Carrie Fisher Wiki: Net Worth, Family, Star Wars & Facts To Know

Carrie Fisher was a well-known actress, artist, a writer, we will discuss facts about her personal life, Hollywood career and beyond.

Carrie Fisher

If you are a Star Wars fan, you have heard the iconic line, “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi you’re my only hope….” The then 21-year-old actress, Carrie Fisher captured us with her fierce and strong-willed attitude. And showed us all just how women can hold their own up against ferocious villains, wars throughout the galaxies and a fearless leader of the “Rebel Alliance” in the movie, “Star Wars” movie franchise as “Princess Leia Organa.” Carrie Fisher would reprise her role as the infamous galaxy princess, in her last appearance in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” Carrie Fisher was a well-known actress, screenwriter and someone who wrote many novels showing us the inside of her life. She was a film star, tv actress, novelist and we’ve all known her as Princess Leia of the famous franchise series, “Star Wars.” We’re going to learn more about this iconic strong-willed woman from her early days as a child of famous parents, to make her own mark in Hollywood becoming a famous actress, as well as a famous author. Carrie Fisher made us all laugh with her great sense of humor on and off the screen and made us think of her words and what it takes to be a great human in this galaxy. The writer and actress would reprise her role in her final performance as Princess Leia Organa, in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” We will never forget our Princess Leia. We will discuss the many personal and show business facts of the amazing and incomparable Carrie Fisher. Star Wars fan all mourned her death on December 27th, 2016, at the age of 60 years old, and the icon became a bright star in our galaxy.

The Beginning: Family Life Facts

Carrie Fisher was born on October 21, 1956, in Los Angeles, California, she was born to the actress, Debbie Reynolds, and singer, Eddie Fisher. Carrie Fisher coming from Hollywood royalty her net worth would start off on a high note, but she would also come into her own later in life creating and increasing her ever-growing worth financially and personally. Her parents split when she was just two years old when Eddie Fisher left her mother, Debbie Reynolds for Elizabeth Taylor. Carrie Fisher was one of four siblings, Todd Fisher (brother), Joely Fisher (half-sister), Tricia Fisher (half-sister), Leigh Fisher (half-sister) Carrie would later sarcastically discuss this in one of her novels stating “He rushed to her side, gradually moving to her front,” showing her humorous side to a negative situation that happened in her life. Carrie Fisher could always get us to see the humor and at times the positive sides of even the darker more serious sides of life. As a young girl, Carrie Fisher had an affinity for the arts, just like her parents she became intrigued by books as well as a love for writing poetry and also began to follow in her parent’s footsteps in the entertainment industry. An example, of her emerging talents as a young artist she penned one of her many short poems in a diary that she had written during the filming of one of the “Star Wars” movies; “Don’t offer me love
I seek disinterest and denial
Tenderness makes my skin crawl
Understanding is vile
When you offer me happiness
You offer too much
My ideal is a long-lasting longing
For someone whom I cannot touch.”

“From here on out, there’s just reality. I think that’s what maturity is: a stoic response to endless reality. But then, what do I know?”

Rising Stardom

Carrie Fisher began her career in show business, taking her first steps at the age of 15, called “Irene” that was also starring her mother, Debbie Reynolds as well. Carrie’s first debut in the film would come in 1975 working on the set of “Shampoo” alongside famous actors such as; Warren Beatty, Julie Christie, and Goldie Hawn. But Carrie’s big break didn’t come until George Lucas offered her the part of “Princess Leia” in the well-known franchise film series in 1977, “Star Wars.” Carrie would be in two of the sequels of the franchise alongside a dynamic acting duo, Mark Hamill, and Harrison Ford, (The Empire Strikes Back in 1980, Return of the Jedi in 1983.) making her own mark in the entertainment history. Carrie Fisher made such a great impression that she was then put alongside another dynamic acting duo with Dan Aykroyd and the late, John Belushi. During her increasing rise to stardom in the early 1980’s into the mid-1980’s Carrie Fisher would struggle with alcoholism and mental illness throughout that time, but still was able to be in the films, “Under the Rainbow” in 1981, and “Hollywood Vice Squad.” She also began writing her very first novel, “Postcards from the Edge” a part-autobiography that was later turned into a feature film in 1990, which starred Meryl Streep and Shirley Maclaine and directed by Mike Nichols.

Carrie Fisher, later in the 1980’s and into the early 2000’s began to snag up supporting roles, as well as her very own Interview show with Oxygen Media that aired from 2002-2003, that was called “Conversations from the Edge” were she would sit down with celebrities and other actresses and writers alike discussing and asking many questions about their own lives giving us more of a look at the personal lives and thoughts of Hollywood. Carrie Fisher celebrities such as; Lisa Kudrow, her mother, Debbie Reynolds, Diane Sawyer and much more with her charm and humorous attitude to get these well-known celebrities to open up. Carrie would also begin to start picking up roles throughout the mid-1980’s to early 1990’s starring in films such as Woody Allen’s “Hannah and her Sisters” in 1986, “When Harry Met Sally” in 1989, and “Soap Dish” in 1991. She would also get a few guest appearances on tv shows as well as voice-over work. She appeared in the Tv shows; “Sex and the City,” “The Big Bang Theory,” “Entourage,” and a recurring role on a British sitcom “Catastrophe,” her voice-over work guest appearance included the popular animation tv show “Family Guy.”

