20 Fun Things To Do With Friends When You Are Really Bored

Fun and creative things you can do with your friends on a boring day.

Get Creative And Adventurous When You Are Bored

Have you found yourself bored with your daily life? Did your routines (that you’ve enjoyed so far) have lost their appeal? For example, have you recently started a new exercise class that, in spite of all the jumping jacks, burpees, and push-ups, you really enjoyed? (at least for a while) But as the months go by you started to feel that it was like watching an episode of a TV sitcom over and over again? So now, all that excitement brought on by your class has turned into boredom.
According to a 2016 study, 63% of Americans suffer from boredom at least once over a 10 day period. So, you’re not alone and you don’t have to worry overmuch, boredom can’t kill you but you’ll have to do something to change your situation because, according to another study, chronically bored people are more prone to depression, anxiety, and substance abuse.
Boredom isn’t a character flaw, it’s more a state of the mind that’s brought on by a behavioral phenomenon called hedonic adaptation which is the tendency for us (humans) to get used to things over time. This is a good explanation for why initially gratifying activities and/or relationships lose their glow. For example, think about the last time you bought a car or got a raise or fell in love. At first, these experiences brought you joy, but then over time, they became part of your routine. You adjusted your expectations, you moved on and are ready for the next new thing that’ll get you excited. You’ve hopped on the hedonic treadmill.

So how can you hopped off the hedonic treadmill and start making everyday experiences feel new again? How can you get creative and be adventurous and stopped being bored? A study published by Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin suggests that finding quirky ways to interact with familiar places, persons or things will help you to experience the everyday experiences with a new perspective like they feel new again.
In a way, boredom could get your creative juices going. You have the power to find joy and an adventurous life if you apply this wisdom. Here are some examples.

Approach Tasks in Imaginative Ways

Like eating food in unconventional ways, (maybe with chopsticks ) can make eating feel new. You could apply this to many situations where boredom has sucked the joy off the activity. So find new ways to interact with all your familiar things.

Change your work atmosphere

Spending too much time in the same work environment can bring boredom. So if you work at home, mix things up a little and find a new place to work like a coffee shop or the library. If you work at an office, change the layout of your office or desk. Sometimes just adding fresh flowers can make a difference.

Pose intriguing questions

Instead of asking How was your day? get a little curious or quirkier by asking questions like What are you looking forward to today? or Is there anything I can help you with this week? or What’s one song that describes your mood today? You’ll be perceived as a more engaging person and fun to be around.

Mix up your commute

Keep things interesting by altering your behavior. If you drive, take a different route may be a more scenic one. If you use public transportation or walk, talk to a fellow commuter, just by putting your phone down and actually watching people in the eye can make a difference.

20 Fun Things To Do With Your Friends When Bored To Death

Like we talked about before, our routines get boring, even when we share them with our dearest friends. Although, these boring moments are better when you spend them together with friends and/or family. Nevertheless, since boredom is a state of mind you can easily turn it around. You just need to find the right activities and distractions, and the best thing is that you don’t have to come up with those alone, you have you’re friends to help you out. We’re sure that if you put your heads together you can come up with fun things to do when you’re bored to death.
We’d like to help you with that task, so we put together a list of fun things to do in class, at home, at night, even on your commute.  Take a look and choose one or two or three, you’ll have 20 choices.

Fun Things To Do When You’re Bored In Class

So, you’re stuck in class and it’s getting pretty boring. You need to do something so you and your friends can get out of the boring zone into the fun zone. It’s kind of hard to find things to do in class so you won’t get bored because disrupting the professor would probably get you in trouble. But there are things you can do to have fun while in a boring class.

1. Get creative when answering a teacher’s question

If you know the answer to the question, you should raise your hand and answer it but do it in a quirky way. You can answer really slow (like glacial) or you can go for the speedy route and answer it really fast. Or you can rap it or just sing it. 

2. Pretend you’re a secret agent

You’re on a top-secret mission (trying to sit still and paying attention) and you need to make it through that class alive. You can’t do it alone, so maybe you can use a hand mirror and a penlight to send Morse code to a fellow agent across the class.

3. Suggest the professor to hold the class outside in a different setting

A change in the class atmosphere might be just what you and your friends need, so if the weather is nice, suggest the professor or aks him to teach his class outside in the garden or in a different setting.

4. Take notes in a foreign language

That will keep you entertained and will help you practice your language skills. You can suggest this activity to your fellow classmates so they can do the same and then you can compare notes. You’ll have fun and be more engaged in class because you’ll be giving it a twist.

5. Bring more interesting material to read

You can open your textbook where you can conceal a magazine about cars or your favorite sport or hobby, Also you can bring an interesting book you can’t stop reading. Just be careful to keep a highlighter and a pen so you can pretend to take notes while reading.

