Ashley Judd Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About The ‘Frida’ Actress

You have probably been hearing a lot about Ashley Judd. She has been a victim of sexual assault. Here are facts about her, movies and her net worth.

Ashley Judd, the whistleblower

If you love watching “Divergent”, then you must be a die-hard fan of Ashley Judd. Not only has Judd being active as an actress but also an activist. Judd has been a vocal star since Harvey Weinstein, a showbiz mogul was exposed. In fact, it was Judd who first exposed Harvey. The actress is known for her two-decade career and her involvement with global humanitarian efforts as well as her voice as a political activist. The 49-year-old actress was born in Granada Hills, LA. Her mother, Naomi Judd is a country music singer and a popular motivational speaker. Judd’s father is known as Michael Ciminella, and he works in the horseracing industry as a marketing analyst. She also has one sibling, Wynonna. When Judd was born, her mother was unemployed, and she didn’t have her breakthrough until in the ‘80s. Ashley’s parents divorced in 1972, and her mother went with her to Kentucky. That’s where Judd grew up. According to Judd, she attended 13 schools before joining college. She used to do modeling in Japan when on school break. Judd joined the University of Kentucky after she was done with high school, and became a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. She graduated with a major in French and a minor in art history, anthropology, theater and women’s studies. She also graduated from Harvard University.

Facts about Ashley Judd

She was sexually abused when she was a child

Being sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein wasn’t the first incident of that kind to happen to the gorgeous actress, Ashley Judd. While at a luncheon in New York, where Judd was honored with a Hope Award, Judd discussed her sexual abuse history and talked about how depressing it was and she had to fight with it. Judd had previously discussed the depression and her traumatic childhood in her memoir, “All That is Bitter and Sweet” in 2011. She revealed that her first terrible experience was when she was in second grade.

Judd is a fighter and is not afraid to speak

Still in her memoir, Judd writes about her mother’s life when she was trying to make it as a musician. Judd discusses the multiple partners her mom, Naomi Judd had and the trauma it caused to them. Most of the partners were heroin addicts and gangsters like. In 2015, Judd had spoken about her experience with one of the producers of the movie, “Kiss The Girls.” Even though she didn’t mention his name, the actress stated that he invited her to eat at the hotel and afterward, he asked her if she could watch him taking a shower.

She made a promise to sleep with Weinstein!

Judd said that you know when you see someone that you wouldn’t want to see him around and you decide to act cool and get rid of them. Imagine a person who invites you for coffee, but instead of serving you the coffee he starts to assault you sexually. To cut the bargain with Weinstein, Judd promised that she would sleep with him if she won an Oscar in his movie.

Ashley found James Franco’s response terrific

After Weinstein, the next star to be accused of sexual misconduct is James Franco. Franco has denied the allegations and said they were not accurate. James Franco, however, admitted that perhaps he had misbehaved in the past and promised to put things right. Ashley Judd stated that Franco’s response was ‘terrific’ and praised him. Judd noted that people sometimes make mistakes unknowingly and if they are ready to apologize and change for the better, they deserved another chance.

Her sister is a singer, just like their mother

Judd’s sister, Wynonna is also a singer. She and her mother constitute the music duo, The Judds. To date, the duo, which rose to fame in the 1980’s has released seven studio albums. They were signed to Curb Records, and among their 26 singles, 14 were hits. The duo was disbanded in 1991 and Wynonna embarked on a solo career. She is still signed to Curb and already has eight studio albums so far.

Ashley’s appearances in movies and TV shows

Judd has appeared in many movies and TV shows. Some of the hit movies that were a hit and helped her net worth grow are “Double Jeopardy,” “Kiss The Girls,” “High Crimes,” “Divergent,” and “Frida.” Her most popular TV show appearance is on “Star Trek.” In “Double Jeopardy,” Judd plays the role of Elizabeth Parsons, in “Kiss The Girls,” as Dr. Kate, High Crimes” as Claire Kubik, as Natalie Prior in “The Divergent,” and as Tina Modotti in “Frida.” She also played the role of Robin Lefler in Star Trek: The Next Generation.” Her appearances in the TV series helped her gain more popularity, and increase her net worth.

Her net worth

It’s estimated that the actress has a net worth of $22 million. Her roles in movies and TV series are the ones that have helped her get nominated for various awards and build considerable net worth.

Ashley Judd is never afraid to speak out the ills of the society, and can’t stop at anything. Being vocal can make one lose some privileges, and according to some people, Judd committed career suicide after she exposed Weinstein. With all that net worth she has, she can still start a business of her own.