Betty White Wiki: Net Worth, TV Show & Facts About ‘The Golden Girls’ Actress

Betty White is an American actress who has been featured in many TV shows. Find out more about this phenomenal woman including her net worth.


Betty White is a famous American television actress and is loved and adored by everyone. The birthplace of Betty White is in Illinois. When White was 2 years old, her family relocated to Los Angeles. In 1949, White was a co-host in a live daily TV variety show. In 1959, White was awarded her first Emmy nomination. The year that followed, White got the chance to star in her first sitcom, “Life with Elizabeth.” Throughout the 1950s and 60s, White appeared in a couple of game TV shows and TV series. In the course of mid-1970s, White got a huge career boost when she got a role as Sue Ann Nivens in “Mary Tyler Moore” show. This show made White win two more Emmys. White’s career grew more in the 1980s when she got a role on the hit sitcom “The Golden Girls.” Besides the show being highly rated, it also made White get another Emmy award. The most recent series that she stared in, “Hot in Cleveland,” produced six seasons before coming to an end in 2015. In 2015, White got more roles in major romantic comedies like “The Proposal.” In 2010, White got the chance to host “Saturday Night Live” where she announced that she was 88 ½ years old. This appearance made her get another Emmy award. Barry White’s net worth is estimated to be $ 45 million. White’s long life in TV shows is responsible for her net worth. We do not know that much about the 96 years old White other than her recent appearance on Larry King’s talk show. The facts discussed below will help you get to know her more.

Her Real Name Is Betty White Not Elizabeth White

In 1922, January 17, Betty Marion White was born in Oak Park, Illinois. White was an only child of Christine Tess who was a homemaker and Horace Logan who was an executive in a lighting company. White explained in her autobiography If You Ask Me (And Of Course You Won’t), why her parents named her Betty. White said that her parents did not like most of the nicknames that came from the name Elizabeth and so they renamed her Betty.

She Holds a Guinness World Record

In 2014, White was awarded the Longest TV career as a female entertainer. White was awarded this title for being in the TV show business for more than 70 years. White still holds that record up to date. The year before 2014, the awarded had been given to a British man called Bruce Forsyth. White and Bruce would have competed for the title had they not been separated by their gender. Both White and Bruce had begun their careers in 1939.

People Forgot About Her First TV Show Appearance

It is amazing that even White herself cannot remember the name of the TV show she made her first appearance in 1939. When she had an interview with Guinness Book of World Records, White recalled how she danced on her first TV show in Los Angeles. White told of how she wore her graduation dress for the dance and had the chance to dance with her high school president Harry Bennett.

World War 2 Delayed White’s Rise to Fame

White used to work on radio, as a model, and in theater before she appeared on TV shows. When World War 2 came, White had to put her ambitions aside and enrolled in the American Women’s Voluntary Services. White’s role was to deliver supplies using a PX truck in the Hollywood Hills. White spent her nights dancing as a way of entertaining soldiers who were shipped off. White told the Cleveland Magazine that everything in that era was strange and not in balance.

Her First TV Hit Was In the Early 1950s

White was able to produce her own TV show, Life With Elizabeth since she was a co-host in the Al Jarvis show Hollywood On Television. White was one of the rarest female producers and got the chance to work alongside George Tibbles. Tibbles produced famous TV shows like Leave It To Beaver, The Munsters, and Dennis The Menace. Even though White’s shoe is not remembered that much, it won her first Emmy nomination out of 21. So far, she has won the Emmy nominations five times.

White Loves Parades

White hosted NBC’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade from 1962 to 1971 and she did this together with Lorne Greene. White was a color commentator for NBC’s annual Tournament of Roses Parade for 20 years. Despite white becoming famous on CBS’s, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, White was pulled out from NBC’s parade. White was heartbroken by this decision.

White Has Been Married Three Times

In 1945, White was married and divorced from her first husband Dick Barker. White stayed for four months on Barker’s rural Ohio chicken farm before she ran back to Los Angeles and to her career as an entertainer. Soon after this, White met Lane Allen whom she married in 1947. White divorced him in 1949 after he tried to force her to quit showbiz. White did not marry again until 1963. White fell for Allen Ludden who was a father of three, a widower, and a show host.

White’s Net Worth

It is a known fact that White is worth more than a few dollars. White’s net worth according to Celebrity Net Worth is estimated to be a cool $45 million. White’s fortune has been linked with her long time in TV show business. Betty White is a 96-year-old famous American actress. She has featured in many popular TV shows over the years like Life with Elizabeth, The Golden Girls, Hot in Cleveland, and The Proposal. White has been married three times and she holds the Guinness Book of Record for having the longest TV career. White also made an appearance recently on Larry King’s talk show. White has won many Emmy awards and her net worth is estimated to be $ 45 million. It is no wonder that this woman is loved and a mentor to many people in the film industry.