend, Rory Farquharson. Below are the facts about the Harvard student.

All you need to know about Rory Farquharson

Barrack Obama was the first black US President and was loved by many. His family is still of interest and single guys all over the world wished they could have the hands of the Obama sister’s Malia and Sasha. To all the hopefuls, sorry! Malia is off the market. You can now try your luck on Sasha by direct messaging her on Instagram. You might be lucky. Let’s go back to Malia Obama. Rumors are going around on Twitter that she is dating a guy known as Rory Farquharson. So who is Farquharson? Rory Farquharson was filmed kissing the ex-president’s daughter and has become so popular. Farquharson is the son of Charles Farquharson and Catherine. His father works as a chief executive of Insight Investment Management Limited while his mother is an accountant. Farquharson’s family lives in a $2 million house in Woodbridge, Suffolk. One funny thing though about Farquharson, he has followed the US president Donald Trump on Twitter, but he hasn’t followed Obama. Hopefully, he will do so soon.

Facts about Malia Obama’s boyfriend

He is not a Trump fan

Malia Obama’s boyfriend, Farquharson is following US President Donald Trump on Twitter, but it doesn’t mean that he loves him. Farquharson has been voicing her criticism of the president and even predicted that the populism surrounding the sitting head of the States would last for only a year. Farquharson might have been right in his prediction as there have been some increased marching and protests against Trump’s policies. They are actually getting more every while, and every decision he makes is globally criticized. It’s clear that Obama’s boyfriend has seen what most people even in the political arena failed to notice.

Before he joined Harvard, he wrote something on his wall

You might be wondering what wall. It is on his Facebook wall. Farquharson posted on the site “So it begins” as a caption for his Facebook photo. In the photo, he posed with his new pals from Harvard in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Here is no any other information about Farquharson that can be found on Facebook, except that he was raised in London and is a member of the class of 2020 in Harvard. But being a rich kid, you wouldn’t be surprised to see Farquharson in the university that consists of kids from powerful and wealthy families.

He began dating Malia in 2017

Malia Obama and her boyfriend were found kissing in November last year just after a Harvard football game had ended. They were also seen just a while back hanging out in New York City and doing shopping in SoHo. There are no records or proof that Malia Obama and Farquharson were dating before 2017 and rumors about them having a thing surfaced in November immediately they were seen kissing. Like mentioned, it is still unconfirmed that they are dating because none of them has come out to admit. But do friends kiss lip to lip?

Farquharson was considered quite a catch in high school

Malia Obama’s boyfriend, Rory Farquharson was the head boy of his high school, Rugby School, between 2015 and 2016. According to one of the former student of the school, Farquharson was ‘quite a catch,’ and he was very popular. Rory has a height of 6 feet 2 inch. Malia Obama has a height of 6 feet. The school is one of the most prestigious ones in the country. According to its online records, the tuition fee alone for the Rugby School is about $35,500 annually. Farquharson played both rugby and golf when he was in the school. Not only was Obama’s boyfriend a talented player, but he was also a bright chemistry student and a member of the Blue Bunsen Society, a chemistry club. According to Daily Mail, Farquharson also made a cameo appearance in a video with Prince Harry during the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

He once interned in Northern Ireland

There was time Farquharson interned with the Centre for Democracy and Peace Headquarters in Northern Ireland. Someone would have thought that Farquharson was interested in politics and governance. Who knows? Maybe he was inspired by Obama and wanted to become a leader too. However, Daily Mail reported that Farquharson is mostly interested in finance since it is the field that all his parents are in. His father, just like mentioned above, is a chief executive as well as a director of a London investment firm.

His girlfriend was previously seeing Rob Franklin

While Sasha Obama found romance at a music festival, her sister Malia Obama found and got romantically involved with Rob Franklin, a Stanford graduate. At the time, Miss. Obama was working as an intern in New York City since she left the White House. According to Franklin LinkedIn profile, he works for, an art dealer and he is fluent in English, Spanish, Chinese and French. Too bad for him though because Farquharson just took his girl.

Rory Farquharson’s net worth

Coming from a wealthy family, Farquharson, who is perhaps the only rich kid that is not on Instagram, has a net worth of millions of dollars, even though the exact figure is not known.

You can consider yourself the luckiest dude if you are dating the daughter of one of the most influential presidents in the world right now. Even though President Obama retired, he is still an influential leader. Farquharson is the luckiest guy in 2018.