Rebecca From The Bachelor: Everything To Know

Get to know all about Rebecca, aka Becca of the TV show The Bachelor. Below are facts about her, including her unknown net worth.

Who is Rebecca?

We have been following “The Bachelor” to see the woman who will win Arie Luyendyk’s heart. One of the contestants who hopes that she will end up with Arie is Rebecca Kufrin, better known as Becca. Rebecca works as a publicist in Minnesota and she has some impressive professional accomplishments not detailed on the TV show. Becca has been working as an Account Executive at Skyya Communications since 2012. The company’s headquarters are situated in Minneapolis and New York City, and it’s a strategic marketing communications agency. According to Becca’s LinkedIn page, her role in the company is to build and maintain a relationship between the company and the consumer in matters of lifestyle, travel, business, broadcast and niche press. Rebecca also has a responsibility of securing a media placement on client’s behalf in several top-tier outlets. Some of the outlets Rebecca listed are CNBC, Men’s Health, Fox News, USA Today, Huffington Posts and Wall Street Journal. Her professional has helped her gather a considerable net worth.

Two Rebeccas in the TV show, The Bachelor

The TV show started with four Laurens and probably Arie had problems trying to point them out. But there are also two same-named ladies who are receiving their share of attention; Rebecca Kufrin, who is given the title Becca K, and Bekah Martinez, with a short title of Bekah M. There was a time Bekah slammed all Rebeccas on Instagram for having two Cs. That was even before she joined the TV show, “The Bachelor.” The season is still young, but already it seems that Arie, aged 37, is interested in Bekah, who is at the age of 22, and Rebecca, who is at the age of 27. Arie took Becca on their first face to face date and later in the show, he stated that Bekah could be the woman he likes. Bottomline, Arie, who frequently posts on his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram wall, has put all his bets on the two Rebeccas. And it seems they will be in the TV show for a very long time. Besides, they all appear to be mature.

Kimmel believes they will be the last ones standing

Nobody knows if Becca saw Bekah’s post except her, and she doesn’t appear to have any hard feelings towards Bekah. Jimmy Kimmel predicted that Rebecca and Bekah would be the final women that Arie chooses before the season ends and even made a joke of Arie having a threesome with them. Rebecca shared a photo of Kimmel holding a picture of them on Instagram. And if you still think that there might be some bad blood between Becca and Bekah, you are very wrong. Rebecca posted on twitter that her fellow contestant, Bekah looked simple while wearing faux fur. Bekah even retweeted the post before she posted a photo of her resting comfortably on Rebecca. Even though Bekah said that women were ruthless, it seems she has humbled herself from her Rebeccas post to co-exist well with her fellow contestant.

Intriguing facts about Becca

Cancer impacted her family

Rebecca’s mum is known as Jill Kufrin and she is a breast cancer survivor. She has a sister called Emily, and she got engaged just recently. Her father, Steve Kufrin died of brain cancer at the age of 66. At the time, Becca was 19 years old. Rebecca stated that she remembers her father who raised her well and put up with her. Even though he passed on, she still wishes him a Happy Father’s Day.

She has a bucket list

Becca is one impressive lady, and Arie will have lost an excellent opportunity if he doesn’t take her. She has made her own bucket list of the things she plans to do before she makes the final bow. Some of her wishes are to ride a hot air balloon, fall in love, grape stomping, buying a house and having a dog to live with. She has a dog already that’s for sure, on matters of love, hopefully Arie will grant her that wish by the end of “The Bachelor” TV show and allow her to win the prize which will be a quite a reasonable amount to add to her net worth.

She holds a bachelor

Becca went to Prior Lake High School where she graduated in 2008. From there she joined Minnesota State University. The contestant graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Science and Communications.

Becca has a corgi

Becca loves cats and dogs, and being a pet person, she has a very cute corgi that she posts photos of on Facebook and Instagram. Her fans are waiting to see if she will turn with her corgi on her next date with Arie. Pets can make people fall in love with the pet owners and so if she can, she can tag her corgi along and see what Arie will say.

She has an arrest record

Becca has a small arrest record. She was once arrested for underage drinking. The complaint was filed and the judge of a Minnesota court fined her $431 after she pleaded guilty.

Rebecca’s net worth

Becca’s net worth is not known, but she obviously has one. The only way she has made her net worth is through her profession.

All fingers are closed and people are waiting to see if Rebecca will make it to the finals. She might lose ort win, but even she loses, she will have gone far in the TV show. We just have to relax and watch “The Bachelor.”