C. Thomas Howell Wiki: Movies, Age, Net Worth & Facts To Know

If you want to find out some interesting facts about C. Thomas Howell’s life, movie career, and age, you’re in the right spot.

C. Thomas Howell – short bio

The 50-years old American actor is a very versatile person. Besides acting, C. Thomas Howell is also a director, producer, and a screenwriter. In the last couple of years, he replaced a big screen with writing and producing movies. He hasn’t had notable roles recently but had several successful projects in his earlier career, such as ‘E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.’ Howell grew up on his grandfather’s farm, with his father working as a rodeo performer and his mother, a housewife. His parents divorced while at his age of 12, so he was mostly left to himself. The decision to finish the acting school seemed like a right choice. C. Thomas Howell was married two times. This actor is still in a happy marriage with his second wife, Sylvie Anderson, with whom he has three children.

C. Thomas Howell – movie career and net worth

By the beginning of the new millennium, Howell turned his focus to work as a director and producer. He cooperated with various producers, independently or as a co-producer. However, this experiment period lasted only a few years. C. Thomas Howell produced a couple of TV series, but none of them lasted for more than one season. Since 2004, Howell has been active in acting again. Although in recent years, we didn’t have too many opportunities to see it on small screens, Howell is very active. In 2012, he appeared in the movie “The Amazing Spider-Man.” Apparently, the talent of this actor is not sufficiently used, and in this project, he also got a small role; he had just a few minutes on the big screen. We cannot say that ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ was Howell’s greatest success, but this actor slowly returns to the paths of old glory. As far as the acting is concerned, his current movie is ‘LBJ,’ the political drama in which this actor interprets the role of politicians who have endangered their career with various sexual affairs. ‘LBJ’ shared a criticism of the screenplay, although most of them agree that the acting cast, including Howell, did a great job.

Early age career

By the time he came of legal age, Howell had already had several significant roles. Certainly, the most important was the role of Tyler, in the movie classic “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.” He played one of a main character’s friends whose helping an alien. Although he played a supporting role, this film was very important for the beginning of his career. After all, not many actors can boast of the fact they were part of one of the best blockbusters of all time. By the end of the ’80s, he had several very successful projects, such as ‘Red Dawn’ and ‘The Hitcher.’ It was one of his first main roles. Later, he recorded two more sequels of this movie, but none of them reached the glory of the first movie. In 1986, he filmed ‘Soul Man,’ where he played a white college student pretending to be black, just to receive a scholarship. Considering the ’80s was still a sensitive period, due to racist issues, this film was a huge failure. Not to mention that black society considered it as an insult. Howell was marked as unwanted, so was the movie. At the beginning of the nineties, the career of this actor was based mostly on supportive roles in horror films.

Interesting facts about C. Thomas Howell

We must admit that the talent of this actor is insufficiently used. He was in the cast of some great movie projects recently, but these roles were not noticed. Hopefully, Hollywood will eventually appreciate his acting potential. Howell’s net worth drastically decreased in the last couple of years. Now it is estimated at only $4 million. Here are some other interesting facts about the actor.

He wanted to be a rodeo performer

Growing up on a farm, with a father whose job was related to the rodeo, Howell expressed the wish to be a rodeo performer, just like his dad, who he considers as a great role model. His parents supported him in that decision. Until their divorce, C. Thomas Howell became a champion in junior categories. He went to various competitions and had a lot of awards. He gave up rodeo when his parents divorced, It demoralized him, since the father, who was his main role model, left the family.

Declined for the role of Marty McFly

The public may not be aware of the fact that the history of the cinema might have been different if C. Thomas Howell got the title role in the trilogy “Back to The Future.” He was one of the two actors to whom the role was offered if MJ Fox had declined it. The second was Eric Stoltz. Fortunately, that role was meant to be for MJ Fox, who played the character of Marty McFly. Although he was very busy with other projects on NBC sitcoms, he made a right choice. And the rest is history. Maybe this role could have been a major boost for Howell’s career. He almost made it. Maybe he just wasn’t lucky enough. We’ll never find out.

Can C. Thomas Howell’s star shine again?

The fact is that all the potential of this actor wasn’t used right. As C. Thomas Howell was characterized as an excellent choice for horror films, he rejected numerous roles that could change his career. In his fifties, the actor slowly returns to the paths of the old glory, and we wish him all the luck!