Chuck Schumer’s Wife Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Iris Weinshall

You are about to learn about Senator Chuck Schumer’s wife, Iris Weinshall. Below are facts about her that you ought to know.

Who is Iris Weinshall?

If you are a New Yorker, it’s likely that you support Senator Chuck Schumer. He is one of the leaders who have been voted in consecutively and it looks like the only way he can get from that seat is by retiring. His beautiful wife is known as Iris Weinshall, and she is the current Chief Operating Officer of the well-known New York Public Library. Before taking the job, Weinshall was City University of New York’s vice chancellor and also the commissioner of the New York City Department of Transportation. Weinshall was appointed as the Chief Operating Officer in July 2014 and officially reported to the New York Public Library in September 2014. Iris Weinshall graduated from Brooklyn College and then joined New York University where she graduated with Masters in Public Administration. The New York University is the mother of City University. Weinshall has been married to Chuck Schumer since 1980 and they have two children. Weinshall’s family has been living in Brooklyn and just like most Jews, the practice Judaism.

Interesting facts about Chuck Schumer’s wife

She was a Deputy Commissioner

Initially, Iris Weinshall had served as the Senior Vice President and a Deputy Commissioner for the New York parastatals. Rudy Giuliani, the then New York mayor, appointed her as the Commissioner of the New York City Department of Transportation in 2000 where she stayed for over seven years. Weinshall even saw Michael Bloomberg become mayor while still in office. Under Weinshall’s leadership, the department tried to increase bike use to minimize the use of resources like gas. Weinshall also appointed Andrew Vesselinovitch in 2001 to spearhead the campaign, but he left the job five years later stating that he didn’t make any progress under Weinshall’s watch. Andrew spoke to the New York Sun and told the magazine that Weinshall had disapproved half of his proposals.

She supported the neighbors

The program received a lot of media attention. For months almost every tabloid and broadcast covered stories of the Brooklyn pavement. The reason why was because there was always some story and drama. Iris Weinshall was supporting the group and it was even found out that she was paying the media to shape the story in her favor. What surprised many was the fact that Weinshall was against the project yet her husband, Chuck Schumer was an avid cyclist. Schumer said that he loved to cycle around New York neighborhoods to learn about what people wanted. One person asked Schumer about the controversial bike lane, the issue that involved his wife but he refused to answer. Perhaps Schumer chose not to speak about the matter to spend a peaceful night with his wife, Weinshall.

She received an award for her husband

In 2015, twelve notable Jewish figures were inducted into the Jewish Hall of Fame in Brooklyn in an event held at the Brooklyn Historical Society. Among the recipients of the awards was Chuck Schumer who wasn’t present at the event due to his official duties. Others who received awards were actors, singers, and activists. Schumer’s award was taken by his wife, Weinshall on his behalf. Weinshall is also a class of 2025 inductee. Another popular person who won an award that night was Julie Budd, a singer and a performer. Weinshall thanked the audience for the recognition and said that the Jewish Hall of Fame helped to tell the story of the Jewish community all over Brooklyn.

She served as the Vice-Chancellor of City University

Iris Weinshall resigned from DOT to take the role of Vice Chancellor of the City University of New York. Her field was Facility Planning, Construction, and Management. Weinshall’s duty was to oversee the planning, building and the maintenance of physical structures on behalf of the university. According to the New York Post, Weinshall earned about $234,000 annually when she was working at the university. The same magazine mentioned Schumer’s net worth to be $702,000 in 2014. Weinshall lived in the Park Slope neighborhood with her family at the time. Their home is worth $157,000 and they purchased it in 1982, just two years after their marriage.

Weinshall’s daughters are Harvard Graduates

Schumer and his wife, Weinshall have two daughters who attended Harvard University, the same university their father, Weinshall’s husband attended. Weinshall herself attended Brooklyn College and New York University. Weinshall’s firstborn, Alison Schumer studied technology and she was an intern for YouTube in 2010, got hired by Facebook in 2011, worked at Instagram from 2013 to 2015. Now, Weinshall works at Airbnb as a public affairs manager. The second daughter of Weinshall, Jessica Schumer attended Yale and she holds a law degree. Jessica worked as chief of staff at The Robin Hood Foundation. She got married to Michael Shapiro in 2016. Weinshall’s son-in-law works as an economic policy adviser under the Hillary Clinton’s campaign team.

Weinshall’s net worth

Iris Weinshall’s net worth is not known, but she might be worth around $1 million. Her husband has a net worth of almost $900,000.

Weinshall has had a successful career, a stable marriage, and a prosperous family. She is proud of being married to one of the most loved leaders in the US and her daughters have made her proud. Weinshall should be thankful to Yahweh for her luck.