Ashley Olsen Wiki: Her relationships and if she has a husband

5 lesser known facts to know about Ashley Olsen and her relationships

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Ashley Olsen is a former American actress who has now stepped into fashion designing and is also a businesswoman. She began acting at a very young age with her twin sister Mary-Kate Olsen and they first appeared in a television show called Full-House. After appearing in a number of movies, both the Olsen sisters retired from their acting careers in 2012 and chose fashion industry to pursue as a career.

However, with all the fame and stardom comes invasion of privacy so here you’ll find some facts that are lesser known about the famous Ashley Olsen. Their parents got divorced in 1995, after the twins got famous from full house. Their parents’ divorce had a huge impact on both Ashley and Mary-Kate that after this incident, both the twins wanted to keep their lives private.

Another lessor known fact about Ashley Olsen is that she suffers a disease called Lyme disease. The disease can be treated if diagnosed early in life, but unfortunately Ashley discovered about this later in life. The symptoms of the disease are severe headaches, lack of energy and joint pain and it has also been said that this might be one of the reasons Ashley wanted to step away from the film industry but we’ll never know as the actress is keen on hiding away everything they possibly can. Did you know that Ashley Olsen had a face lift however the surgery went wrong which resulted in her face getting swelled up? Keep on reading to get to know more of such facts!

With Mary-Kate

1. Ashley and Mary-Kate actually aren’t identical twins!

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Shocking isn’t it? I found it this so interesting because all my life, because of their extremely similar looks, I just assumed that they are identical twins when in reality, they are fraternal twins. Now you must be thinking that with their striking resemblance, I’m crazy to be saying that they aren’t identical. Well, let’s get into bio here. Two babies are identical twins when they come from the one single egg of the mother dividing into 2 and this is why most of the times the identical twins look the same. Identical twins aren’t named because of the same features but because such kind of twins shares the same DNA while fraternal twins are from two separate eggs and they don’t share the same DNA. See? Hence, the twins aren’t identical.

2. The twin sisters describe their relationship and bond as a 32 year marriage

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In a recent interview to a magazine, Ashley Olsen described her relationship with her sister as a 32 year old partnership where they had their ups and downs. The girls have however tried to keep their lives extremely private and do not like to talk about themselves publicly. Ashley and Mary-Kate cofounded their luxury clothing line known as The Row and later ended up introducing Elizabeth and James, a clothing line which was mid-level priced and hence affordable by most. Both the girls have had a sense in fashion and they even disclosed that they have never bought anything online. While starting their clothing line ‘The Row’, the initial inspiration was a T-shirt. They wanted to design a t-shirt that could be perfect for women of all ages and all sizes. They have even had debates and quarrels regarding their designs for example, in an interview Mary-Kate confessed that they once spent around 6 months debating where to put the handles of their Margaux bag; whether on the inside or outside the bag. Finally they asked the employees in their office to vote on the matter but ultimately ended up producing it both ways. However despite these little debates, the girls have always been a support for each other.

3. The twins wore fake teeth during Full House

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One of the interesting facts that people don’t know about the twins is that during the filming of Full House, the twins used to wear fake teeth! The reason being that both girls were playing the same character of Michelle Tanner and in reality, their bodies were going through hazards of growing up and changing differently from each other. Their baby teeth were falling and the audience would’ve easily figured out that big of a difference. So, to maintain a constant look, the genius production team came out with the fake teeth idea and it worked!

With her Sister’s Husband Olivier Sarkozy

4. Ashley Supported Olivier and Mary-Kate despite the 17-years age gap

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Mary-Kate Olsen married a French banker named Olivier Sarkozy who is apparently 17 years older than Mary-Kate. The two began dating in 2012 and finally decided to get married after 3 years of togetherness. The duo married in a small ceremony in Manhattan in 2015. As they have an age gap of 17 years, the couple got a lot of criticism and backlash and reports even tell that Sarkozy’s ex-wife was very against the couple. The marriage was on such a small scale that there were hardly 50 people who attended the ceremony and there are no pictures from the wedding. The guests weren’t allowed to bring their cell phones or cameras to the ceremony as well. However, the two are happily married now. Ashley Olsen has maintained a good tie with her sister’s husband Olivier Sarkozy. Olivier has always been supportive of Mary-Kate and Ashley has been there for them as an incredible sister. The couple also went on a double date with Ashley Olsen and her boyfriend at the time, Richard Sachs. Before marrying Olivier, Mary-Kate was reported to be dating Heath Ledger who later died of drug overdose.

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5. Ashley Olsen seeing older men/Mary-kate’s marriage to Olivier Sarkozy

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As the Olsen twins were pretty young when their parents decided to part ways, a lot of articles on the internet highlight that the girls had daddy issues due to which both the girls were attracted to older men. Ashley Olsen was reportedly dating a man named Richard Sachs who is 58 years old and is a financer dealer. The two have been spotted kissing and were even photographed at a double date with Mary-Kate and her husband. Reports suggest that Ashley and Richard have now broken up but she was also linked to older men in the past such as George Condo, who is 59 years old and CEO of Oliver peoples, David Schulte who is 47 years old.

Photos and Names of who Ashley Olsen has dated and is dating now

Ashley Olsen is unmarried and still hasn’t found her Mr. Perfect however she has dated quite a few men in the past. Some of the popular men she has dated include Richard Sachs, Johnny Depp, David Schulte, Benet Miller, Justin Bartha, Lance Armstrong, Greg Chait, Jared Leto and Matt Kaplan. Most of these men have been older than Ashley and were all extremely rich.

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Her most recent relationship was with Richard Sachs which apparently ended after 2016.

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Before Richard she was dating Bennett Miller who is a famous movie director and just like Richard, quite older than Ashley.

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She has also dated the former tennis player Scott Sartiano for a brief period of time in 2004. There is no news about any current guy in Ashley’s life after Richard Sachs and if they are, she has successfully kept it under wraps.


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The Olsen sisters rose to fame and stardom at a very young age but stardom doesn’t promise a smooth life. As we all know, the one who wears the crown, bears the crown. If the sisters decided to take such drastic steps to keep their private life away from the spotlight than they must have gone through a lot because of the same spotlight. We’d never know until we’ve been in the same situation as them. The Olsen sisters have always tried to keep their personal lives away from media but media still has its ways to find out details about celebrities. Ashley Olsen has managed to become a successful fashion designer along with her sister Mary-kate. The twins saw huge ups and downs in life but Mary-kate is happily married now and Ashley is fully focused on work until she finds the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

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