Noah Baumbach Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Greta Gerwig’s Husband

Get to know more about Noah Baumbach who is said to be Greta Gerwig’s husband. Below are facts about him including his overall net worth.

Noah Baumbach: Greta Gerwig’s Rumored Husband

If you’ve watched ‘The Meyerowitz Stories’ then you must know its’ director and writer Noah Baumbach. Baumbach is a filmmaker, a film director, producer and actor all wrapped up in one neat little package. The star has been nominated for many awards including the Oscars, Golden Globe and BAFTA and it’s rumored that he’sthe husband of Greta Gerwig, even though they haven’t officially tied the knot!. People know that Gerwig and Baumbach are dating and the pair aren’t hiding anything from the public eye. He may not be her husband yet but that could change at any moment. Baumbach is famous for making dramatic comedies and some of his movies have even been picked up by Netflix. 48-year-old Baumbach was born in Brooklyn, New York City. His father is a novelist and film critic Jonathan Baumbach and his mother, Georgia Brown, is a critic writer for The Village Voice. Baumbach graduated from Midwood High School in Brooklyn before he attending Vassar College where he received a B.A. in English in 1991. After leaving college, he worked as a messenger for The New Yorker magazine. Greta Gerwig’s rumored husband has worked on movies like ‘The Squid and the Whale,’ ‘Margot at the Wedding: The Shooting Script,’ ‘While We’re Young,’ and ‘Greenberg.’

When Noah Met Greta

Baumbach and Gerwig met in 2012 while he was still the husband of Jennifer Jason Leigh. Their bond grew after Baumbach split with his ex-wife and now the new pair are described as a magic couple between the two of them they create some kind of dazzle everywhere they go. There romance began in 2013 and since then they’ve been so in love with one another but as we all know, this is Hollywood. Here’s hoping they know the secret to making it all work. While Baumbach is busy as a filmmaker, Gerwig is out there doing what she knows best, acting. Gerwig describes her husband as a thinker and a generous person while Baumbach described Gerwig as sweet and unpretentious, almost like a sparkling grape juice. They met when Baumbach was casting roles for ‘The Corrections,’ and one of the actresses auditioning was Gerwig. The TV series, based on the novel by Jonathon Franzen, was supposed to air on HBO, but HBO decided to pass. It was precisely at this time that Baumbach and Leigh decided to go their separate ways. Baumbach asked if she had any ideas for a movie, maybe one they could write together, and the rest is history. Their romance began when they starting sending each other emails before they finally met to read their scripts out loud with one another. In August 2011, the began shooting the script, ‘Frances Ha’ on the New York streets in and just one month after the cameras started rolling, they were kissing behind the scenes like two kids in love. ‘Frances Ha’ was shot in black and white and was reportedly first film of its kind.

Interesting Facts about Noah Baumbach

Baumbach was Married to Jennifer Jason Leigh

Baumbach met actress Jennifer Jason Leigh in 2017 while she was performing on Broadway in a play called ‘Proof.’ After dating for a while, Baumbach moved in with Leigh and the pair lived together before they got married in September 2005. Leigh gave birth to their son Rohmer Emmanuel Baumbach in March 2010 but the couple to file for divorce later on that year. The following year, news emerged that Baumbach was seeing Greta Gerwig and it somehow motivated Leigh to separate from her ex-husband legally. Their divorce was finalized in September 2013 when Baumbach’s romance with Gerwig was at its peak.

He has Collaborated with Wes Anderson Several Times

Noah Baumbach has worked with Wes Anderson on many movies including ‘The Life Aquatic,’ which both of them wrote. Baumbach and Anderson have also co-written ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ and co-produced ‘She’s Funny That Way.’ Just like Baumbach, Anderson is a producer, director, screenwriter, actor, and filmmaker. The only thing they don’t share is a girlfriend, which is probably a wise thing to do.

He Directed an Episode of Saturday Night Live

Baumbach has only worked on television only once, if we don’t include the TV show HBO didn’t pick up. In 2008, he decided to challenge himself and direct a live television broadcast. Paul Rudd hosted Beyonce on SNL, and the classic skit was actually directed by Baumbach, himself.

He Disowned Highball

Noah Baumbach was among the writers and the directors of the 1997 film, ‘Highball.’ He also played the role of Philip in the movie. Later, he disowned the movie and asked his credits to be removed because had a falling out with the producer. There wasn’t enough time or money to complete the film.

His Net Worth

Baumbach has a net worth of around $25 million. He has made all his money from films like ‘The Squid and the Whale,’ ‘Margot at the Wedding: The Shooting Script,’ ‘While We’re Young,’ ‘Greenberg’ and many others.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about the relationship between Baumbach and Gerwig. Perhaps they are still dating, or maybe, just maybe, he proposed a long time ago but the pair never went public with their marital bliss!