David Cassidy’s Children: 4 Facts You Didn’t Know

Katie Cassidy and Beau Cassidy are the children of David Cassidy, who rose to fame in the late 1970’s by featuring in the popular TV show ‘Partridge Family’.

Partridge Family icon – David Cassidy

David Cassidy, best known for his character Keith Partridge from The Patridge Family musical sitcom succumbed to death on November 21, 2017, due to multiple organ failures. He is survived by his children, Katie and Beau. Katie is all of 26 and Beau, 22. Both his children have carved a niche for themselves in the entertainment industry. David was a teen sensation during the 1970’s, all thanks to his popular sitcom ‘The Partridge Family’. Since 2015, David was suffering from dementia. David, the legendary actor-singer passed away at the age of 67. David Cassidy was married thrice. Beau’s mother, Sue Shifrin is his third’s wife. He was earlier married to Kay Lenz and Meryl Tanz. David was the biological father of Katie Cassidy, her mother being the former model Sherry Williams Benedon.

Katie and Beau – children of David Cassidy

Katie Cassidy was one of the prime protagonists in the ‘Arrow’ series. Katie Cassidy landed herself the role of Laurel Lance/ Black Canary in this TV series in 2012 and there was no looking back after that for David Cassidy’s daughter, Katie Cassidy. Beau, David Cassidy’s son on the other hand, is a talented songwriter, musician, and performer who is following the footstep of his father, uncle Shaun Cassidy, grandfather Jack Cassidy, his step grandmother, Shirley Jones and of course his mother Sue Shifrin, all of whom are great music talents in their own right. Both Katie and Beau are dedicated, sincere, and professional performer who have proved their mettle in the entertainment industry.

4 unknown facts about David Cassidy’s children

1. Beau Cassidy – musician, performer, songwriter and the list goes on!

Mark Spiro, the famous musician has all good things to say about Beau Cassidy’s music. He feels that the music of Beau has the ability to connect emotionally with the listeners despite being strong and direct. According to him, Beau is the young hurricane of the music industry. Grammy winner Terry Britten, the legendary producer, and songwriter described Beau as a true professional with outstanding vocal technique.

2. Like father, like son

In his teens, Beau was selected for the role of Mickey Johnston in Blood Brothers by Stagedoor Manor. His father has also acted in the same role 15 years back. David Cassidy was close to his son and always had high regards for him. David Cassidy was often heard praising his son’s good boy nature. Beau has always been part of the entertainment industry. At the Weinstein Company, Beau started working as the PR Assistant and worked for around three months from Mach to June in 2014. He worked behind the camera as the Production Manager in A Way Around Films. In 2014, ‘The Voice’ rejected Beau Cassidy stating that he has to work on refining his craft and try again next time. Adam Levine was the one sitting on the judge’s chair at the time, Beau was graceful enough to smile back at him and accept his advice. David Cassidy was always proud of both his children.

Katie Cassidy – the estranged daughter of David

David in an interview clearly mentioned that he doesn’t have any relationship with his daughter Katie. David was more close to his son, Beau. But, when the father and daughter’s path crossed, they were more than just cordial. Katie was raised by her mother and they used to stay with her step-father Richard Benedon. Though Katie’s acting debut was through ‘The Division’, it was her role in ‘Arrow’ that made her a household name. Katie is now engaged to Matthew Rodgers, after dating him for almost a year. David accepted the fact that his daughter’s tryst with music was not supported by him at that point in time because he felt that his daughter is too small for all these.

3. Gaming, music, and acting

Katie has not only been the star of many television series, but she has also starred in PS4 game ‘Hidden Agenda’ that released in 2017. Katie, way back in 2002, recorded the song ‘I Think I Love You’ cover version. The irony of the fact is that she was only 15 years old and David Cassidy was 20 years old when he sang the original version of the song for ‘The Partridge Family’.

4. Daughter and son charting their own career graph

Katie is a self-proclaimed nomad who loves traveling. She is a blogger who keeps updating things about lifestyle and fashion on her page called the ‘TomboyKC’. As per Katie, her page is for all who are little sarcastic, opinionated, and smart. If you are looking for her, then head straight to Barney’s or the airport. Beau went to the Boston University School of Theatre and the role that took him to Boston University was that of Mickey Johnston from Blood Brothers. There Beau had appeared in many plays. His recent films are ‘Mama Claus: Deck the Halls with Guts’ and one indie film ‘Meeting Mr. Wright’. Both daughter and son have acting and music in their blood. They are charting their own graph and are quite happy with how the things have unfolded.

