Steven Knight Wiki: Net Worth, “Peaky Blinders” & Facts To Know

Here is all you need to know about English screenwriter and film director Steven Knight, the man behind Peaky Blinders, including net worth and more!

Steven Knight: Biography

Steven Knight is a largely acclaimed screenwriter and film director from Birmingham, England. He was born in 1959 in Marlborough, in the United Kingdom. Steven Knight attended the University College in London for his studies and is now happily married with two adult children, both sons. Steven’s oldest son, Joseph Knight, attended the Wadham College in Oxford, England for his education. His youngest son, Edward Knight, is also currently attending the Wadham College in Oxford for his education and is studying Chinese studies. Steven Knight has been known to keep the details of his personal life very private. He does not want his fame and the public eye affecting his marriage, wife or family in any way. Steven Knight has earned much success as an award winning writer and director. He has written several original screenplays as well as screenplays adapted from published books and has directed films and TV shows as well.

Steven Knight shown above with his usual friendly face and smile. He has excellent tastes in fashion as well as can be seen by the lovely design on his coat laurels.

Steven Knight: Net Worth, Fun Facts and More

At this time, the net worth of screenwriter and director Steven Knight is unknown. Reports claim anywhere from $700,000 to $45 million for his net worth. With his huge success in his career as a writer and director, we are sure he is very well taken care of financially. Steven Knight is happily married with two grown sons. He keeps details about his wife and private life out of public view. A fun fact about Steven Knight is that his all-time hero is the Native American Sitting Bull. Steven Knight grew up in Birmingham, England in the 1970s and had a large interest in Native Americans. So much so that he actually sought out and became pen pals with the great-grandchildren of Sitting Bull, and that intercontinental relationship has lasted throughout his adult life. Another fun fact about Steven Knight is that he is a lifelong fan of Charles Dickens. He has used his love for the author as part of his inspiration when writing the show “Peaky Blinders.” He especially drew inspiration from Dicken’s books A Tale of Two Cities and Great Expectations. Steven will actually also be collaborating on writing a take on Dicken’s classic Christmas tale, A Christmas Carol, along with Ridley Scott and BBC.

Above, Steven Knight looking dapper as always. Here he is shown adjusting his tie at a conference.

Steven Knight: Career

Here is a breakdown of Steven Knight’s career, including screenplays, movies, books and other works he has directed and written. Steven Knight is best known for two screenplays. One being the screenplay he wrote for the film Dirty Pretty Things and another for the film Eastern Promises. His writing for Dirty Pretty Things earned him two awards – the Edgar Award for Best Motion Picture Screenplay and London Film Critics Circle award for British Screenwriter of the Year. Dirty Pretty Things was also nominated for other awards including the BAFTA Award for Best Original Screenplay and the Academy Award for Writing Original Screenplay. Another screenplay written by Steven Knight was for the 2013 film Closed Circuit. The movie starred Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall and was directed by John Crowley. Movies based on screenplays that Steven Knight has written as adaptations of books include Pawn Sacrifice, Seventh Son, The Hundred Foot Journey and World War Z II. Steven Knight is also well known for his work as director of movies. Two movies he directed which he wrote the screenplays for are Hummingbird, starring Jason Statham, and Locke, which stars Tom Hardy. The film Locke won a British Independent Film Award in 2013 for Best Screenplay. Steven Knight has also wrote for and directed several episodes of the TV series The Detectives. Steven Knight also created the TV series Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? in England, as well as the TV series Peaky Blinders.

One of Steven Knight’s most recent successes as a writer and director is his work on the recently released film Locke, which stars Tom Hardy. The film is genius and is filmed solely in a car, showing the main character Locke who is played by Hardy en route from Birmingham to London where he holds a total of 36 phone calls. In the end the main character Locke is blessed with the birth of a new baby.

Steven Knight: In Conclusion

Steven Knight has deserved all of the success he has made for himself. He is an incredibly talented writer, director and media mogul. We have much to thank him for and he has certainly kept us entertained with his creative movies, tv series and screenplays over the years.

Steven Knight looks like a very friendly man. He must certainly have an active imagination that allows him to write such creative works. Thanks for keeping us entertained Steven Knight!