Ross Jirgl Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Becca K’s Ex Boyfriend

You are about to know more about Ross Jirgl who is the ex boyfriend of Becca K. Below are fascts you need to know about him including his overall net worth.

Ross Jirgl: Becca K.’s ex- boyfriend

If you watched the recent episode of ‘The Bachelor,’ you might have noted that Arie Luyendyk let go of Tia Booth after he had hometown dated each of the contestants. Remaining contestants now include, Becca K., Lauren B., and Kendall L. In case you don’t know the synopsis of the next show, you need to know that Becca and the other two will head to Peru for the overnight dates. However, Luyendyk’s journey to love won’t be easy, especially if he plans to take Becca. Becca’s ex boyfriend, Ross Jirgl availed himself, and both Arie Luyendyk and Twitter went crazy afterwards. Jirgl stated that he was coming to take his ‘future wife,’ Becca away from the likes of Luyendk. Being on ‘The Bachelor’ is all about making new connections, but some of the contestants come carrying baggage from their past. Before Jirgl showed up, Becca would talk about him on the show, even telling stories about their life together before the show. When Becca was on a date with Arie in Tuscany, they talked about their hometown date which happened to take place in last weeks episode. Becca told Arie that she had never taken Jirgl home to meet her family, in fact, she had never taken anyone home to meet her family, Lyuendk would be the first. Out of all of her old boyfriends, it’s only Jirgl who looked like he could be with her for life. The couple dated for seven years and that was enough to leave a mark on Becca’s heart.

Jirgl has a photo of him with Becca

According to Reality TV World, Ross Jirgl has a Facebook photo of the two of them together. That picture holds some water if you consider Becca’s photo of her and Jirgl that she posted on her Instagram about three years ago, although Becca didn’t share too many details in her captions to explain who Jirgl was to her. Going through Jirgl’s Instagram and Twitter, he seems to be obsessed with his work and even though he’s not with Becca anymore, Jirgl appears to be doing okay. Early in the season, Becca told Arie that her former was very important to her because he helped her figure out what she needed in her future relationships. Jirgl was also there when Becca was going through some hardships in her life and that just goes to show much the he meant to her. Jirgl ended the relationship because it was an on and off again and he was looking for something stable than Becca could provide. She is, however, determined to find a man she can spend the rest of her life, but which one will she choose? After all, Becca’s Instagram has photos of her with numerous guys and even though she jokes that she’s isn’t dating any of them, it’s hard to tell that just by looking at the photos. Becca seems to be a lady who has many male friends and some guys are turned off by this. It’s probably the reason why Jirgl decided to leave her and it might be the problem Arie has to deal with as well.

Facts to know about Becca’s ex boyfriend

Jirgl popped up in the promo of season twenty-two

Jirgl made an appearance on the promo, but we weren’t able to see his face to determine who he was. He did say, however, that the only thing he wanted was to have his girl, Becca back. He no longer wanted her to be a contestant on the show and that he wanted to marry her. To ‘The Bachelor’ fans, Jirgl looked like a person who was trying to steal Becca from Arie, but maybe Jirgl’s candle is still burning for Becca.

He is actively into football

Jirgl grew up in Wisconsin and he’s interested in football and coaching. His football stint at Minnesota State University was between 2008 and 2012. He also worked as an assistant strength and conditioning coach at his one-time dream university, University of South Alabama and he also worked at Indiana State University, once again, as a strength and conditioning coach. According to his LinkedIn profile. Jirgl is currently the sports performance coach at Stanford University in California.

He will be in the season finale

The show creators put Jirgl there with a motive, and according to ‘Reality Steve’s Spoiler,’ Jirgl will appear on the season’s finale in Peru. The show creators have had exes appear on the show in the past, but on this one, they made it late in the season. Jirgl will make this the most dramatic season finale ever. Becca might turn down Jirgl and say yes to Arie, or it might go the other way. You just have to catch the season finale to find out.

His net worth

There is no detail of Ross Jirgl’s net worth and so just like Becca K., we don’t know what his net worth is as for right now.

Jirgl might have realized his mistake and decided to come for his girl, however, it looks like it’s too late and in the end he may just have to let her go.