Olivia From The Bachelor: 5 Facts To Know About The Contestant

Olivia Caridi, along with two others, were known as the aggressors on the TV show, The Bachelor. Let us read all about her, including her net worth.

A brief about the TV show, The Bachelor

For all those who have no inkling about the TV show, The Bachelor, here is a briefing about the reality show. The Bachelor is a famous American Dating and Relationship reality television series that was first aired in the year 2002 on the channel ABC. The show is hosted by Chris Harrison. The show has been a great success and has since resulted in many spin-offs including, The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad, Bachelor in Paradise, Bachelor in Paradise: After Paradise and many such others. In this show, in the hope of finding his true love and life partner, a bachelor dates a group of women over several weeks to check their compatibility with him. These women compete over a series of challenges that eventually prove their compatibility to him.

Contestant Olivia Caridi; five facts about her

Olivia was a contestant on this season of the TV show “The Bachelor.” The blonde bombshell definitely had the beauty and the brains to win Arie’s heart, but why didn’t she match up with the rest of the contestants? Unfortunately, she wasn’t the girl for this bachelor, but it’s hard to see why. Olivia is a great girl with no clear flaw about her but sadly was eliminated from the TV show competition after the second week. Here are some fast facts about the former contestant:

1. Her parents were pioneers of reality television

Olivia’s parents appeared on ‘Good Morning America’ a reality show which was aired in May of 1989, to talk about their upcoming marriage and relationship. The documentary followed them to the birth of first daughter Olivia.

2. She dumped her boyfriend to be on the TV show

Olivia dumped a boyfriend to be on ‘The Bachelor’. Her boyfriend, 26-year-old Josh Rose was dumped by her in Virginia when she got a call from the producers of the show. The same allegations have been heard about contestant Caila Quinn. Well if they can dump their existing loves to find a better love, one needs to keep an eye on these two regarding their loyalty quotient!

3. She got the first impression rose from Bachelor Ben

To get the first impression rose has been a good omen for the contestants and Olivia had got it from Ben in the earlier season of the show.

4. Olivia is currently a news anchor in Austin

The blond bombshell is clever, confident and outspoken. She is currently a news anchor in Austin.

5. Kelle Khalil was her mentor in New York City

Upon arriving in the city, she had to struggle to find a new job. Lucky for her, she found a new mentor in Kellee Khalil, founder of the Loverly wedding app, who apparently took the reality star “under her wing” and introduced her to her network and “now incredibly things are happening.” She soon signed in for the MS Models in the Commercial/Lifestyle and Fashion divisions in 2016.

Her net worth

Just like most contestants, Olivia’s net worth is not known. Olivia Caridi has a small net worth as of now but it will definitely shoot up as she is quite an ambitious girl. Arie has a net worth of $5 million.

Olivia in an interview

Olivia Caridi was recently interviewed and this is what she had to say: Q. If you went about differently in your relationship with Ben, do you think the result would have been different?
A. “I don’t think we were meant for each other, no matter how many times I professed my love. I [do] think the relationship wouldn’t have been as tumultuous. The turning point was when some of the girls went to him and said something. Obviously, if I had done everything perfectly maybe that wouldn’t have happened. I believe that it ended the way it was going to anyway.” Q. What do you want now in terms of your career? Do you want to go back to local news or were you hoping this experience would provide a stepping stone to something here in Los Angeles or in New York?
A. “Oh! Well, local news is incredible, and I could easily go back to that. When I was working, and this [meaning The Bachelor] wasn’t an option, I wanted big things. I want to be in L.A. or New York. Everybody in this industry wants that. But I’m reasonable. I have to pay my dues. If I have to go back to local news, I have to go back to local news. I want to go back to work, that’s number one.” Q. We have to talk about the cocktail party that happened immediately after Ben learned some dear family friends of his had passed away. The way it was edited, it seemed as if you didn’t console him about that at all and just wanted to talk about your ankles. Did the producers ask you not to talk to him about the tragedy and take his mind off of it or was that your decision?
A. “I will say, not everything we talk about makes air. So, of course, the first thing I said was, “How are you? I’m always here for you. I’m your shoulder to cry on.” But it’s a long story, which is why I should have known that it wasn’t going to make [the aired version]. I was very overweight growing up, and I hate my legs. Everyone has something they hate. My first few dates, I had to wear spandex. So I’m like, “Ugh, this is the worst.” But after the soccer date, he sat down with me and said, “I love your legs.” In that moment, I flipped. I was floored. For a man to point out the one thing on your body that you hate…so, was it inopportune timing [to bring that up again at the cocktail party]? Yes. I wanted to tell him that he literally like changed my life that day [on the soccer date].” The news anchor sure has a mind of her own and she got an unfair edit which made her seem like a heartless person. She is quite active on her Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts. One can check her photos @OliviaCaridi on Instagram and Twitter. She also has her own facebook page as oliviacaridiofficial. Her photos look quite different from her 2015 days when she sported longer hair. She has a smart bob cut currently. Today she has no regrets of what has happened and has moved on in life.