Sharon R. Friedrick Wiki: Photos, Net Worth & Facts About Richard Jenkins’s Wife

Sharon R. Friedrick is the wife of American actor Richard Jenkins. Here are the top facts to know about her and their life together.

Sharon R. Friedrick: The Wife of Richard Jenkins

Sharon R. Friedrick is the wife of actor Richard Jenkins. The couple were married on August 23, 1969. They have two children together named Sarah Pamela Jenkins and Andrew Dale Jenkins. They currently reside in Cumberland, Rhode Island. Sharon R. Friedrick’s husband, Richard Jenkins, is well known for his roles as an actor in the popular television series Six Feet Under, in which he played the character Nathaniel Fisher. He also appeared in the movie The Visitor, for which he earned an Academy Award nomination, as well as in the television series Olive Kitteridge, for which he won an Emmy Award. Friedrick’s husband most recently appeared in the 2017 movie The Shape of Water, for which he has been nominated for the Golden Globe award for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture Film. Sharon R. Friedrick and Richard Jenkins received the Pell Award for Lifetime Achievement from the Trinity Repertory Company in Providence in 2014. Richard Jenkins worked with the Trinity Repertory Company at the beginning of his career and served as its artistic director from 1990 to 1994. It is reported that the combined net worth of Sharon R. Friedrick and Richard Jenkins is just under $10 million. It is unknown what the net worth of Sharon R. Friedrick is alone. Little is also known about the children of Richard Jenkins and Sharon R. Friedrick, namely daughter Sarah Pamela Jenkins and son Andrew Dale Jenkins.

Above is a photo of a proud Sharon R. Friedrick with her husband, actor Richard Jenkins. Friedrick’s husband was nominated for the Golden Globe award for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture Film for The Shape of Water, so she definitely has something to be proud about!

Above are actor Richard Jenkins with his longtime wife Sharon R. Friedrick. Sharon looks elegant in a simple yet sophisticated dress, and Richard looks handsome in a classic black suit and bowtie.

Sharon R. Friedrick: In Conclusion

Although little is known about Sharon R. Friedrick individually, it is clear that she has been a wonderful wife to actor Richard Jenkins, providing him support during his lifelong career in theater and film. She has also been a loving mother to his two children. It is rare to see a marriage last so long, especially when Hollywood is involved, but we are happy to report that Sharon R. Friedrick and her husband Richard Jenkins are still going strong.

A photo of Sharon R. Friedrick about to share a hug while her husband watches next to her.