Top 8 Hot British Men Who Are Single And Worth Following!

Swoon over these hot bods who are somehow still single.

Oh, Britain! With your rainy weather, beautiful landscapes, amazing monuments, rich history… and gorgeous men. Let’s call the spade a spade. Historically, this land has been offering us lots and lots of reasons to swoon in front of a cinema screen or our TVs. Some of the most talented and good looking celebrities come from this country, whether we like it or not. And thinking of this we decided that we should definitely make a list of some of the hottest British men who are currently single and worth following on Instagram. So, without further ado, here is our list that you should certainly read very carefully. Who knows, maybe you will discover a few new specimens that you did not know about until now. Blondes, brunettes, brown-haired, with light or dark-colored eyes and skin, this list is for all the preferences. Have fun!

The Attraction Towards British Men

But before diving into our topic today, namely a list of the hottest British men who are currently single and ready to mingle, we must talk a bit about our fascination with the men from the island. There is something about them that is just irresistible. It may be their manners, charm, accent or style, we are not sure. But this sexy aura around British men is unbeatable. It’s simply exotic and different and we wish more men were like them. They have something truly special and when you combine that with their talent, as you will see from this list, imagine the outcome. British women are definitely very lucky. This is precisely the reason that this list exists. To help you decide who you like more and what traits would you like your dream partner to borrow from them. Here we go! You might want to take a pen and paper to write down some of these names.

Top 8 Hot British Men Who Are Not Taken Yet!

1. Douglas Booth

Source: @douglasbooth/Instagram

This handsome young hunk waa born in 1992 in London, Uk, and has graced the covers of a few fashion magazines and some runways before becoming an actor. Well, look at him. It’s completely understandable. If he looks familiar is because he was Romeo in the newest adaptation of the classic Shakespeare drama (2013), starred in Noah (2014) opposite Russell Crowe and Emma Watson, in Jupiter Ascending opposite Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum, and more recently he portrayed Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx in Netflix’s The Dirt. He is a philanthropist and, in our opinion, he has the looks for a painting.

2. Ben Howard

Source: @benhoward; @whammynstrings/Instagram

This British singer and songwriter is like a dream. He will look incredibly good while singing you a lullaby to dream of him at night. Born in 1987, he won multiple awards including a Brit Award for Best Breakthrough Act and Male Solo Artist. He usually performs at festivals and his latest album called Noonday Dream, was released last year to huge success. His angelic looks and blue eyes are like a dream and must be included on our list of swoon-worthy British men.

3. Rob Evans

Source: @robjamesevans/ Instagram

This next British hottie is a male model, TV presenter, and boxer who is mostly known for his appearance on America’s Next Top Model, but he was born in the United Kingdom. With the perfect body and face, this chocolate-skinned Adonis could make anyone melt with his gaze. He has also starred in some movies but currently, he is deeply involved with being a boxer and personal trainer. So, if you want an excuse to meet him you know what to do. Maybe take up boxing as a hobby?

4. Gerard Butler

Source: @gerardbutler/Instagram

This one couldn’t be absent from our list, especially considering that, from what we know, he is still single. A 50-year old Scorpio, he is the dream of many women on this planet. He is Scottish-born with an accent to die for and a pair of blue eyes that you can melt in. With a Hollywood career that anyone would envy, Butler could be the perfect choice when it comes to the looks versus brains and talent battle. His most recent movies are Angel has fallen and How to train your dragon 3, where you can sadly only hear his voice but this should be good enough, right?

5. Tom Hiddleston

Source: @twhiddleston/Instagram

The man, the legend, the god of mischief himself, Tom Hiddleston! And if you say he hasn’t conquered you as Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe we cannot believe you. This 38-year old hunk was born in London and has been gracing the face of the Earth ever since. Considered one of the most mannered and kind men out there, Tom is also a gifted actor with chops that brought him to the stages of theaters, not only to movies. Admit it! You have thought about those blue eyes more than a few times, yes? And he is also single from what we know. The perfect combination!

6. Tom Felton

Source: @t22felton/Instagram

It’s time for another hot Tom but this time it’s Felton! Or should we say Draco Malfoy instead? Well, this wizard troublemaker is now all grown up, single, and very hot too! Apart from having a successful acting career, Tom is also a gifted singer. He has even taught Emma Watson how to play guitar! Recently, he has been cast in a YouTube sci-fi series called Origin. We cannot wait to see him! Until then, he is single (from what we know), ready to mingle, and if you have a thing for bad boys (or guys named Tom apparently), he is the choice! Swoon-worthy!

7. Alex Pettyfer

Source: @alexpettyfer/Instagram

Born in 1990 in the United Kingdom, this hot British actor is every girl’s dream. Tall, blonde, and handsome, he also has strong acting and modeling chops. He starred in numerous movies over the years including Beastly, an adaptation of the classic tale of Beauty and the beast opposite Vanessa Hudgens, I am number four (2011), and also Magic Mike, where he played a young male stripper. Quite fitting, if you ask us. You can now see him in Netflix’s sci-fi miniseries called The I-Land. Catch him there, you won’t regret it!

8. Harry Styles

Source: @harrystyles/Instagram

Probably one of the most successful British guys on this list, young British heartthrob Harry Styles is everyone’s dream. Born in 1994, the former One Direction member has a rocketing musical career which he enjoys very much. However, he has also starred in Christopher Nolan’s highly successful war movie Dunkirk to critical acclaim. His latest album is called Fine Line and you can now listen to it everywhere. Moreover, Harry has also modeled for Gucci, a brand that he numerous times called his favorite. He is now living in London and you might even catch him on the streets. You will definitely recognize him by his eclectic style, charm, and beautiful brown curls.

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All in all, we really hope that this list of hot and single British men has helped you when it comes to your entertainment choices and daydreaming options. The guys on this list are definitely swoon-worthy, talented, and successful, which is why they are also hot and fans’ favorites. So, regardless of what type of man you prefer, we got you covered. From blondes to brunettes and brown-haired, you only need to choose your favorites. Musicians, actors or entertainers, they all have something special about them that draws people in like a magnet. Some have gained success from an early age while others found it later in life. No matter the case, they are still people who are worthy of respect and admiration, beyond the fact that they look like they could be on a runway 24/7. So, what is your choice? Younger, older, brunette, blonde, fair-skinned, dark-skinned? And remember, they are all single and ready to mingle! Happy daydreaming!