Valerie From The Bachelor: Everything To Know About The Contestant

The stunning Valerie Biles is a contestant in the TV show The Bachelor. Find out everything about her, including her net worth.

TV show – The Bachelor

The unique show is probably the only one-of-its-kind the world over. TV show – The Bachelor has been running successfully since 2002 now and it just finished airing its 22nd episode. The dashing Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. was a contestant of the show six years ago. He was in love and was just a day away from proposing the woman of his dreams, Emily Maynard. She not only broke his heart but went on to marry someone else. Since then, Arie has not been able to find a love like hers. His hunt continued since then until he agreed to appear as the most eligible bachelor in America on the hunt for his lady love. He returned on the 22nd season of the show this year aired on January 1, 2018. In this show, the contestants are required to compete with each other over a series of tasks done to match their compatibility with The Bachelor. The winner only gets the love of her life but also a cash prize and a custom made ring as a tradition of the show.

Contestant Valerie Biles

One such contestant of the show was Valerie Biles. Arie could not help but notice the long-legged beauty from Nashville. She was the only one of the flock of the gorgeous beauties, sporting bright red hair and a bright yellow floor-length dress. Whether her character would be as bright as her appearance and whether she would be able to win the heart of the Bachelor left many of her fans guessing and positively praying. After all they did make a stunning pair! This Valerie Biles was a server from a restaurant in Nashville. She graduated from Middle Tennessee St. University in 2014 with a B.S. in Visual Communication. She writes in her biography that one of her greatest achievements in life to date was buying her first house in downtown Nashville before she turned 25 years old. She further writes that her favorite holiday is Halloween as her Closet encases some 50 cute costumes apt for Halloween dress-up. She wished everyday was Halloween! On her cooking skills, she elaborates that she can concoct some fabulous smoothies but that’s just about it, as cooking was never one of her strongest points. She jokes that she could make some great reservations though! Valerie also lets us know that she does not like to cook with meat. Whether or not she is a vegan is not very clear. Valerie’s biggest fear in life is to swim in the deep ocean because she never knows what to expect and knows there’s a chance she could be eaten. At the age of 25 years, Valerie works as a server in a restaurant while still searching for juicy prospects for her career. She stands tall at 5’11” and has no tattoos. On being further questioned about choosing to be a particular animal, she chose to be a dog as it can be spoiled and loved unconditionally. Apart from English, Valerie can speak Spanish fluently. If Valerie is not working on a typical Saturday night, she would love to dress up in a killer dress and indulge into some crazy bar hopping with friends in downtown Nashville and take lots of crazy photos.

Valerie in the TV show

Valerie did not look out of her comfort zone while on the show at all. This confidence oozed out of the way she dressed and looked during her short appearance on the show. Arie was also very impressed by her and decided to give her a rose during the season’s first official rose ceremony when he had to narrow down the bachelorettes from 29 to 21. Apart from working at a restaurant in Brentwood, Tennessee, Valerie is also marketing coordinator and social media manager for Twin Peaks in Brentwood. Twin Peaks is a national chain in Dallas, Texas which advertises its ‘Twin Peaks Girls’, a kind of server gig meant to be a getaway of sorts into modeling or acting in the future. The applicants are supposed to glam up their hair and apply makeup and audition in their flashiest costume. Valerie enjoys dressing up even when she is not working as a social media manager for the company. One can see a lot of her cute photos taken in dressy and cute costumes on her Instagram page. At the second Rose Ceremony of the season, Valerie Biles was denied a rose from Arie and therefore ousted from the running for his heart.

Her net worth

Valerie Biles’s net worth is currently under wraps. Had she won the show, her net worth would have shot up by $1 million. Arie Luyendyk’s net worth is $5 million.

Valerie Biles was quite active on her instagram account @valeriebiles and also on twitter with the same name. But she has deactivated her Twitter and Instagram accounts with these profile names. She might have opened up another private account. Her account on Facebook is private too and there is no information about her Facebook account.