A Talented Writer

Carrie Fisher not only wowed audiences with her performances as an actress but she also further impressed us all with her many novels that she wrote throughout her lifetime. The first of many novels that she wrote: “Postcards from the Edge” which gained so much acclaim and admiration that it became a feature film. Her novel was loosely inspired by her real life with her mother, Debbie Reynolds. In this novel, she tackled the essence of a struggling actress trying to get her life together. In “Postcards from the Edge” character Suzanne comes to grips with her drug addiction and her experiences with rehab and her relationship in her life throughout the book. Carrie Fisher shed light on addiction and mental illness that many others would be too afraid to be open and honest about. Carrie would later be more honest with her audience in later novels and turn the light on to addiction, mental illness and the importance of getting help and support. Carrie would further continue her positive adversary for mental health and addiction issues throughout her lifetime. In her writings, she would open up to her audience discussing mental health and throwing the scales off of the stigmas of dealing with mental health issues, giving a more positive light towards the current stigma of mental illness and give a silver lining in a sense to mental illness and mental health. Carrie Fisher would suffer from drug addiction and mental illness, such as bipolar disorder for much of her life. The amazing actress shed light on these disorders in a more positive light than the negative stigmas that surround both. Carrie was a huge advocate for mental health and wanted the world to know that because you have been diagnosed with either that life can still be wonderful and that life can continue on.

I always wrote. I wrote from when I was 12. That was therapeutic for me in those days. I wrote things to get them out of feeling them, and onto paper. So writing in a way saved me, kept me company. I did the traditional thing with falling in love with words, reading books and underlining lines I liked and words I didn’t know.

More Interesting Carrie Fisher Facts

The hilarious and strong screenwriter would continue to add her talents and assist in revising many popular and famous scripts such as; Sister Act (1992), Outbreak (1995), Lethal Weapon 3, The River Wild and much more. Carrie Fisher would also later intrigue us and entertain us all with her best selling books that were based on her life; “The Best Awful There Is” (2004), “Wishful Drinking” (2009), as well as “Shockoholic” (20012). Carrie Fisher also had a great singing voice, no doubt from her famous singer, Eddie Fisher and singer/actress mother Debbie Fisher. She would showcase this hidden talent to her audience in many movies and tv shows throughout her life showing her broad spectrum and abilities in many different aspects of the arts. Carrie Fisher would continue to work on many different scripts as a “Script Doctor” revising scripts and helping to perfect dialogue on films such as; “Hook”, “Last Action Hero” to many of the “Star Wars” sequels as well, but many of these she was not credited for, and her hidden talent and progression as a great, creative writer continue to increase her further worth in Hollywood.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Carrie Fisher would reprise her role as the infamous Princess Leia Organa in the latest and one of her last films that she would be featured in; “Star Wars: The Last Jedi. She would also be reunited with her co-stars Harrison Ford and Mark Hamil alongside with many newcomers reprising their roles in the previous sequels; Daisy Ridley and John Boyega. The Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie release will be on December 15th, 2017 for the Holiday season.

Later on: Family Life and Net Worth

Carrie would go on to create a family for herself later in life. She met and dated Paul Simon on and off, and had a short-lived marriage that lasted from 1983-1984. They continued to date on and off after their marriage, but it didn’t last. She went on to date talent agent Bryan Lourd with who she had a child in 1992, Billie Catherine Lourd, who is also an actress herself and currently 25 years old.

Gary the Dog

Carrie Fisher had a great love for humanity, but also a love for animals as well. Her favorite companion was Gary, her French Bulldog. Carrie would travel all over the world with her furry friend bringing him along to red carpet events, book signing, and airplanes. He would even star alongside Carrie Fisher and her mother, Debbie Reynolds in the mother/daughter documentary about their life in Hollywood called “Bright Lights.” Carrie would also take many photos of her beloved dog and even give him his own social media accounts; Gary, the dog.

Star Wars

Carrie Fisher would star in her iconic role as Princess Leia Organa of the Star Wars franchise, also starring alongside Harrison Ford and Mark Hamilton, with director George Lucas. The actress would show us how tough women can be against a galaxy full of villains and she would fit in perfectly and could fight right alongside the men. The actress showed the world, girls and women alike that women could kick butt just like the men! She would also tell a secret regarding on set real romance, stating in one of her many novels, that she had an affair with co-star Harrison Ford during the first filming.

Forever our Princess Leia

Carrie Fisher passed away on December 27th, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. Carrie has been traveling by plane when she suffered a heart attack and later died Ronald Regan UCLA Medical Center. We all lost a great positive for an advocate for mental health, a great friend to humanity, and our forever favorite Princess Leia. May the Force be with You, Carrie Fisher.