Scott Baio Wiki: TV Show, Net Worth, ‘Joanie Loves Chachi’ & Facts To Know

Get to know more about Scott Baio who has appeared in a couple of TV shows. Here are some facts about him that you need to know including his net worth.

Scott Baio of the TV show Happy Days

Scott Baio has been trending and not for a good reason. Nicole Eggert is accusing him of sexual misconduct. It comes at a time many male actors have been facing sexual allegations, and it’s really getting out of hand. Baio is an Italian-American actor as well as a television director. Some of the TV shows and movies Baio has appeared on are “Joanie Loves Chachi,” “Charles in Charge,” “Bugsy Malone,” “Scott Baio is 45…and Single,” and “Happy Days.” Baio has made a big net worth from these appearances, but do you really know Baio? 57-year-old Baio was born in Bensonhurst, a Brooklyn borough neighborhood in New York City. His forefathers were Italian migrants from Sicily, Italy. Baio’s mother was known as a Rose Baio while his father was known as Mario Baio and he worked as Scott’s Baio’s manager. Baio studied at Xaverian High School. Baio was engaged to Jeanette Johnson in 2005, but things took a different turn after their daughter was born in 2007. Baio went ahead to marry Renee Sloan who he had met at the Playboy Mansion in the 1990s. She has a daughter called Kalyn and another one with Baio known as Bailey. Baio is related to Jimmy Baio, a former actor, and a band member called Chris Baio.

Facts about the Scott Baio

He supports the Republican party

Baio is a certified member of the Republican Party, and he describes himself as a conservative politician. When Baio was a youth, he used to campaign for Ronald Reagan, and he even attended Reagan’s state funeral. In 2004, Baio told the New York Daily that he felt like a proud American when Reagan was in office but in 2004 he was feeling sad. In 2012, Baio endorsed Mitt Romney for the presidency and in 2016, he supported the current president of the US, Donald Trump. In the same year, he spoke about how Trump would change America on the Republican National Convention opening night. In an interview with Ashley Webster, Baio said that Obama was either dumb, a Muslim, or a Muslim sympathizer. He also accused Nancy Mack, the wife of Chad Smith of physically assaulting him during their children’s school function. Baio claimed that Mack was cursing him for supporting Trump. Baio also stated that Mack grabbed him under his arms, shook him and pushed him. Mack denied the allegations and stated that she was just showing Baio how Trump hugged women.

Nicole Eggert accused him of sexual assault

Nicole Eggert accused Scott Baio of molesting her when she was just a child. At the time, Nicole Eggert was a cast on the TV show, “Charles in Charge,” when she was only 14. For her, that was instant fame while young, and she was making a decent net worth when young. But the career came with its challenges, one of them being Baio’s molestation. She alleges that Baio molested her in a garage. At the time, Baio was almost 30 years old. Eggert also stated that Baio sexually assaulted her several times. Eggert described herself on Twitter as a molested child and stated at the time when she was on the TV show, she was repeatedly molested by Baio since the age of 14 to 17. To another user who inquired about the development, Eggert asked the user what the use of Baio fingering her when she was 14. Her first post comment about the case was posted as a response to Baio’s tweet supporting President Trump.

Baio denied the allegations and claimed that Eggert seduced him

Baio took to Facebook to clear his name. In a live stream video, Baio denied the allegations and even uploaded several documents to prove that Eggert was over 18 years when he was having sex with her. He also stated that Eggert seduced him in the first place and their sex was consensual. Baio claimed that he couldn’t find the opportunity to sexually molest her because minors were always supervised on set and it wasn’t possible for him to be with her. Baio who has built his career by appearing on TV shows like “Joanie Loves Chachi,” “Charles in Charge,” “Bugsy Malone,” “Scott Baio is 45…and Single,” and “Happy Days.” Stated that she would call him and ask him to come over before seducing him. The revelation has destroyed his public image and perhaps will affect her net worth.

His wife is defending him

Renee Sloan said that her husband Scott Baio had been maligned and they were just malicious lies. Renee Sloan was even reading the Bible to find comfort after the allegations made way on the interwebs. Currently, Sloan is the one responding to Eggert’s claims on Twitter, and their walls are full of vitriolic tweets. It is also believed that Sloan coached Baio before he started live streaming on Facebook. Sloan and his husband Bio were also quick enough to remind the fans that Eggert appeared only twice on the reality TV show and that was proof enough that Eggert and Baio had a good working relationship and were great friends.

His net worth

Scott Baio has a net worth of $3.5 million. He has made most of his net worth from acting.

From the direction this story is taking, it seems that it won’t end soon. Hopefully, Baio will be able to prove his innocence.