Taylor Hackford Wiki: Everything To Know About Helen Mirren’s Husband

Filmmaker Taylor Hackford married Academy Award-winning actress Helen Mirren. Here is all that you need to know about Mirren’s husband.

Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren is a very famous English actress who has a net worth of $50 million USD. She was born in Hammersmith, London in 1945. Mirren is of Russian and English descent. Her father was Russian and her mom was English. In spite of having a Russian ancestry and Russian name, Mirren is not fluent in Russin but is fluent in French. The Oscar award-winning actress has done many famous films and TV series including, ‘Prime Suspect’, ‘Caligula’, ‘Shadowboxer, ‘Elizabeth I’ and ‘The Queen’. She has till date portrayed the role of a queen six times in movies. She was accepted at the National Youth Theatre when she auditioned for a role at the age of 18. Mirren played the role of Cleopatra in the theatre’s production, ‘Antony and Cleopatra’. Her work was much appreciated and she managed to join the Royal Shakespeare Company with her talent. She has done a lot of work on stage, screen, and television. Mirren is the proud winner of an Oscar Award for Best Actress, three Golden Globe Awards, Four BAFTAs, four Emmy Awards and also two Cannes Film Festival Best Actress Awards. Her role in her first movie, ‘Age of Consent’ in the year 1969 was critically acclaimed and she became famous overnight. Mirren was next seen on a British Television series ‘Prime Suspect’ which aired from 1991 to 2006 and had seven seasons. She still calls her work as Jane Tennison in ‘Prime Suspect’ as her best work so far. She has also appeared in other films like, ‘White Nights’, ‘Elizabeth I’, ‘The Queen’, ‘National Treasure: Book of Secrets’, ‘RED’, ‘Hitchcock’, and ‘Monsters University’. Mirren is married to the film director Taylor Hackford. Mirren recently hit the red carpet for the screening of her film, ‘The Leisure Seeker’. She was joined by husband Taylor Hackford. ‘The Leisure Seeker’ released worldwide on 15th December, 2017.

Filmmaker Taylor Hackford

Born on December 31, 1944 in Santa Barbara, California, USA, Taylor Hackford is an American director and producer. His full name is Taylor Edwin Hackford. His mother’s name is Mary and fathers name is Joseph Hackford. His mother was a waitress by profession and she brought him up alone during his early years. He completed his graduation from the University of California in 1968. Taylor Hackford was interested in law while he was studying and obtained pre-law studying major subjects on ‘International Relation and Economics’. Hackford also volunteered work as Peace Corps in Bolivia before shifting into KCET-TV. He is best known for his work in ‘The Devil’s Advocate’ in 1997, ‘Ray’ in 2004 and ‘Parker’ in 2013. He has been married to Helen Mirren since 1997. He was previously married to Lynne Littman and Georgie Lowres. His second marriage was to Lynne Litman in the year 1997 which ended up in a divorce in 1982. He has two sons from his previous marriage and takes their full responsibility. He is currently 73 years old. He is a Capricorn. Hackford stands 6 feet, 2 inches tall. Hackford has a net worth of $16 Million USD. Hackford was the President of the Director’s Guild of America. He was re-elected as the President of the Director’s Guild of America in 2011. He has served the association for 30 years. His interest and enthusiasm in dance, music and life can be seen in his great movies like, ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’. Before achieving fame, he had spent several years with the Peace Corps in Bolivia. He has also directed a music video for the famous Lionel Richie song, ‘Say You, Say Me’. He managed to marry Helen Mirren despite her vow never to marry. The couple met on the sets of ‘White Nights’ and have been together ever since. Hackford is the director of the film, ‘White Nights’. Hackford has also produced and directed the film ‘Proof of Life’ in the year 2000 starring Meg Ryan. His film, ‘The Devil’s Advocate’ did a net grossing of $152.9 million USD. It was a blockbuster hit and one of his most acclaimed movies so far. Hackford’s film, ‘The Comedian’ released in 2016 is a look at the life of an aging insult comic named Jack Burke. ‘The Comedian’ won an award at the Hollywood Film Awards for the Comedy of the Year. His film, ‘Parker’ released in the year 2013 revolves around the story of a thief called ‘Parker’. It received mixed reviews.

Mirren’s husband Taylor Hackford’ s achievements

Hackford’s work is all his feature films is highly appreciated. His work in ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’ made him quite famous. He won the Oscar Award for Best Live Action short film in the year 1979 for his film, ‘Teenage Father’. He was also seen in ‘The Idolmaker’ portraying the role of Ray Sharkey. It is considered as his best work so far and he also got the award for Best Actor in Golden Globe. He is also planning to contribute some of his money to social trust and charity.