Regino Hernandez Wiki: Everything To Know About 2018 Olympics Bronze Medalist Snowboarder

Get to know more about Regino Hernandez who is bronze medal winner snowboarder from Spain. Below are facts about him and his net worth.

Regino Hernandez: Snowboarder and Bronze Medalist

The 2018 Olympic Winter Games may have come to an end over a month ago, but people are still following events that are happening in Gold Coast, Australia as well as anticipating the upcoming World Cup. In the world of sports, however, we don’t forget our champions, including Regino Hernandez of Spain. Hernandez earned a bronze medal for an event in the 2018 Olympic Winter Games and he’s still being celebrated because he won the first medal for Spain in 26 years. 26-year-old Regino Hernandez was born in Ceuta, Spain, and he is a Spanish snowboarder. His career has been excellent, and even though he has never won a gold medal at the Olympics, he is still pushing on, thanks to his fans and followers on Instagram and Twitter. Hernandez sometimes treats his fans to photos of him practicing or wearing a medal. At least his supporters can see that he’s making progress on the slopes. In 2011, the snowboarder won a gold medal in FIS Junior World Championships which too place in Valmalenco, Italy. The snowboarder participated in the Olympics for the first time at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver where he finished 31st. Regino Hernandez was eliminated before he reached the quarterfinals. Four years later, he participated in the Sochi, Olympics and managed to reach the quarterfinals where he was eliminated and finished in 21st. By 2018, the snowboarder made some improvements that saw him perform better. His first World Cup podium was in his home country, Spain. The event happened in La Molina in 2014. He has made a net worth just by being an athlete.

Regino Hernandez won Spain’s first winter medal in 26 years

Regino Hernandez won the bronze medal in the snowboard cross event at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games and that made him the third Spaniard to ever win a medal at the Olympic event and the first one to win in snowboard cross event. The last time a Spaniard set foot on the podium was in 1992 when Blanca Fernandez Ochoa bagged bronze in slalom event at the Albertville Winter Olympic games. It was a tough day of falls, yet Hernandez survived them all and the competition was characterized by five or six riders who raced down a course full of jumps, berms and drops and were moving at about 90 kilometers per hour. Before traveling to South Korea, he was warned that it was a race that one could only control less than 20% of the time. But since he had been a one-time freestyle snowboarder, Hernandez had the advantage on the slopes which began with four-meter drop where man rises and falls were part of the course. Of all the three Spanish snowboarders in the event, most people expected that Hernandez would carry the day. The 26-year-old snowboarder expected to be overshadowed by Lucas Eguibar who was last year’s World Cup’s runner-up. At the same event, the two competed together and won a silver medal for Spain. From the start of the Olympic competition, Hernandez was performing well and he even scored the third-fastest time in the qualifying round.

A Spanish reporter completely lost it over Hernandez’s performance

Jose Hernandez Tallada is a sports commentator you would want to report about you coming to the finish line. The Spanish journalist was filmed as he commented on the men’s snowboarding cross finals. He was very excited about the close race, and it included the ultimate success of his countryman, Regino Hernandez who managed to bring home a bronze medal. After the thrilling finish, Tallada continued showing his emotions, standing up and jumping from his chair for the rest of the clip while spilling facts. He even mentioned that no athlete from his country had managed to win a medal for over almost 26 days. His lyrical approach to the onscreen action included suggestions such as his heart was in his mouth as he came close to the finish line. He would then say, “Lo ha conseguido,” which means, “He’s done it.”

Facts to know about the snowboarder

He fell when competing in Switzerland

Last year in March, Hernandez was competing at Veyssonnaz, Switzerland, where he fell and crashed. He ruptured the tendons in his shoulder and suffered a dislocated collarbone from the impact. He went through surgery and wasn’t allowed to snowboard for five months.

His parents have a role in his love for snowboarding

Hernandez began snowboarding when he was just four and he was living in Andorra. His parents had an extreme sports shop and encouraged the snowboarder to take up the sport. From there, his ambition became to be an Olympic champion and he was on his way. Soon he will have the title.

His net worth

Regino Hernandez’s net worth is not clear, but his net worth is probably around a million dollars. The snowboarder has made a net worth from sports activities and endorsements.

The Spaniards are really happy that all they hoped for, came to happen and Hernandez is one of the most treasured athletes in Spain. He might pull a surprise in the next big event. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter to check out his photos.