Christopher Backus Wiki: Net Worth, Movie & Facts To Know About Mira Sorvino’s Husband

Curious about Christopher Backus? He is the husband of Mira Sorvino. Here are some facts about him including his movies and net worth.

Who is Christopher Backus?

You perhaps know Mira Sorvino, the award-winning actress with a Golden Globe and an Academy Award to her name. Sorvino stars in a couple of movies and TV shows. If you know her, then you probably also know her husband, Christopher Backus. Backus is not only an actor but also a director and screenwriter. Backus and Sorvino tied the knot in 2004. 36-year-old Backus was born in Mission Viejo, California. However, Backus was not raised there as his parents moved to Kansas City. Backus’s mother, Teryl Backus was a colonel serving in the US Marine Corps, but she is retired now. His late father Terry Backus passed on when Christopher Backus was very young, and he was a popular lawyer. Sorvino’s husband has only one sibling, a sister known as Michele.

Facts about Mira Sorvino’s husband

He has been arrested for being drunk

In 2011, Backus was arrested in San Diego early in the morning for being drunk in public. According to TMZ, Sorvino and her husband Backus were in Hyatt Regency Islandia when they started a loud argument. Sorvino was nagging Backus for his “poor time management skills,” and their argument became noisy. The police were called, and upon their arrival, they found Backus walking around with a bat yelling at the security and guests. The police didn’t intend to arrest Backus as long as he cooled down and stopped being dramatic. Instead, Backus became more arrogant and outlandish. The cops didn’t have any other option than to arrest the actor and book him into San Diego Central jail.

Backus is 14 years younger than Sorvino

Backus’s wife is currently at fifty. When they got married in 2004, Backus was just 22 years old while Sorvino was 36. According to US Weekly, Backus and Sorvino got married in at a Santa Barbara courthouse. Some critics said Sorvino took advantage of Backus back then as he was still young and had not enjoyed his life. It’s not a big deal that actresses are dating and getting married to younger or less famous guys with fewer achievements than them. Probably the point is for them to feel like they own the relationships. Backus, who gained fame after appearing on “Will & Grace,” met Sorvino in a restaurant. Before marrying Backus, Sorvino was in a relationship with Olivier Martinez and Quentin Tarantino.

Backus sued a dog owner after it bit his son

According to TMZ, in September 2013, Mira Sorvino was with son Johnny Backus when she went to view a house she was planning to buy. Sorvino was not with her husband at the time and it was evening. The owner of the house had a dog, which went after Johnny Backus, biting and injuring his legs and knees. He was seven at the time. Backus’s son recovered from the injuries but was left traumatized. He only gained confidence when he was surrounded by family dogs. The entire hospital bill was $67,000. Backus sued the dog owner, and afterward, it was settled that the owner should pay the family $100,000. Well, the money went to Johnny Backus account, and it’s right to say it’s his net worth.

His ethnicity is quite interesting

Backus is one of those actors who have multiple ancestries. He is a mixture of four ethnicities which are Hungarian, Swedish, German and Norwegian. His grandfather from his father’s side was German while the grandmother was Hungarian. Backus’s maternal grandfather was Norwegian while his grandmother has Swedish roots. The US is considered their new home. After all, it’s only the Native Americans who can say the US is their ancestral home. Otherwise, it’s not surprising to find people from all over the world in the land of the free and home to the brave.

Backus has four children

After their wedding at Santa Barbara courthouse, Backus and his wife Sorvino went to Italy for a hilltop ceremony. Among those who attended the ceremony was Sorvino’s father, the character actor Paul Sorvino. Sorvino and her husband Backus have four kids. They have two daughters, Mattea Angel Backus and Lucia Backus. The couple also has two boys, Johnny Backus and Holden Terry Backus. Together, they are a beautiful family.

Backus has been featured in movies and a TV show

Backus has appeared in movies like “Among Friends,” “Indiscretion,” “Yellow Rock,” “Chloe and Theo,” and TV show “Will & Grace.” In “Among Friends,” Backus stars as Marcus, and in “Yellow Rock,” he stars as Cobb. Sorvino’s husband, Backus and his wife have been in the same movie twice. The first movie that they star together even though Backus has a minor role is “Chloe and Theo,” and the second one is “Indiscretion.”

Backus and his wife have been late for a movie premiere

Backus and his wife Sorvino arrived 40 minutes late for the premiere of the movie, “Mother and Daughters.” The cause was the SUV that was sent to go and pick them up had battery issues, and so they had to drive themselves.

His net worth

Christopher Backus has a net worth of $7 million. Sorvino has a bigger net worth than her husband clocking at $16 million. Both have earned their wealth from acting.

It’s another year for Christopher Backus. He has a promising future and before the year elapses. Hopefully, he will have given us something to remember him for like a movie. Backus seems to be a different kind of guy. Not many male stars would get married while below 30 and hold the marriage.