Emil Hegle Svendsen’s Wife Wiki: Everything To Know About Samantha Skogrand

Samantha Skogrand is more than just a television presenter. She is soon to be Emil Hegle Svendsen’s wife. Learn more about their love story and wedding plan.

Who is Samantha Skogrand?

Samantha Skogrand is a television presenter who worked for TV2 sports and TV2 sportkanalen. Skogrand started working as an entertainment reporter for TV2 with the show God kveld Norge. Towards the end of 2014, she quit TV2 sports and TV2 sportkanalen. Samantha Skogrand, 27 is dating 2018 Olympic Winter Games silver medalist Emil Hegle Svendsen. Emil Hegle Svendsen is considered to be the most eligible bachelor of Norway so Samantha Skogrand is lucky to have him by her side.

Samantha Skogrand is talked about more due to her relationship with the 2018 Olympic Winter Games medalist Svendsen than her work as a television presenter. Skogrand is very pretty and is very good at her job, or else how she would have been able to maintain an impressive net worth? The net worth of Skogrand comprises of her salary mostly. Skogrand is soon going to be the wife of Svendsen amidst the rumor of their breakup.

Love story of Skogrand and Emil Hegle Svendsen

Though it is believed that Svendsen and his soon to be wife Skogrand met while the latter was hosting a show but it is far from the truth. The duo met online and fell for each other. Earlier, it was reported that the two big events of Svendsen’s life (marriage and Olympics) will happen in the year 2018, but now the couple has confirmed that though they are engaged, still no final date has been finalized for their marriage.

Both Skogrand and Svendsen consider each other to be their best friend and this strong friendship helps them in maintaining their relationship even when their work commitments keep them apart. Svendsen’s would-be wife Skogrand loves his sense of humor and appreciates the fact that he ensures that both of them have lots of fun whenever they meet.

Their social media account is filled with their photos from different events. Svendsen also praises his wife and refers to her as his strength. According to Svendsen, Skogrand is always there by his side whenever he needs her.

Skogrand’s new identity as Svendsen’s wife

Once the Olympic is over, both Svendsen and Skogrand will invest time in deciding when and how they want to get married. Skogrand is also busy with her job so she doesn’t want to rush into anything. It will be their first marriage, so they want everything to be perfect, including their photos.

Skogrand wants to enjoy every step that will lead her to become the wife of Svendsen. So, once they are ready for marriage, they will chalk out everything way ahead, so that nothing goes amiss. Skogrand is looking forward to having the perfect wedding where everything is being taken care of beautifully.