Eric McCormack Wiki: Net Worth, Movie & Everything To Know

Eric McCormack is an actor who has appeared in several TV shows and movies. Here are some details about the actor that you need to know.

Who Is Eric McCormack?

Eric McCormack is a Canadian-American actor, producer, and writer aged 54. McCormack is married to Janet Holden and they have one child. He was born in Toronto and his late mother Doris was a homemaker while his late father, James McCormack was a financial analyst for an oil company before his demise in 2008, two years after his wife’s. McCormack has Scottish roots and he said that while growing up, he was a shy boy and so he didn’t participate in sports. Eric McCormack was a student at Sir John A. Macdonald Collegiate Institute in Ontario where he enrolled in theatre, performed some plays, and pursued an acting career. Mccormack performance in “Godspell” a high school play is what inspired him to become an actor. He felt that he had realized where he fitted in and any other option disappeared. Mccormack never felt cool growing up, but upon discovering theatre, he knew where he belonged. Mccormack transferred and studied with David Furnish in Sir John MacDonald Collegiate Institute and graduated in 1982. After graduating, McCormack joined Ryerson University School of Theater to improve his acting but left in 1985, months before his graduation and started working with Stratford Shakespeare Festival and performed for five seasons straight. He wanted to be a classical actor in the beginning, but by the end of the fifth season, McCormack had realized that it wasn’t for him and he was ready to move and do other plays, TV shows, and movies.

McCormack As Colonel Mosby

Eric McCormack starred in the TV series “Lonesome Dove” that debuted in 1994. The series also starred Scott Bairstow and was produced by Suzanne de Passe and Robert Halmi Jr. The second season of the series aired in 1995 and was renamed “Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years.” Mccormack played the role Col. Francis Clay Mosby, a former Confederate officer who had become a criminal to revenge against the union. The series was canceled in 1996 due to low ratings. However, it didn’t deter McCormack from following his dreams. We all start somewhere, and that was the kind of start McCormack had, but at least he had started building his net worth.

The Lawyer In Will & Grace Is Eric

From “Lonesome Dove,” McCormack landed a role in 1998 American sitcom, “Will And Grace.” The show was directed by James Burrows and McCormack played the main role of Will Truman, a gay lawyer. The show focused on the friendship of Will Truman(McCormack) and Grace Adler(Debra Messing) who was a straight interior designer. “Will And Grace” was one of the most successful series with gay principal characters. It faced a lot of criticism for portraying homosexuality, but it still went to become one of the best NBC shows to watch on Thursday. The series was restarted in 2017. McCormack was praised for his role and the series received 16 Emmy Awards throughout the eight years it aired. McCormack has received a couple of Golden Globe nominations for his role as Will, which paid him well and increased his net worth.

McCormack In The Movie Alien Trespass

One of the best movies McCormack has appeared in is “Alien Trespass.” The sci-fi comedy movie was directed by R.W. Goodwin and Eric McCormack played the main role as Ted Lewis and Urp. The movie was filmed in Ashcroft. The film was about an alien called Urp that took the body of Ted(McCormack) to blend with people in order to be able to find his partner Ghota who escaped after his ship landed. But Ghota had to eat people to grow and conquer becoming a threat to humanity and it’s only Urp who could stop him. The movie ended with Urp(McCormack) falling in love with Tammy his helper but left her on earth lonely and returned to his home. The “Alien Trespass” movie received fair reviews, but McCormack’s was praised for his role.

Eric Is Also A Producer

Mccormack landed a role on a Canadian-US science fiction TV series called “Travelers” which was created by Brad Wright, two years after playing the main role in “Perception.” The first season premiered in October 2016 with 12 seasons and the second premiered on October 2017. Eric Mccormack is not only the main character but also the producer of the series. Mccormack depicts Grant MacLaren, who is the team leader of the five travelers and assumes the life of a special agent from FBI. Other notable actors in the series are MacKenzie Porter, Nester Cooper, Jared Abrahamson, Patrick Gilmore and Reilly Dolman. TV series is what McCormack does mostly, and they have contributed so much to his net worth. But he has also done over ten movies including producing “Perception,” a TV series.

His Net Worth

Featuring in movies and TV series has helped his net worth grow, but it’s the series “Will And Grace” that has earned him much recognition and even made him get nominated for Golden Globe Awards a couple of times. Mccormack is said to have a net worth of $15 million. Mccormack is on Instagram like most celebrities. He currently has over 100 thousand followers on Instagram and growing.

We won’t be seeing the end of McCormack anytime soon. “Travelers” and “Will And Grace” are currently airing. Mccormack lost both of his parents, and he is a family man who spends quality time with his wife and child. His fans hope that he wins the Golden Globe Award this time.