Bailee Madison Wiki: Everything To Know About The ‘Just Go With It,’ Bridge to Terabithia’ and ‘Good Witch’ Actress

Today we are going to get more insight into the actress Bailee Madison. Read on to find out everything about her including her overall net worth.

Bailee Madison Wiki: Everything To Know About The ‘Just Go With It,’ Bridge to Terabithia’ and ‘Good Witch’ Actress

Bailee Madison is a famous American actress who is prominently known for her role in the film ‘Bridge to Terabithia’ in 2007. To some fans, she is known for her role as Grace Russell in the hit series, ‘Good Witch.’. To others, she is recognized for her role in the film ‘Just Go With It’ and the horror movie ‘Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark.’ She has managed to appear in many movies, making her reputation very well known in the film industry.

Bailee Madison’s Early Life

Bailee Madison was born on October 15, 1999, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Her mother is Patricia Riley who is an actress as well as a producer. Her father’s whereabouts are not known; however, she was born and raised by her two parents. She is the seventh child in her family. She has two sisters and four brothers. Madison’s older sister Kaitlin Riley is an actress who has appeared in ‘From Justin to Kelly,’ as well as the comedy/drama ‘Monster.’ Madison’s ethnicity is American, Irish, and English. She attended Christ Church School while she was young.

Madison’s Career: Actress and Author of ‘Losing Brave.’

Madison started her career in acting when she first appeared in an office debut commercial and this opened up other opportunities for her to appear in other commercials for companieis such as Disney, Sea World, and Cadillac. Madison is also a spokesperson for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, which is a childhood-cancer charity. She started her professional acting career in 2006 when she made her first in the movie ‘Lonely Hearts.’ She also appeared in another movie, ‘Bridge to Terabithia,’ which is based on a children’s book. In her role in the ‘Bridge to Terabithia,’ she takes the role of the character May Belle Aarons. In 2011, Madison was offered another role in the film ‘Just Go with It.’ In this film, she co-starred alongside Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. Madison was then offered a role in the horror film ‘Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark,’ where she acted alongside Katie Holmes and Guy Pearce. In her role in ‘Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark,’ she portrays the character of a lonely withdrawn child who starts living with her father and his girlfriend. In 2015, she began her run on the Hallmark Channel series ‘Good Witch,’ playing the character Grace Russell who is the daughter of Cassie Nightingale, played by Catherine Bell. Madison is also one of the authors of ‘Zigzag Kids Collection: Books 1 & 2’ that was published in 2010 and ‘Losing Brave’ in 2018. ‘Losing Brave’ is a psychological thriller that was co-written by the author Stefanie Miller. The genre of ‘Zigzag Kids Collection: Books 1 & 2’ is a children fiction literature and Bailee Madison is one of the authors who wrote the book. She wants to be an author as well as an actress and it appears as though she is well on her way to doing both.

The Actress’ Personal Life

Despite Madison being a private person, it has gone public that she is currently in a steady relationship with Alex Lange. The pair have been together since late 2016. Prior to that relationship, she dated Emery Kelly in 2015 before Kelly, in 2013, she dated Zachary Gordon The 19-year-old famous actress has a long dating life and a long acting career ahead of her.

The Actress’ Social Media Profile

Madison is an active member on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. She has more followers on Instagram than in her other social media platforms. On Facebook, she has roughly 195,000 followers. On Instagram, she has more than 2.1 million followers, 432,000 followers on the Twitter and 59,000 YouTube subscribers. Being in the limelight, Bailee Madison has managed to keep her personal life as well as her career life clean. She has avoided scandals on her social media and has a special connection with her followers on her social media platforms, which is why they have kept up with her.

Facts to Know About Bailee Madison

• Madison is a night person. • Her favorite color is white. • Madison loves Pepperoni pizza topping. • Her favorite vegetable is carrot. • She loves Tennis, however, she broke both of her wrists, so she cannot play. • Madison is allergic to cats, therefore, she has a puppy for a pet. • She is a tea person. • She is afraid of flying. Whenever she is on the airplane, her thoughts always drift to how the plane will crash. • Her lookalike is Maia Mitchell.

Her Net Worth

The 19-year-old famous actress and author has worked hard to gain fame in her career and she has an estimated net worth of $6 million dollars at the moment. Due to her participation in major movies, she has accumulated quite the nest egg. for someone so young. Her decision to becoming an author has allowed her to publish books that have grossed her an amazing net worth as well. Bailee Madison continues to rise with every success she has made in a very short amount of time.