10 Sexy Pics Of Jenna Dewan In Bikini

Jenna Dewan went from being in ‘The Playboy Club’, to one of the ‘Witches of East End.’ Now she’s heating up Instagram with some great pics of herself.

Jenna Dewan Tatum

Jenna Dewan is one of the most successful, fit, and beautiful actresses in Hollywood today. She is married to actor Channing Tatum, she is the mother of one, and she’s also businesswoman. These are just a few of the most notable characteristics of this leading Hollywood lady. Jenna Dewan began her career as a professional dancer appearing in Janet Jackson’s ‘Doesn’t Really Matter’ video back in 2000. Since then, Jenna Dewan has gone on to build a fabulous career in dance, the arts, and acting. Some of her most famous movies are ‘Step Up’, ‘Witches of East End’, and ‘Take the Lead’. Jenna Dewan also made a name for herself on television appearing in the hit series’ ‘World of Dance’ as well as ‘The Playboy Club’. Throughout her life and career, Jenna Dewan has kept her professional and private life separate until most recently, when rumors began to fly with regards to her marriage with Channing Tatum. Although Jenna Dewan has made many attempts to shush the rumors, the presence of a possible separation of the beautiful couple still lingers on social media as well as many tabloids.

Top 10 Sexy Bikini Instagram Pics

#10: Poolside R&R

Jenna Dewan looks at peace in this beautiful Instagram pic of her wearing a sun hat and bikini. The ‘Step Up’ actress shows that after all that hard work, some quiet time to relax is most needed.

#9: Maroon And Gold Beauty

Girls just want to have fun, and Jenna Dewan makes having fun irresistible in the maroon and gold bikini set. In this ensemble, Jenna Dewan looks as if she could take Instagram followers into the ‘World of Dance’.

#8: Pinky Chic

Being a mom is hectic, so a day at the beach is quite necessary and Jenna Dewan shows Instagram moms how to have fun and enjoy some rest and relaxation in this pic.

#7: Family Fun

Jenna Dewan might just be the most fit and fabulous mom of all time. The stunning actress of ‘Take the Lead’ enjoys some fun family times with her husband Channing Tatum and their child. Rumors of the couples separation are becoming more known, they look so happy in this Instagram pic.

#6: A Simple Day

Life is not all about the glamour in Jenna Dewan’s world, sometimes a girl must remove the makeup and just have some fun in the sun.

#5: Beach Fun Smiles

A smile worth millions, Jenna Dewan looks ridiculously beautiful in the Instagram pic.

#4: Yacht Party

Fun, rest and relaxation while on vacation. All of the necessities of a busy businesswoman, Jenna Dewan teaches the art of taking time for oneself.

#3: Birthday Fun

Birthday fun would not be the same without the sun and the sand. Jenna Dewan enjoys her special day with Instagram followers.

#2: Red Hot Dewan

A woman’s back says so much about her, and by the looks of things, Jenna Dewan is one strong woman as she enjoys another beach day in this Instagram pic.

#1: Color Me Fun

Jenna Dewan makes a statement in this Instagram pic. It says to “have fun, be strong, and enjoy life”. Fans of Jenna Dewan could learn so much from her shared Instagram pics.

A World of Joy

No matter what the tabloids say about her life, Jenna Dewan remains a classy, private woman. Regardless if she and husband Channing Tatum are actually separating or are just going through a hard time, Jenna Dewan will remain one of Hollywood’s favorite and most beautiful actresses of all time. The mother of one makes her busy life a blueprint for young mothers to follow in order to reach their success.