Adam Cunningham Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About ‘The Voice’ Contestant

Adam Cunningham is the singer from The Voice who defies the rules, melts hearts, and continues to aim for the win. Let’s get to know Adam Cunningham.

Who is Adam Cunningham

Adam Cunningham made his debut on The Voice in the third day of blind auditions in season 13. Adam Cunningham is the 38 year old that is changing everyone’s perception of how country music should be presented. Adam Cunningham began his life with his parents singing in the church at an early age. Adam Cunningham became a husband to then first wife and explored his new life. Shortly after marriage, Adam Cunningham experienced a divorce and his life spiraled out of his control. As Adam Cunningham was experiencing his life’s trials, he met his second wife Courtney, whom he saw as a light entering his dark age. Adam Cunningham and Courtney were married and welcomed the pregnancy of their first child. The pregnancy was not without it’s own tribulations, as Adam Cunningham and Courtney found out that their baby girl suffered from gastroschisis a rare disease that caused the skin over the baby’s stomach to not grow. Adam Cunningham and Courtney proceeded with the pregnancy and their baby came home only weeks after her natural birth. Since then, Adam Cunningham has been inspired to continue his music and career.

The Voice Experience with Singer Adam Cunningham

Adam Cunningham, who’s no stranger to music, began his career at an early age. The singer recorded his first album under the management of Track Star Record Works and released the self-titled album in 2007. Though he realized minor success with Track Star Record Works, Adam Cunningham had not reached his fullest potential as a Christian artist. Adam left Track Star Record Works in hopes of catching the attention of other management teams who could help in his singing goals. In 2011, Adam Cunningham released his sophomore album on record label Better Angels Music. The album “What About Tonight” was deemed impassioned and allowed Better Angels Music and Adam Cunningham to share divine music with fans. Adam Cunningham experienced mild success at Better Angels Music, but dreamed of reaching a larger audience base and bringing his big light dreams to reality. Adam Cunningham made his premiere on The Voice with the hopes of winning on the television show and continuing his musical goals.

Blind Auditions with a Midnight Rider

With his daughter and wife as his support system, Adam Cunningham entered the stage of The Voice with the four coaches’ backs to him. Blake became the first coach to turn his seat, with a standing ovation, as Adam Cunningham sang “Midnight Rider.” Jennifer Hudson who exclaimed “He got soul,” referring to Adam Cunningham’s version of “Midnight Rider,” initially resisted turning her chair. However, Adam Cunningham won the heart of Jennifer Hudson as she turned her seat to be the second coach to vie for Adam Cunningham’s talents. In the end, Adam Cunningham chose Blake as his coach and continued on in The Voice.


Adam Cunningham song Chris Stapleton’s “Either Way” during the knockouts of The Voice.

Battles in the Boondocks

Adam Cunningham faced off with singer Natalie Stovall in the battles round singing the song “Boondocks” on The Voice. Natalie Stovall matched Adam Cunningham’s tamed personality with her fierce excitable vocal ranges while singing “Boondocks.” In the end, Adam Cunningham beat out his opponent Natalie Stovall and continued in his hopes of winning on The Voice.

Playoffs: Have a Little Faith

Singer Adam Cunningham continued his mission with the song “Have a Little Faith” during the playoffs on The Voice.

And Adam for An Adam: The Unbelievable Instant Save

Adam Cunningham seemed to have peaked his talent when his save was presented by coach Adam Levine. However, in a show that is filled with surprises, The Voice proved to live up to its name. With the save presented to Adam Cunningham, he was able to continue in the contest on The Voice.

American Idol meets The Voice

The two vocal competitive shows have shared many similarities, but this year American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson became one of the members of the cast as adviser to the singers. Being a former competitor on American Idol, Kelly Clarkson provides the competitors of The Voice with advice that enhances their performance and helps them to win.

The God Fearing Man

Adam Cunningham has had to face many trials and tribulations in his life. From the marriage failure, a pregnancy plagued with difficulties, and a career goal that tested his limit. Adam Cunningham’s faith in God played a great role in his confidence and understanding of his true net worth in life. The price that Adam Cunningham has paid for decisions he’d made in previous life experiences strengthened his belief in God and created in him a net worth that is immeasurable. Adam Cunningham is exactly what the music industry needs today and can be a building force increasing the awareness of Christianity music and the overall net worth of his faith. Adam Cunningham is a man who has lived a complex life, sings music with meaningful hints of his struggles, and continues to allow hope to enter his heart and the hearts of fans and viewers of The Voice. As Adam Cunningham continues to pursue his musical career, he has stayed true to his belief and faith. Adam Cunningham continues to impact the hearts of those who witness his performances as a beacon of hope and inspiration to never forsaken your dreams. Though the light dimmed for Adam Cunningham during his early life, his new chapter is bright and filled with opportunity.