Fun things to do with your friends at night

Do you find yourself racking your brain for ideas to do fun things on a Friday or Saturday night? Are you and your friends bored with the same routines (going for drinks, or to a club or to a bar)? Well, here are some fun ideas you and your friends can try at night to keep boredom from having the best of you. 

6. Host a Board Game Night or a Trivia Night

You can host a weekly or a monthly Board Game Night. You won’t need much, make some space in your living room, get some snacks and drinks, and ask your friends to bring fun board games and some booze too. Trivia nights are also a fun way to spend a free Saturday night. you can take turns preparing it and hosting it.

7. Go for a night hike or bike ride

Get your bike or put on your sneakers and go outside. You can do this with a group of your favorite peeps. You can take a tour around your neighborhood, you can go on a hike in a safe place in the local woods, or take your bike on a light path at the neighborhood park. Remember to be safe though, so get your night gear too if your riding at night (reflective gear and helmet). 

8. Geocaching

If you like scavenger hunts, then you’re going to like Geocaching. Geocaching is a unique game you can play on your phone. Go to their website, create an account and you can start searching for a cache near your location. It can take you places you’ve never seen because players hide treasures all over the world for you to discover. It could be a fun activity to do at night in the company of some of your friends.

9. Host a wine and cheese night

If you want to catch up with your very best friends, you can host a low key wine and cheese night. Keep it intimate you so can relax and enjoy the evening, Everyone can sit around and chat while drinking some good wine and eating some delicious cheese.

10. Night at a Museum

if you’re set on having a night out, then instead of a club or a bar go to a museum. There are museums that offer “after hours” programming. This means they have DJ’s and drinks and open exhibits. So if you and your friends are bored with the local bar and club scene, check out museums’ websites for the ones opening at night.

Fun things to do Home Alone

Do you find yourself home alone and kind of bored but don’t feel like going out with the girls tonight? Don’t worry there are some fun things to do at home when you’re alone. It can be rewarding to spend the night with yourself doing stuff you like without having any input. 
Here are some fun ideas to do when you’re home alone.

11. Do some body maintenance

Have you neglected some much-needed self-grooming? Then this is your chance, you can wax, or have a mani-pedi, you can take a bath and then exfoliate and then moisturize. You can make yourself a mask and just relax while it does the job.

12. Give coloring a try

If you want to indulge your artsy side, this home alone time could be the right time to try it. You can try your hand at making your own pictures to colored or you can try this Serene and Tranquil Coloring. Inside you’ll find beautiful intricate designs that you can spend hours coloring.

13. Learn something new

Nothing like giving your brain something new to learn to kick boredom out. And here you have so many options. You can learn a new language, you can learn how to cook, you can start a course on a topic you’re interested in, there are lots of free courses on the internet, to choose from.

14. Pick an instrument and make your own music

Fancy some music? Have you tried the ukulele? It’s said to be a fairly easy instrument to learn to play. You can get one for yourself and then set in front of your laptop or Ipad to watch videos on how to start playing it so in no time you’ll be playing your own tunes on the ukulele.

15. Indulge your creative side

If painting isn’t your thing, you can try your hand at other crafts. There are all kinds of crafts you can do with your hands when you find yourself bored home alone. You can do collages, you can look for things to recycle, you can make birthday cards for your friend’s coming birthdays. You can do some knitting too. If you don’t know exactly how there are tons of tutorials on Youtube and inspiration on Pinterest.

Fun things to do while commuting

If you spend quite some time going and coming from work, you know you’re not alone. Commuting can be really stressful and boring but there are ways to make your coming and going less dreadful and more fun so you can turn it into a positive experience.

16. Play a brain teaser

While you’re stuck in traffic or waiting in line for your transportation you can play a brain teaser to pass the time. For example, if your driving or going by bus, look at license plates and make acronyms with the letters, Sheldon Cooper might have a suggestion or two on more brain teasers 

17. Listen to an interesting or fun Podcast

You obviously have your phone with you right? So use it to make your commute fun and learn something. There are all kinds of podcasts to choose from, whether you’re interested in Politics, Finance, Music, comedy. Make sure you find one you enjoy and listen to it while commuting.

18. Make a new friend

Stop looking at your phone and look people in the eye, maybe you’ll find someone nice to talk during your commute. By keeping your head down you’ll be neglecting the possibility of finding your new BFF.

19. Make a new playlist

Music always lifts the soul. If you’re bored during your commute then you need something to change what you listen to on your phone. Listening to a newscast can be a downer so instead make a new playlist of upbeat songs and listen to them while you’re going or coming from work.

20. Take time to be with yourself

You have a tough and busy day ahead, so make your commute about yourself. Relax and be one with your thoughts, anything not work related.

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Try a few of the suggestions given below to create crafts, adventures and more memories with your friends, which will last a lifetime.


If you let your creativity free we bet you can find fun things to do with your friends anywhere anytime so that you kick boredom outside.