Shania Twain Wiki: Singer, Net Worth, ‘You’re Still The One’ & Facts To Know

Get to know more about Shania Twain, who is a country music singer. Below are facts about her that you should know and her net worth.

Shania Twain: Country music singer

Coachella went down last weekend and celebrities were looking forward to Beyonce’s historical performance. Some of the celebs who attended one of the biggest events were Nicki Minaj and Shania Twain. The two managed to take photos together and post them on their Facebook and Instagram accounts. What a night it was? It brought so many memories, and Shania Twain was back to the limelight. She is one of the stars who made fantastic music throughout the 90s and for some years after 2000. Shania Twain has sold over 100 records since the 1990s and she remains the best-selling female artist in the history of country music. That success got her the title of “Queen of Country Pop,” and the singer doesn’t shy away from showing her success. The 52-year-old Shania Twain was born in Windsor, Ontario and named Eilleen Regina Edwards and she is the daughter of Clarence Edwards and Sharon. The singer has two sisters, Carrie Ann and Jill. Twain’s parents divorced when she was just two and her mother took all her three daughters and moved to Timmins, Ontario. Sharon then got married to Jerry Twain who is an Ojibwa from Mattagami First Nation and the couple had a son together known as Mark. Twain managed to adopt the three girls legally and changed their last names to Twain. They also adopted Jerry’s baby nephew known as Darryl after his mother died. Shania Twain had a difficult childhood and her parents earned less money, so there was not enough food in her home. She also witnessed violence between her parents and watched her mother struggle with depression. Twain had to find a job and she started performing in bars when she was just eight, and she could earn around $20 from midnight and 1 a.m. The singer, Twain wrote her first song when she was 10. At the age of 13, Shania Twain was invited to perform at “Tommy Hunter Show” in CBC while attending Timmins High and Vocational School. She is known for songs like “You’re Still The One”, “From This Moment On”, and “Any Man of Mine” which have made her a decent net worth.

Coachella: Nicki Minaj shares photos with Shania Twain

You can all forget Ellen’s Oscars selfies for a while. Nicki Minaj posted on her Facebook and Instagram one of the best pictures from the Coachella this year. According to a post on her Instagram, Nicki Minaj spent the time with some fellow stars including Timothee Chalamet, French Montana, Belly, Van, The Weekend, and the country-pop star, Shania Twain. Previously, Twain had mentioned that she was very keen on collaborating with the rapper, Nicki Minaj. She was at an album listening party last year when she said that she really loved the star for her raw music which was also vicious and amazing. One way the Coachella festival found redemption in 2018 was by giving the attendants a Beychella gift as well as a heartwarming meetup between Justin Bieber and the Walmart yodeling kid. But those were not the only things that looked so epic as there were some photos of celebrities. However, the Nicki Minaj’s selfie with Shania Twain and the other stars stole it.

Shania Twain a RuPaul’s Drag Race judge

It’s season 10 of the show, “RuPaul’s Drag Race which is the competitors have had the chance of being judged by Halsey, Courtney Love and Christina Aguilera. One of the episodes, the men were able to feel like women after facing Shania Twain on the judges’ panel. She was joined by “Claws” actress, Carrie Preston. At that time, Shania Twain was preparing for her NOW tour which will kick off next month. The singer opened up to E! News about her ongoing battle with Lyme disease and how it prevented her from tour and forced her to go for extensive therapy. The episode featured the queens improvising their style via “Bossy Rossy” which is a fictional Maury Povich-style talk show hosted by judge Ross Mathews. The 30-second teaser was aired after the previous episode promised the usual tom-foolery, along with the amazing queens going gaga over Shania.

Facts to know about the singer

Twain was in two bands that weren’t country

Shania Twain is synonymous with her career in country music, but it wasn’t like that before. Some many years ago, she was in a pop band known as Flirt and also a rock cover band called Long Shot. It’s interesting to know Twain actually performed rock music but being in the pop band is not so surprising. Some of Shania Twain’s music could be considered a crossover country and pop.

She is not a diva

Living in a world where every Hollywood star has her own hairstylists and also makeup artists isn’t what Shania Twain was interested in. Majority of her makeup and hair has always been done by her except on some few occasions. The singer is known for being natural looking, thanks for her humble roots.

Her net worth

Shania Twain has a net worth $370 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The singer has made a net worth from her hit songs including like “You’re Still The One”, “From This Moment On”, and “Any Man of Mine.”

Shania Twain is a legend, and the world can’t get enough of the star. Surely, her humble beginnings helped her a lot. You can check on her Instagram to know her next events.