Diane Christine Gettas Wiki: Everything To Know About Paul Haggis’s Ex Wife

Diane Christine Gettas, ex wife of Paul Haggis had an ugly separation over the custody of their children. Here is all the details about Diane Christine Gettas.

The world of Diane Christine Gettas

Diane Christine Gettas (now ex wife) was a nurse when she first met Paul Haggis. When Paul Haggis fell in love with Diane Christine Gettas, they moved to one room apartment and started living together. It was in the year 1975 that Diane Christine Gettas and Paul Haggis started having regular fights. During this period of time, someone advised them to opt for Scientology. The couple was going through such a bad phase that they believed Scientology will help them improve their situation. They both became Hubbard Qualified Scientologists. It indeed helped them because two years down the lane, in 1977 Diane Christine Gettas and Paul Haggis got married to each other. Soon after their marriage, they moved to Los Angeles, where Paul started doing some odd jobs to support his family.

Diane Christine Gettas – ex wife of Paul Haggis

Haggis always knew deep inside that no matter what, he would become a writer. Alissa, their first child was born in the year 1978. Paul Haggis was still taking advanced courses where electropsychometer or E-meter is being used. Paul Haggis was a workaholic and that is what led to differences between him and his the-then wife Diane Christine Gettas. They finally filed for divorce when they realized that living under one roof is becoming impossible. Diane Christine Gettas and their two daughters were getting affected by his workaholic nature. His career just took off by that time, so he was spending all his time with people he was working with.

The journey of becoming an ex wife

Though Paul Haggis was not much involved in their upbringing still he wanted the custody of their daughters. Diane Christine Gettas, on the other hand, was determined not to let go of her daughters so easily. What followed next was a 9-year long divorce battle. By this time he had a net worth of millions that supported him to fight this battle. For Diane Christine Gettas, her two daughters were her family so she fought for their custody. But, in 1997 a court decided that Haggis should be given full custody of their daughter. At the age of 19, Alissa and Lauren had to witness the ugly fight of the separation of her parents. Lauren, who was at a tender age at the time of separation, didn’t understand why Haggis was fighting for their custody. Haggis now has a net worth of $80 million and he thought he can take care of the future of their daughter better. Both the girls wanted to go to a boarding school, instead of staying with Haggis. For years, the sisters never spoke to their father.

The Instagram account

Paul has an Instagram account where he keeps updating his fans through the latest photos from his life, whether it is from the set of his film or his personal life. Diane Christine Gettas, ex wife of Haggis leads a private life and is said to be single nowadays. There is no photo of Diane Christine Gettas and neither is she too active in social media.