Who is John Oliver’s Wife? Here Are 5 Facts About Her Life!

Find out who this comedian chose as his spouse and all about her


John Oliver in a Nutshell

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If you’re looking to know about his wife, the chances are that you are already familiar with John Oliver. John Oliver is a beloved British American comedian with a life that shows his dedication to his work. As the host of HBO’s show Last Week Tonight John Oliver has firmly established himself as a leading voice in late night with his unique brand of satire and nuanced political commentary. He started his career in the UK, but it didn’t take off as explosively in his home country as it did in the United States. However, he still managed to create a steady career.

He has always been nominated for awards in comedy and production since 2008 and has consistently won one or two categories. While many people might just know about his comedy career, John Oliver has shown his magic in the world or production, TV, Film and even writing. He is also well known because of his extensive research skills and the effect he has had over policies and court rulings. The “John Oliver Effect” is him giving the people the understanding to make a change. While he often is humble about his influence, the history of topics in his shows proves to be otherwise.

So if you want to know more about our beloved comedian and his life, what better way to go about it than knowing a little more about his wife?  Here are five things you need to know about Kate Norley.

Kate Norley: 5 Facts about Her Life

1. She worked as an Army combat medic:

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While many may be known by the name of their significant others, Kate Norley has an amazing and adventurous life of her own. In the wake of 9/11 as a responsible citizen, she wanted to play her part in helping her country and therefore joined the military as an Army combat medic. She served the army in Iraq and made sure that our soldiers were in good physical and mental health. In short, she is an amazing woman I’m sure no one wants to mess around with. Maybe that’s why John Oliver couldn’t wait to put a ring on it.

Kate Norley was mainly a mental health expert and worked as a counselor to veterans who had suffered from trauma due to war. During her time in Iraq, she connected with the people around her and was highly respected in her field. She was also reunited with a little girl she connected within Iraq at the White House; the reunion was covered nationwide on television.

2. She currently works as a veteran rights advocate

After doing her duty on the field and returning to the US, she made sure she continued serving her purpose. She currently works as a veteran rights advocate at a non-profit for Vets for Freedom. The non-profit organization works for support for the army in Afghanistan and around the world. It is political advocacy for American soldiers.

 Seeing John Oliver laugh every night on our television screens makes us question how did he and Kate Norley even meet? Keep reading ahead to find out how fate worked its magic.

3. She met her husband at the most unexpected place

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Well if you’re looking for a classic romantic story where a comedian sweeps the soldier of her feet, then this is not what you’re looking for. This lovely couple met at the most unaccepted places of all, the Republican National Committee. What a romantic place, huh? However, the couple seemly hit it off after Kate Norley, and her friends hid john Oliver from security. They dated for two years, stayed engaged for one and finally got married in 2011.

Although the couple has very different political views, it seemed that opposites attract. While Kate extends her support to the Republican Party, John Oliver continually seems to make his disapproval of their policies known on his show. With amazing minds to discuss national and international matters, both constantly engage in healthy debates that are fruitful and have contributed to making John Oliver more American since he came to the country. Not only does he love his wife wholeheartedly, but he also acknowledges and appreciates the service she has provided to her country. His love for his wife extends to loving her country that has now become his home.

4. She aims to start a non-profit organization

Apart from her contributions to the US Army, she now aims to start a non-profit organization for women empowerment. She aims to give women on the ground experience to better understand the nature of the current affairs. She aims to empower women not only through education but also with experience. This has been a lifelong dream and is now in the process of becoming true. We wish you the best of luck in your amazing endeavors!

Kate Norley believes that there is a great disconnect between the US army and its people. Therefore the people often experience a lack of information about the sacrifices that are made in the name of the country. While many might feel a sense of security, it is only due to the people who are at war. The disconnect seems to widen day by day, and in order to bridge the difference, Kate Norley plans on giving women the experience to understand the state of the country better.

5. She still puts her skills to good use

Kate Norley still puts her military experience to good use in the United States. She is an active member of Team Rubicon, which aims to help those in need in case of a natural disaster nationally and internationally. The services that they provide are free and have helped people in the US and America.

Due to global warming, the US and the world have experienced a significant increase in naturally occurring disasters. With the current lack of initiatives to deal with the matter at hand, Rubicon has been founded to help those in need of it around the world. The team is not only active after a natural disaster takes place; rather, it also helps those it thinks are at the risk of being affected in case of a natural disaster. After a report that came to light indicating that those areas with low rates of income are more likely to suffer infrastructural damage in case of a natural disaster, the team started helping those areas rebuild accordingly. Kate Norley has been an active member.

John Oliver’s Family and His Kids

As of now, the couple has two sons. The first son Hudson Oliver was born in 2015 and the second in 2018. While the family went through hard times during Kate’s pregnancy, the couple fought on many fronts together and emerged stronger than ever and more in love. The pregnancy was hard, and Kate had to face many problems that arose with pregnancy and the premature birth of a child. John Oliver also had a hard time keeping up with his show and his wife and child at the time. He never disappointed his fans or his wife. His commitment to work and family is commendable. While he did acknowledge to a reporter that it was tough making joke with such conditions and home and a preoccupied mind, the feeling of becoming a father just made him feel things differently, and more passionately.

Both parents make it a priority to spend time with their children and make sure that work doesn’t come in the way of family. While the sons are still young, John Oliver expressed on the Ellen show that he wishes it stay like that for quite some time as he often worries what his children will think of the world once they grow up and start understanding things.

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Instagram Source: @carellcolbertstewartoliver

The couple is living happily ever after together.  Despite their political differences, both individuals support each other, both on and off camera. While John Oliver is mostly a private person, we do see certain aspects of his private life in the media. The couple is in awe of each other and has a beautiful relationship that many are in awe off.  The sons have two amazing and enlightened role models to see as they grow up. In short, John Oliver and his wife Kate Norley, are two people with impressive individual standings and both bring out the best in each other.