Top 13 Things You Should NEVER Google and Why

Caution! Read this before your curiosity gets the best of you.

What Are The Ranges Of Things You Can Find On The Internet?

The internet is a dangerous place. You can harness invaluable knowledge or unspeakable evil within this space. From innocuous pickup lines to unholy murder videos circulating the dark web, the internet can wreck one’s sanity if not used properly. For most people, the internet is a place to sew knowledge, to learn things you can’t in real life. Yet, there might be more than what you are looking for.
It’s not the first thing you find yourself jumping from the types of coffee beans to an unsolved murder mystery on the internet. There is really not much you can’t find online. However, with all the unlimited knowledge, there are a few things that you don’t want to be looking at because they might keep you awake all night long.

What Are The Dangers Of The Internet/Google Searching?

Google makes an effort to keep out inappropriate content from appearing, yet, there are still plenty of things you didn’t ask for when performing a Google search that would show up. Google won’t prevent everything from happening because it’s still public knowledge after all.
One of the dangers online is that a thing seems to become the truth if enough people talk about it. Regardless of whether something actually occurred, as long as a great deal of the population is hyping over it, it becomes the truth and more people would search for it. You may find yourself finding more than you’d bargained for.
It won’t be the first time you end up with a search result that blew your mind. But here are 13 things that you definitely don’t want to look on the internet if you still want to go to bed feeling good.

Top 13 Things You Should NEVER Google and Why

1. Nikki Catsouras

Speaking of one of the most gruesome car accidents ever happened, Nikki Catsouras would probably make the list. In Oct 2016, the 18-year-old Catsouras was involved in a car accident that claimed her life upon impact. The scene was so horrific that the authority never asked her parents to come down to the station to identify her body. However, two officers at scene were arrested for leaking the photos that they took of Catsouras as a standard protocol on the internet.
The leaked photo was so gory that it soon gained media attention and the Catsouras family began receiving harassment from it that they had to pull their younger daughter out of school in fear of bullying. That photo is truly a photo you don’t want to see.

2. The Black Dahlia

Most of you have heard of the Black Dahlia at one point as the unsolved murder that haunts Hollywood, but you may not know the extent of it. Elizabeth Short was cut in half with different degrees of injuries on her body. She was found dead in 1947, one early morning next to a parking lot. The murder is still unsolved to this day despite the traction it gained on the media throughout the years.

3. Lamprey disease

Before you read on, this is a FAKE disease. It’s not real and the photos you see are only photoshopped. However, those photos will indeed give people nightmares with all the tiny, many holes in one’s palm and other body parts. It’s a fake skin disease that makes your skin looks like a bee cave. It’s disgusting and a lot of people would find it revolting.

4. Mucus

Picky-back riding on the previous one, you really want to stay away from anything related to body conditions as they are usually not pleasant. You don’t want to be Googling body mucus at night right before bed.

5. 2 girls 1 cup

If you haven’t heard of this by now, you must’ve gone to a really good school with innocent kids around you. 2 girls 1 cup was like the synonym of a challenge during the millennials’ high school years. It’s a video of 2 girls sharing one cup of, lo and behold, not ice-cream, but feces. Yes, literal human feces that one of them defecated. They seemed to be having so much fun in the video that it makes you question what people can do for fun.
Not many people can sit through the whole video despite having two sexy girls in there. There’s nothing gory in the video, just pure disgust. 

6. Tubgirl

This one is like 2 girls 1 cup, just, why would people do that? The video shows a girl in a bathtub having explosive orangy diarrhea all over the place. It was truly a horrific scene. Something that you’d picture after eating a level 10 chili hotdog. It’s mindblowing why someone would put that on the internet.

7. Killer kids

It’s not the images that are upsetting, it’s the content that is upsetting. Throughout history, killers kids aren’t as rare as we’d hope. Many kids kill out of jealousy of their siblings, for some, it’s for no reason at all. It’s a random act to take another kid’s life. It’s baffling how a kid can commit such a heinous crime. There are plenty of scary killer kids and most are with stories that make you want to cry your eyes out. It may not be the story you want to read sleeping next to your toddlers.

8. Jiggers

It’s basically bug bites that make your feet swallow up and look horrendous. It’s good to know that it’s a medical condition but the pictures of it will surely make you lose your appetite. Some of them are so deep that they will have to be surgically removed and it’s an even more haunting scene to imagine.

9. Clock spider

Spiders as big as your clock? Well, Australia won’t disappoint. You will see all the gigantic images on spiders that make you glad you like in a city and far away from nature.

10. Botfly removals

Just the sound of it makes you frown. Botfly removals are one of the most uncomfortable videos you can find, seeing the pain of the removal is indescribable. 

11. Blue waffle

Yet another fake chain of photos pretending to be a scary disease that it’s not. Still, these photos bring the worst nightmare to you. It’s another skin condition that creates tiny holes in your body. It will make you uncomfortable and want to puke.

12. Your symptoms

It’s no joke. Every time you Google your symptoms, even if it’s a flu only, you will find yourself having the worst diseases possible and might die tomorrow. That’s the power of the internet. It assumes and gives you the worst.

13. What Facebook has on you

The scariest of all. How much does Facebook know about you and what they are doing with the information available? That might be the question you don’t want an answer to. It’s ironic that the Facebook founder is spending millions of dollars to protect his privacy while he sells the users’.

Should You Really Never Google Them, Or Are These Just Exaggerations?

Your decisions are your own. The suggestions are merely suggestions that you probably should know before Googling it. Many of these searches involve a crime or a disease that is visually unpleasant. You can Google whatever you want by all means, but some of the searches may leave you in terror and go through another sleepless night, so do it with your consideration.
Some of these images might not be as daunting if you have a brave heart or feel unbothered by gory images. Not everyone fears the same thing. You might find the skin conditions normal or even an everyday matter if you are a doctor or live with one. Something might be a formality for you. This list is not a taboo. It’s a list that most people would be scared of because of the content and/or the images. If you feel you want to see it, you can look it up and it will literally be on the first page of Google search.

How To Clear Your Google Search For Good

Regardless of the browser you use, you want to first clear the search history, which is a given. Then you want to clear the caches and cookies, which are used to store memories of your last visit and to navigate you around the site. Then, you want to make sure you don’t have any other passwords saved anywhere. That should be a clean clear.
However, if you want to clear searches so clean that even professionals won’t find any traces on, you might want to consider buying a third-party app or restoring your hard disk.

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The internet can be a scary place. You will find all kinds of information on it, some more evil than others. If you have a curious mind, no one can stop you from searching the above, but do it at your own consideration for yourself and others, especially when it involves a crime that involves someone else’s life.