Anne Dickerson Wiki: Everything To Know About John Dickerson’s Wife

The beautiful Anne Dickerson is the wife of John Dickerson. Just find out all that you need to know about the CBS news reporter’s wife from below.

Who is John Dickerson?

John Dickerson is the famous CBS reporter who is apparently a valuable asset for the news channel, CBS News. The program ‘Face the Nation’ is hosted by Dickerson on CBS News. John Dickerson is also the political columnist for the Slate magazine. Dickerson has shot to fame with sheer hard work and dedication. John Dickerson has proved himself to be a valuable gem in the field of journalism. He has the knack and the skill to cover political news inside out. Dickerson has also worked as the chief correspondent for the Slate magazine for a long time before he started working exclusively for ‘Face the Nation’. He does his research well and has an amazing scrutiny and presenting style for any news item. John Frederic Dickerson was born in 1968 to parents, C. Wyatt Dickerson and Nancy Dickerson Whitehead. The American national has four siblings, one brother and three sisters. He was brought up in Mclean, Virginia. Raised in Washington D.C., Dickerson was always an outstanding student in his lifetime. He has done his graduation from Sidewall Friends School. Dickerson completed his graduation in 1987 with a distinction in English from the University of Virginia. This explains why he is exceptionally amazing at his job as a news reporter. Apart from hosting the ‘Face the Nation’, John Dickerson is also the political director of CBS News. Dickerson started hosting ‘Face the Nation’ from 2015. Before that, he had earlier hosted the same show in 2009. In 2011, he was appointed the director of politics in CBS News. John Dickerson has slowly risen the ladder of success right from the start with his sheer hard work and determination. Dickerson used to cover politics at Time Magazine before working as a columnist for the Slate Magazine. He worked at the Time Magazine for twelve long years before he shifted to Slate. Dickerson also served as their White House correspondent for the last four years of his tenure at the Time Magazine. This got him a lot of experience in the field. Dickerson has also, during his television career, given frequent guest appearances on NPR’s Day to Day. He has also appeared on PB’s Washington Week and the Slate Political Gabfest. Dickerson also successfully hosted the Whistlestop: a Slate podcast about presidential history. John Dickerson has shown his skills in not just journalism, but he has also show to the world about his exceptional ability at writing books. John Dickerson is a family man. He had penned down a book about the relationship he had with his beloved mother, Nancy Dickerson Whitehead called, ‘On Her Trial’. The book had created a sensation in the market. The book was reviewed by many and the staff writer Elsa Walsh in Washington Post Review quoted the book to be ‘riveting’. John Dickerson has also published another book called, ‘Whistletop: My Favorite Stories from Presidential Campaign History’. John Dickerson is also the co-writer of Time Article in July, 2003. The name of the articles was ‘A War on Wilson?’ The news host has an uncanny skill of questioning. He knows exactly when and what kind of questions should be thrown across. The Washing Post praised his questioning style quoting, “The master of the game is John Dickerson of Time magazine, who has knocked Bush off script so many times that his colleagues have coined a term for cleverly worded, seemingly harmless, but incisive questions: ‘Dickerson’” John Dickerson has certainly done well for himself financially in his life. His net worth is $3 million. Dickerson has an immense knowledge of history and research. With his directing questioning style, he has certainly made an image for himself. He has been in the field of journalism since 20 years which is a long period. John Dickerson is very active on twitter and he has a lot OF followers on his twitter account. One can find a lot of their photos on Instagram. He uploads photos of himself with his pets and family and also on food.

Wife Anne Dickerson

John Dickerson is said to be a very romantic person at heart. He married his long-time girlfriend Anne McKeehan. His marriage life is considered an ideal one and it is more than a decade since he is married. Their marriage is as strong as ever and the love between them is growing day by day. Anne Dickerson has two children with her husband, Brice Dickerson and Nancy Dickerson. There was once a rumor about John Dickerson being gay, but he tactfully erased such baseless rumors. John’s wife, Anne Dickerson is the founder and the chief executive of the ’15 Minutes’ group. Anne Dickerson has prepared hundreds of leaders, best-selling authors and experts for appearances on television and radio. Anne specializes in preparing and helping her clients to present politically charged, complex and sensitive work in a very compelling way to journalists and to the audiences. She has managed to craft a method over the 16 years of her career that works for her clients not just for a single appearance, but time and again and in different venues. She gives bespoke sessions to suit the individual requirement and her sessions are specially tailored to suit individual experiences. She has had a loyal clientele of authors like Rupi Kaur, Amy Chua, Lauren Weisberger, policy makers like General Michael Hayden and Pulitzer prize winners like Dan Yergin. Before starting 15 Minutes, Anne Dickerson was a television producer and a writer. She graduated from the University of Virginia as an Echols Scholar. Anne Dickerson lives in Washington D.C.

Net worth of Anne Dickerson

The net worth of Anne Dickerson is $8 million.