Ed Sheeran Wiki: Net Worth, Singer, ‘Shape Of You’ & Facts To Know

Ed Sheeran had us all Thinking Out Loud and later we all felt Perfect. Let’s get to know this amazing singer, his accomplishments, net worth, and more.

Who is Ed Sheeran?

A young man by the name of Edward Christopher Sheeran would be born on February 17, 1991, who had massive vocal talents, the ability to write music that melted the heart and made the mind ponder, and played various musical instruments including the guitar. Edward Christopher Sheeran would later be known publicly as Ed Sheeran and would become one of the most successful English singers to enter the American music market and most importantly be rewarded by the Queen of England for his contributions in the arts with the title MBE (Most Excellent Order of the British Empire). And Ed Sheeran accomplished international stardom in less than ten years of his career.

The Life Path of a Beloved Red Head

Ed Sheeran who was born in West Yorkshire and began exhibiting his musical talents at an early age. Ed Sheeran has one older brother who is also a musical genius and spends his life working as a composer. Ed Sheeran comes from an Irish background and was raised in a Catholic household. Ed Sheeran spent his early years singing in his church choir where he displayed his amazing talents. A young man born with a life path set out for him, Ed Sheeran began recording music in 2004 at the age of 14. Ed Sheeran attended the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guilford and would graduate to a life adored by the public. Ed Sheeran would spend his nights playing at local gigs with his childhood friend, English singer Passenger. Later in 2009, Ed Sheeran released his EP and began to tour with Just Jack.

Ed Sheeran: Singer of a Lifetime

For a career that would be built with powerful ballads, hit singles, and duets with some of the most powerful singers of our lifetime, Ed Sheeran’s beginnings were on the humbled side. If not for YouTube, the world would probably not know who Ed Sheeran is. Ed Sheeran built a strong musical fan base on YouTube which gave him some recognition by top musicians and led to Ed Sheeran working with top artists like Taylor Swift and Beyonce. By the release of his second EP “No. 5 Collaborations Project,” Ed Sheeran was beginning to gain momentum in his career. That second EP would sell 7K copies with no promotion and no label, and later on his tour, Ed Sheeran would attract 1K fans to one of his performances. In 2011, Ed Sheeran released his first album titled “+” and Ed Sheeran’s album later went on to top Australian, Belgian, Canadian, Dutch, Irish, New Zealand, Scottish, Swiss, and US music charts, reaching as high as number one for several weeks.

Ed Sheeran: Thinking Out Loud

By 2014, Ed Sheeran would sneak up on unsuspecting future fans like a thief in the night with his hit single “Thinking Out Loud.” The song “Thinking Out Loud” was a magical song that made couples feel emotions that they would otherwise not be able to verbally express to one another. Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” went on to be played at multiple engagements including weddings, birthday parties, and most of all on the radio. And this was Ed Sheeran’s presentation to his fans with his second studio album titled “x.” Ed Sheeran went on to receive Grammy nominations, Brit Award nominations, and MTV nominations. The album “x” continued to fulfill the expectations of fans with many more hit singles and was a complete album of love and warmth.

Shape of You

And just as Ed Sheeran had done before with his previous album, in 2017 Ed Sheeran would sneak up on fans once again with his hit dance single “Shape of You.” Unlike “Thinking Out Loud” which was a soft ballad, “Shape of You” made fans dance and fall deeper in love. Ed Sheeran would own the summer of 2017 with his hit single “Shape of You” and fans braced themselves in anticipation of his next single.


It will be proven that when someone is born for a life path and they have the opportunity to live, no level of disappointment will be felt. Ed Sheeran’s life is an example of living out your path, and this is most notably true in his music. Ed Sheeran introduced the world to his third studio album “÷” and this album would be the icing on Ed Sheeran’s career cake. The album “÷” provided fans with hit single “Perfect” and this song has to be one of the most beautiful and honest songs a man has ever written. “Perfect” has been performed as a duet with hit singer Beyonce as well as a symphony with the most talented Andrea Bocelli. With this album and it’s many hit singles, Ed Sheeran has sown a seed that will only grow in net worth.

Ed Sheeran: Personal Life, Net Worth, and More

In the music industry, most new artists survive on a hit or miss experience with their fans and potential fans. However, with Ed Sheeran, it doesn’t matter what your specific music genre is, you will find a song of his that you adore. Ed Sheeran has taken over love songs in less then five years of being in the music industry internationally. And Ed Sheeran has reaped the fruits of his hard labor. Ed Sheeran is not only a singer, songwriter, composer, and guitarist, but also a record label owner. Gingerbread Man Records was presented to the public in 2015 and has since signed several artists. Ed Sheeran is also a part of several charitable organizations including performing for some of his favorite organizations to raise awareness and money. In 2014, Ed Sheeran made his acting debut and continues to pursue his new found talent of acting. Presently, Ed Sheeran holds a net worth of $68M from his music career, acting, and songwriting. Ed Sheeran’s luxury life is well deserved for the amounts of happiness and love he brings to his fans through his music. In 2015, Ed Sheeran purchased a home in England that has a net worth of $11.5M and he has had a reported earnings of $33M in 2016.

Ed Sheeran in Love

In the midst of his song writing, fans are always wondering if the talented Ed Sheeran has his own love interest in his life and the answer is yes. Ed Sheeran, after many failed attempts of finding love, was reunited with his childhood friend Cherry Seaborn. Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn began dating in 2015. After three years of dating, Ed Sheeran went through the process of an engagement with Cherry Seaborn. Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn’s engagement was announced via an Instagram post early January 2018. Fans went wild when they woke up to the Instagram news of Ed Sheeran’s engagement to Cherry Seaborn and could not be more happy for them.

This is Just the Beginning

As Ed Sheeran begins to take small breaks while working so hard, fans are enjoying his current tour. This most recent tour is the most successful of all his tours as Ed Sheeran has delivered to his fans the multitude of hits that he’s released over the years. With his new engagement being announced to his sweetheart Cherry Seaborn, Ed Sheeran continues to share his warm, loving moments on Instagram. And fans continue to create fan based Instagram pages in honor of the singer. It’s no surprise that hard work pays off, but Ed Sheeran is entering a new chapter of his life with his new fiance and fans can only sit in anticipation as Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn build a new chapter of their lives as soon to be husband and wife and possibly parents.