Marcheline Bertrand Wiki: Age, Net Worth, Death & Facts About Jon Voight’s Wife

Marcheline Bertrand was the wife of Jon Voight and mother of famous actress Angelina Jolie. The outstanding woman whose death came too soon.

Marcheline Bertand Wife and Mother

Marcheline Bertrand was born Marcia Lynn Bertrand, and she was a woman who lived a life envied by many. Marcheline Bertrand was the wife of Jon Voight and mother of famous actress Angeline Jolie and actor James Haven. She worked as an actress and producer and prior to her death from ovarian cancer, became a humanitarian. She was a woman of many traits and talents, and giver of hope to those who needed the most. Let’s get to know Marcheline Bertrand beyond her movie roles.

Marcheline Bertrand: Age, Early Years, and More

Marcheline Bertrand was born on May 9, 1956 to parents Lois June and Rolland F. Bertrand in Blue Island, Illinois. Marcheline Bertrand was often mistaken for a Parisian French due to her name, but actually, she had no ancestry ties to France. Marcheline Bertrand had Dutch, Germany, and French-Canadian ancestry. Marcheline Bertrand had two siblings, one sister and a brother. She lived a quiet life with her family in a small town of Riverdale (a typical middle class family image), but moved twice, once to Chicago until the family settled down in Beverly Hills, California. Marcheline Bertrand attended Beverly Hills High School from her sophomore year until graduating.

Jon Voight: The Man Who Loved Women and His Wife

Marcheline Bertrand shared her love and life with husband Jon Voight. Jon Voight and wife Marcheline Bertrand were married on December 12, 1971. Being the wife of Jon Voight was not easy on Marcheline Bertrand. The relationship and responsibilities of being wife and mother took it’s toll on Marcheline Bertrand. After their marriage, Marcheline Bertrand and Jon Voight attempted at starting a family in 1972, but the pregnancy ended with a miscarriage. After the miscarriage, the couple tried again and welcomed son James Haven into the family on May 11, 1973. Soon after, Marcheline Bertrand and Jon Voight welcomed their daughter Angelina Jolie to the family on June 4, 1975. The couple shared a short-lived family life, as the pressures related to being wife of famous actor Jon Voight continued to take it’s toll on Marcheline Bertrand. This resulted in the couple divorcing in 1978. Angelina Jolie was only three years old when her parents separated to never be together again.

Love Continues to Find Marcheline Bertrand

Following her divorce, Marcheline Bertrand was known to have dated Bill Day, a documentary filmmaker, for eleven years. The couple never married and raised Angelina Jolie and James Haven as a family. The couple later separated however and Marcheline Bertrand was once again single. Prior to her death, Marcheline Bertrand dated activist and musician John Trudell. Marcheline Bertrand through her love interest portrayed a woman of strength and sound mind.

Grandma Marcheline

Marcheline Bertrand was able to witness the births of three of her many grandchildren. Angelina Jolie had adopted son Maddox from Cambodia in 2001, and later adopted daughter Zahara Marley in 2005 from Ethiopia. Marcheline Bertrand welcomed her third grandchild and first to be naturally born to Angelina Jolie, Shiloh Nouvel. After grandma Marcheline Bertrand’s death, Angelina Jolie adopted Pax Thien and later Angelina Jolie graced her mother with the birth of twins Knox Léon, and a daughter, Vivienne Marcheline (named after her grandmother).

Marcheline Bertrand Career and Philanthrophy

While alive, Marcheline Bertrand was known as the wonderful actress, movie producer, and later humanitarian. She was a woman of many hats and talents.

Actress, Movie Producer, and More

Marcheline Bertrand began her acting career in 1971 where she appeared as the role of Connie on television show “Ironside.” She continued acting after becoming the wife of Jon Voight opposite of her husband. Marcheline Bertrand appeared in her last movie “The Man Who Loved Women” in 1983. After her final role in “The Man Who Loved Women”, Marcheline Bertrand decided to become a movie producer with then boyfriend Bill Day. Marcheline Bertrand had many projects to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival including the documentary about the life of her then boyfriend John Trudell, titled after the artist.

The Humanitarian known as Marcheline Bertrand

Marcheline Bertrand was raised on strong principles and being a Roman Catholic, she felt the need to help where needed. Marcheline Bertrand and then boyfriend John Trudell started the All Tribes Foundation in support of the economic growth of tribal people. Marcheline Bertrand donated over $800k to tribal people prior to her death in 2007. Marcheline Bertrand also founded the Give Love Give Life organization also with John Trudell in order to raise awareness about ovarian cancer and other gynecological cancers not populous among women. Through the organization, Marcheline Bertrand and John Trudell were able to organize many awareness concerts, the last concert happened one month after Marcheline’s death.

Marcheline Bertrand Death and Legacy

Marcheline Bertrand was known to have a strong public image. She was known to be a strong woman, like her daughter Angelina Jolie. Marcheline Bertrand shared her life with her fans and this made her image of selflessness more fascinating. When the news of her illness became public, fans were more compelled to find out more about the woman of strength.

Cancer…A Family Disease

Marcheline Bertrand and the female members of her family were no stranger to cancer. Marcheline Bertrand lost her mother and sister to cancer and when she faced the disease, she fought with all her will. Angelina Jolie has said many times that her mother expected an early death due to losing her grandmother at a young age to cancer. For that reason, Angelina Jolie made the terrifying decision to have a double mastectomy in order to lessen her cancer rate. This was a decision that could’ve only been made through knowledge and experience, though many criticized her for her private decision concerning her body and life. The net worth of her life could not be weighted out due to the terrible losses her family experienced.

Death of Marcheline Bertrand

Marcheline Bertrand reserved her last years for the company of close friends and family only. She’d battled breast and ovarian cancer for more then eight years and the battle had finally ended on January 27, 2007. Marcheline Bertrand passed away at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center with her two children by her side.

A Woman Never to be Forgotten

There’s no doubt that Marcheline Bertrand lived a remarkable life, one could only imagine what she’d become inspired to do if she’d lived to modern day. The wife, mother, working professional, and grandmother that was Marcheline Bertrand will never be forgotten. She changed the depth of conversation between patient and doctor in regards to gynecological cancer. Marcheline Bertrand will always be known for her triumph on screen and in the lives of the modern women who followed her as an artist and woman. Though she died a wealthy woman, the changes she brought to the lives of all women is priceless in net worth.