Jacqueline From The Bachelor: 5 Facts To Know About The Contestant

Jacqueline is a contestant on the current season of the TV Show “The Bachelor”. Here are five fun facts about her, including her net worth, career and more.

Jacqueline From the TV Show “The Bachelor”

5 Facts to Know About the Contestant

Jacqueline is a twenty-six year old research coordinator currently competing in “The Bachelor.” She never expected to be vying for the affection of one man on a national TV show against a dozen others, but now that she is she’s focused on winning his heart.

1. She’s a New Yorker at Heart

Jacqueline may not be a native New Yorker, but she never feels more at home than when she’s in the city that never sleeps. She was born in Morgantown, West Virginia, quite the trip from her current town of Manhattan, New York, yet she’s always felt a connection to the big apple. Jacqueline loves everything about New York, from the pizza to the dirty sidewalks, and her Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts are often filled with pictures of each. She embodies everything about a typical New Yorker: a little bit of attitude, a quick wit and the ability to survive in a fast paced world with complete ease. It’s no wonder she’s such a fan of the thriving city, as she fits in so well.

2. She’s Serious About Her Career

Education and Net Worth

Jacqueline is an educated woman with one of the most impressive careers on this season of “The Bachelor.” Despite her relatively young age, Jacqueline knows exactly what she wants to do with her life and is making strides to accomplish her goals. She currently works in a psychiatry research lab. According to Jacqueline, it’s a very vital experience before receiving a Ph.D. in Chemical Psychology, which is what she’s working towards. Her career is extremely important to her and her hard work will soon reflect in her net worth. At the moment, her net worth isn’t known, but it’s safe to assume she’s making good money because of her job title.

3. She’s an Aunt

While Jacqueline doesn’t have any children of her own, she does have a bit of maternal instinct but only when it comes to her niece and nephews. In between selfies and the city skyline, Jacqueline’s Instagram is filled with photos of the young children in her life. She has one niece and two nephews and it’s clear she loves them to pieces. Jacqueline’s posted recent pictures of herself snuggling her niece, who’s barely six months old, and has been filling up her feed with photos of her and her nephews goofing off and playing games for years.

4. She’s a World Traveler

When she’s not hard at work or popping up on a dating TV show, Jacqueline’s traveling. She claims to have a case of wanderlust; a strong desire to travel and explore new and exotic locations. She’s been everywhere from Hawaii to Rio de Janeiro, and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Her net worth supports her love for traveling, and she’s taking advantage of it while she’s still at a young age. If you browse through her Facebook you’ll find her checking in at unique restaurants, like lesser known places in Los Angeles or hot spots in Peru.

5. She’s a Cat Person

Don’t get her wrong, Jacqueline is a big fan of dogs, too, but there’s no denying she’s a cat person through and through. It’s something she doesn’t even need to think about because when given the option, she’ll choose a cuddly cat every time. Jacqueline relates more to cats than she does dogs, as they’re more independent and like to keep to themselves, just like her. They also make for the perfect buddy for a wine, Twitter and movie night.


Jacqueline is still in the running to get that coveted final rose in this season of “The Bachelor.” Her age difference with Ari and the fact that there are so many fierce competitors still in the game may hurt her chances, but so far she seems like she still has an opportunity to truly win his heart. Maybe a TV Show will lead her to love. Good luck to her!