Todd Haley Wiki: Coach, Net Worth, ‘Kansas City Chiefs’ & Facts To Know

Get to know Todd Haley and how it happened before he left the Steelers. Also, you will know the teams that he coached before; and his net worth.

Who is Todd Haley?

There is probably no American Football fan who doesn’t know Todd Haley. Haley is one of the most known figures in the sport because of his contributions to the game. Some of the wins from the teams that Haley played a part in can attribute their success to him. Even though he has made some mistakes in his career, Todd Haley has his achievement also. Haley has been a coach and an offensive coordinator of some popular teams in the National Football League. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, 50-year-old Haley was raised in a sporting family. Haley’s father, Dick Haley is a former Director of Player Personnel for New York Jets as well as Pittsburg Steelers. Dick Haley was also a cornerback at NFL in his youth days. There were rumors that Haley’s mom was a cheerleader, but when Haley was asked he laughed it off. The family has thrived in sport including Haley himself. When growing up, Haley used to be a ball boy for the Steelers and even attended training camps alongside his father, Dick Haley. Haley’s favorite team was Steelers, and he hardly missed their games. Haley used to practice film in his free time. Todd Haley attended high school at St. Clair High School and proceeded to the University of Florida before he joined the University of Miami. Haley was a talented golf player, and he was on the golf squad of both universities. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communication in 1991.

Haley coached Kansas City Chiefs

On December 14, 2008, Kansas City Chiefs lost terribly to San Diego Chargers and due to disappointment, Carl Peterson, the general manager, resigned the following day. The team still suffered more loses, and Haley was mentioned for the coaching position. After the Kansas City Chiefs played the Cardinals, Haley was offered the coaching position. He accepted the position in early 2009 and signed a four-year contract with the team. Haley had just left Arizona as an offensive coordinator, and in his first day as the Chiefs’ coach, he organized his coaching staff. Haley then sacked one of his staff, Gailey, after the team lost three games consecutively. Haley’s first win was against the Washington Redskins. In December 2011, Haley was fired after the team lost in the NFL season of 2011. Haley had made quite a good fortune and grown his net worth.

Haley joined Pittsburg Steelers in 2012

It was announced that Haley would join the team in February 2012 as the new offensive coordinator. He was just following the footsteps of his father who used to be personnel director of the team. Moreover, Haley was a fan of Steelers when growing up and so it was like a dream come true for him to work for Pittsburg Steelers. Haley was the first offensive coordinator to be contracted by the team in 13 years. His contract with the team was supposed to end in late 2017. In 2018, the Steelers announced that they wouldn’t renew his contract. Coach Mike Tomlin stated in a statement that he thanked Haley for his contributions for the past six years and wished him all the best. Having much experience helped Haley earn than most DCs in the National Football League and gathered a considerable net worth.

Haley’s daughters questioned his act

Last year November, Todd Haley’s daughters were among the Steeler’s fans who wondered what Haley was calling on the sideline of the pitch. It wasn’t one of those Haley’s good calls though. It was actually the yelling that Haley did in the fourth quarter of the game in Indianapolis. His yelling caused some confusion, and it appeared Haley was yelling at quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to keep quiet and even turned abusive. Haley confirmed the following Tuesday that he was indeed yelling at Ben. Haley also revealed that after the game, his two daughters sent him a clip asking him why he was yelling at Ben. He answered them that he wasn’t actually yelling at Ben but an unnamed coach who he wouldn’t talk about with them at the time. Surely, Haley knew how to cool down his daughters.

Haley was replaced by Richard Fichtner

After it was announced that Haley’s contract would not be renewed, it was announced that he will be replaced by Richard Fichtner, a quarterback coach. Fitchner will the role of offensive coordinator in Steelers, and the team hopes that he will help them win their next matches. Many fans believe that what actually made Steelers not renew Haley’s contract was his bad blood with Ben Roethlisberger. Halfway through the 2017 season, Fitchner would stand on the sideline with Haley to communicate better with Ben. Critics observed that after Fitchner joined Haley on the sideline, the team scored nine more points in every game, compared to when it was Haley alone on the sideline.

Haley’s net worth

Todd Haley has a net worth of $1.7 million. Most of his net worth is built from his NFL duties. Despite being dropped by Steelers, he is still marketable in the world of American Football.

Todd Haley still has a full career ahead of him. Even though age is catching up with Haley, he can also act as an advisor for other coached who are trying to learn the dos and don’ts of football.