Alvina Stewart Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Anthony Anderson’s Wife

Top Facts about Anthony Anderson and his wife Alvina Stewart

The wife of Anthony Anderson – Alvina Stewart

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Anthony Anderson and his wife Alvina Stewart are high school sweethearts who have been married for around two decades. Anthony Anderson is currently the star of ABC’s ‘Black-ish’ and also hosts ABC’s gameshow, ‘To Tell The Truth’. Anthony Anderson, the husband of Alvina Anderson is an American Actor, comedian and writer. They have two children together, daughter, Kyra Anderson and son, Nathan Anderson.

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Alvina Stewart was born 18th December, 1970 in America. She holds an American nationality and belongs to the black American race. Her husband, Anthony is a famous actor who has portrayed the role of Avenger in ‘Alien Avengers’ in 1996 and also appeared as a guest star in NBC Saturday morning sitcom ‘Hang Time’. He also made guest appearances on numerous other television shows life ‘Raising Hope’, ‘Soul Man’, ‘Rake’. In 2008, Anthony Anderson appeared in one of the most successful crime dramas on television, ‘Law & Order’ as Detective Kevin Bernard. 

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The net worth of Alvina Stewart is not known as of now but she lives a lavish life. Her husband’s net worth is $18 million dollars. Anthony Anderson got a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor in Drama series for ‘Black-ish’ in the year 2017. He was again nominated for the 2018 Golden Globe Awards for Best Actor in Drama series for ‘Black-ish’. There are some amazing and lesser-known facts about Alvina Stewart or Alvina Anderson. Let’s find out:

1. Alvina Stewart filed for divorce in September 2015

In September 2015, Stewart filed for divorce from Anderson citing ‘irreconcilable differences’. She said that they both had been living separately since April 1, 2014 and also asked for spousal support. She planned on allowing her husband ‘reasonable visitation’ rights for their children Nathan Anderson and Kyra Anderson. “Yes, the divorce papers are public record and they have been separated for some time now,” Anderson’s told E! News. Surprisingly, the couple asked the judge to cancel their divorce petition on January 3, 2017, well over a year after filing for divorce. Some reports say that the couple married in 2005 while some say that they had married in September 1999.

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2. She uses social media to bond with Kyra & Nathan

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Kyra Anderson is 20 and Nathan Anderson is 16 years old. Kyra is quite active on Twitter on her own profile. Anderson uses the social media to connect and bond with his children. On August 2016, Anderson with his children had posed for the People Magazine. “We make memes and Snapchats, Instagram posts and all that on the 101,” Anderson told People. “But we were doing that responsibly! I was the cameraman, and my son’s hands were on the 10 and 2.” Nathan Anderson is following his father’s footsteps in showbiz. He appeared in the ‘Jacked O’ Lantern’ episode of the famous ‘Black-ish’ series in 2015. Nathan also has his own IMDb page wherein he lists appearances in the ‘Richie Rich’ series of 2015.

3. Stewart inspired Anderson to get healthy

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Anderson was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes once. He felt he needed to get his life under control for the sake of his family. His wife Alvina Stewart and his children persuaded him to start living a healthy lifestyle. In a 2013 interview, Anderson said that his wife and children inspire him to do better. “My wife’s become an avid gym rat, and she inspires me. My children are fit too and also help me keep going,” Anderson told the LA Times. He also said that he consulted the same nutritionist who helped out Al Roker.
He had lost so much weight that while shooting for ‘Law and Order’ the team had to figure out an entire new wardrobe for him. “Back in L.A., I joined a gym, got a trainer and worked out three times a week lifting weights, and I kept up the treadmill as well,” Anderson told the Times in 2013. “I weigh 222 now, that’s 46 pounds of weight loss, and my blood sugars are getting better and some of my medications have been reduced.”

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4. Best sex I’ve ever had was with my wife: Anderson

In an interview in December, 2016, while their divorce petition was still on, Anderson referred to Stewart as his ex-wife. Once, Elle’s Mickey Rapkin told Anderson, “A friend once told me the first time he had sex after his divorce, it was incredible.” “I’d rather not get into that,” Anderson replied. “My ex-wife might be reading this and be like, ‘What, motherf—? Oh, really? That’s how it was?’ We’re in a good place now.” Anderson later told Rapkin, “But I will admit the best sex I’ve ever had has been with my wife.” In that same interview, Anderson shared his view on how to date. “Flip the script,” he told Elle. “Hop in the car and point it in a direction that it’s never been in before and just drive. ‘What are we going to do?’ I don’t know, let’s go jump in the ocean. ‘I don’t have a bathing suit.’ Well, nobody’s around. Let’s skinny-dip. Who cares?”

5. Anderson & Stewart keep their kids grounded

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Anderson and Stewart try to give a very normal life to their children despite their father’s fame. In an interview in 2015 with Yahoo Parenting, he once said that he cannot let himself spoil his kids. “I grew up in Compton, Los Angles so [when I became an actor] I overcompensated because of my background…I wanted to give [my children] everything I didn’t have. But I can’t spoil my kids,” Anderson explained to Yahoo. “I had to say, ‘Wait a minute — am I creating a monster? I can’t keep freely giving you things.’ My kids have schoolwork, community service, and chores. We recently put together packages at the post office for soldiers overseas.” He also shared that his son, Nathan wanted to be an actor since he was 8 years old and his daughter, Kyra wants to earn a PHD and is currently studying at the University of San Diego.

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