David Cassidy and his scandalous life

David Cassidy became an overnight teen sensation and all the fame and fan following that followed was too much for a teenager to handle. It was reported that a lady namely Shelly Wright claimed to be David Cassidy’s daughter. She hailed from Tennessee where David had one night stand with her mother thirty years ago. The striking resemblance of Shelly Wright and Katie was uncanny. This is the reason people started believing the girl’s version of the story. Slowly this gossip also died down like any other story from the gossip alley, but what happened to the girl’s claim still remains a mystery. When you are famous, your life becomes an open book where everything gets reported. Take, for instance, the tensions in the Cassidy family when Katie Cassidy blamed her father David Cassidy for neglecting her during her growing up years. Katie Cassidy said in an interview that David never made any attempt to contact Katie or offer any financial help when her mother was bringing her up. The best piece of advice that David gave to his daughter Katie Cassidy is that she should not take up any assignment just for the sake of money. But, according to Katie Cassidy, she eventually had to be part of something only for the sake of money because Katie had to survive and for that money is required.

David and his son

Though David Cassidy might not have been involved in bringing up any of his children, still Beau and David shared a nice father and son relationship. David always had high thoughts about his son, whom he considers to be one of the purest and good souls who have the ability to enlighten lives of others. David Cassidy’s children grew up with their respective mothers and have more influence on their mother. But, when both his children chose the entertainment industry as their career destination, David like any doting father had few good advice up his sleeve. At one point of time, David game up touring because he wanted to concentrate on things that he have neglected for long and that is happiness and health. David was suffering from a brain disorder that erases the memory. It was quite painful for David to accept the fact that he was suffering from such medical condition. In one interview, he said that it was his worst nightmare when someone used to say that they have talked about these things with David just last night, but David couldn’t remember a single word.

Dementia – the family issue of David

Dementia is the one illness that affected David’s mother and grandmother. So, David Cassidy always feared that he might also end up with the same condition and that is exactly what has happened to him. David cited one incident from the past where his mother used to shed tears every time she saw David and that is how David knew that she hasn’t forgotten him. During David’s last days in the hospital, his family members were by his side. Beau, David’s son, once said in an interview that his father had asked him to promise that Beau will allow him to go and find a way to do so and won’t allow him to live a life like that when he found out that he was being diagnosed with Dementia.

Katie Cassidy and her career graph

Katie Cassidy has tried her hands in many things starting video games to music videos. In 2004, Katie Cassidy starred in Eminem video for the song ‘Just Lose It’ and in 2005; she was in Jesse McCartney music video for the song ‘She’s no you’. Katie Cassidy started her television career from 2003 with ‘The Division’ and by 2005 Katie was already acting three television series, Listen Up!, 7th Heaven, and Sex, Love & Secrets. Katie Cassidy has been busy with film, television series or the web series throughout the year. If Katie Cassidy is not doing anything in front of the camera, then she dons the cap of a blogger and updates her page with information regarding lifestyle and fashion. Katie Cassidy is a good actor and her nominations second that. Katie Cassidy has won a nomination for her films like A Nightmare on Elm Street and the television series ‘Arrow’ has also earned her nomination of the TV actress for the Teen choice awards. In 2016, Katie Cassidy appeared in Television series ‘Whose line it anyway?’ as herself and then again in 2017, she made her appearance in the popular TV series ‘Legends of Tomorrow’.

Beau inheriting the genetics

It is always seen that genetics play a major role in the success of an artist. Either he has it in him or he doesn’t, there are no two ways about it. Coming from a successful lineage of musicians, it was only natural for Beau Cassidy to take up this profession. Beau Cassidy was born in Los Angeles, but he grew up in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Beau was part of musicals as well as plays and not just any play; it was ‘The Wedding Singer’, ‘Copacabana’, Pride and Prejudice, and The Music Man. The bug of music has caught him at an early age and by the time he grew up he had trained himself well.