Don Burton Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Dolores O’ Riordan’s Ex Husband

Since the lead singer Dolores O’ Riordan has died, fans have been even more intrigued by her ex husband Don Burton. Here are five facts about him.

Who was Dolores O’ Riordan?

Dolores Mary Eileen O’ Riordan was born in 1971. She was an Irish musician and singer-songwriter. O’ Riordan was the lead singer of the rock bank, Cranberries for 13 years. The band then took a break in 2003 and reunited in 2009. O’ Riordan’s first solo album, ‘Are You Listening?’ was released in May, 2007. Next came her album, ‘No Baggage’ in 2009. O’ Riordan had a lilting, mezzo-soprano, voice, which made her famous. She had her own style of en emphasized use of yodeling in her songs. Her strong Limerick accent also distinguished her songs. O’ Riordan appeared as a judge on RTE’s ‘The Voice of Ireland’ during its 2013-2014 season. O’ Riordan joined the trio D.A.R.K. in 2014. O’ Riordan died unexpectedly on 15 January 2018 while she was in London, England, for a recording session. The details of her death are not released yet and only an obituary was released. She was just 46 years old.

Her ex husband Don Burton

Lead Singer Dolores O’ Riordan was married to Don Burton. Don Burton is 55 years old and he met O’ Riordan as the manager of Duran Duran when the band was on tour with The Cranberries. They got married in 1994 and divorced in 2014. The couple had three kids together, Taylor, Molly and Dakota. Don Burton is very fond of animals and is a real animal lover. O’ Riordan once said in an interview, “Don, who’s a Canadian, loved horses, so being around the animals and enjoying the farm was an amazing experience. Then we decided to move to Canada to be closer to family. It’s a beautiful country with a lot to offer. We lived in a log cabin, surrounded by bears, wolves and all that great outdoor stuff.” According to some close sources, the couple used to spend a lot of time in northern Ontario, in Canada. They used to split their time between Ireland and Ontario. Don Burton and Dolores O’ Riordan had a cottage north of Peterborough, Ontario, up north in the woods. O’ Riordan used to be always amazed with the vastness of Canada. She said in an interview, “What’s amazing is — I actually have problems getting it into my head — Canada is so big, right? And Ireland’s small, you know; you drive from coast to coast in three hours. You can really get lost here, and I like that.” She added, “The seasons are so dramatic here — from the snow in the winter to the beauty of the autumn, the colors of the leaves falling — so I have a piano outside my window and sometimes I start off there with ideas, just using nature as a backdrop.” Dolores O’ Riordan and Burton split up in 2014. Don Burton’s net worth is currently under review. O’ Riordan’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million. O’ Riordan had decided to take a break from music in 2003. She had started singing at a very early age and she rose to fame in the early 90’s. She took a break because she feared burning out and so decided to go on a hiatus. “I was so young when I got so famous, and then I kind of put up a wall around myself,” she said in an interview, “I didn’t really want to show people any fragilities or fears. I was trying to be this tough person that I felt was expected of me.” She continued, “It’s important to take time off, because it’s a long journey this life, and I want to be singing in 30 years’ time. You see a lot of artists, who get caught up in the here and now, and they just burn themselves out, and I kind of did that myself with my third album.” Her unexpected death has caused much shock and grief not only for her family but also her fans worldwide. Many fans took to social media to post their condolences and comments.

Some facts about Don Burton

O’Riordan is survived by three children and her ex-husband Don Burton. According to an obituary from O’Riordan’s publicist, “The lead singer with the Irish band The Cranberries was in London for a short recording session. No further details are available at this time. Family members are devastated to hear the breaking news and have requested privacy at this very difficult time.” The couple had married in Holycross Abbey, Tipperary in 1994. Here are some amazing facts about Don Burton and Dolores O’ Riordan: 1. Together the couple had three children The couple had three children together, son Taylor Baxter and daughters, Molly Leigh and Dakota Rain. Taylor was born in 1997. The couple had once got into a legal lawsuit with their son’s nanny, which ended in their favor. 2. Don Burton had a son from a previous relationship. 3. Burton is a former Tour Manager for the Band Duran Duran 4. Burton also appeared in O’ Riordan’s band The Cranberries’ video documentary, ‘The Cranberries: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee’. The short was made to publicize the band’s fifth album “Wake up and Smell the Coffee”. 5. The Couple was married for 20 years 6. O’Riordan was dealing with her failing marriage when arrested after an alleged air rage incident. O’ Riordan was once arrested after a flight reported her to be violent and unruly while onboard in 2014. Her mother, Eileen said in her defense that her daughter was having difficulty coping up with the split from her long-time husband Don Burton. Eileen O’Riordan said, “She is going through a marriage separation at the moment. That’s hard for anyone.”

Her death new has come as a shock and her melodious voice will be missed by her fans forever. R.I.P!