Chris Long Wiki: Net Worth, Football Defensive End & Facts To Know

Get to know more about Chris Long, the football defensive end who plays for the Eagles. Here are facts about him, including his net worth.

Chris Long: The Eagles player

If you don’t love Philadelphia Eagles, then you must be hating it for beating your favorite team in the National Football League! If you happen to be a great fan of the team, you must be knowing Chris Long, the football defensive end for the team. Long has been playing for the Eagles since last year. Initially, Long played as the football defensive end of New England Patriots and St. Louis Rams. Long’s career in football began when he was in college. The 32-year-old Long was born in Santa Monica, California. Long’s father, Howie Long, is a Hall of Fame National Football League football defensive end. Long’s two young brothers are also into football. Kyle Long is an offensive lineman for Chicago Bears while his youngest brother, Howie Long Jr., is a personnel assistant for the Oakland Raiders. Long is also related to film director, Irvin Kershner and he was privileged to appear in a 1980’s anti-underage public announcement when he was an infant. Long studied at St. Annes-Belfield School situated in Charlottesville, Virginia. He used to play football and helped his team to set a record at the state private schools’ championship. rated listed him as the sixth best football defensive end at the time. Apart from football, Long also played lacrosse, basketball and baseball in high school. Long proceeded to the University of Virginia where he still played football actively. He is active on Twitter and Instagram.

Facts about the football defensive end

He was contracted by St. Louis Rams in 2008

When the 2008 NFL draft was going down, Chris Long was one of the selected overall picks by the St. Louis Rams. Long signed a contract with the team which amounted to $58 million including the salary of $10.3 million that would play a part in building his net worth. When the contract was over, Long extended it until 2016. Starting with 2008 season, Long finished with 40 combined tackles and four sacks, in 2009, 43 combined tackles and five sacks, 2010, 29 combined tackles and 8.5 sacks and then finished his contract with 37 combined tackles and 13 sacks in 2011. After Long renewed the contract, the football defensive end finished his 2015 season with 19 combined tackles and three sacks.

Long’s wife used to play lacrosse in Virginia

Long’s wife, Megan, was born and raised in New Jersey. She was a two-time US Lacrosse All-American winner before she joined the University of Virginia where she met Long. Long’s wife competed in several high-profile games including the ACC championship game against Duke in 2006, which according to her, was the best lacrosse games she ever played a part in. She started 16 games on that season and led all the first-year players in scoring and earning some accolades. Megan, Long’s wife, was also named to the US National Developmental Team. Megan is the not the only athlete in her family. Long’s sister in law, Katie, played basketball at Johns Hopkins. His father in law, on the other hand, played baseball for the Atlanta Braves.

Long signed a one-year deal with New England Patriots

Chris Long signed a contract with the New England Patriots after his previous contract with the Rams ended in 2016. Long received the $2.4 million worth deal and received a $500,000 signing bonus that would increase his net worth, and a base salary of $1.25 million. In that 2016 season, Long made a total of 35 combined tackles and four sacks. Long thought that by joining the Patriots, he would make it to Superbowl and he, therefore, ignored the Atlanta Falcons. To Long, it was all about winning.

He announced his son’s birth on Instagram

Chris Long and his wife Megan Long have a baby they named Waylon Long. The football defensive end is not a stranger to social media as he frequently posts both on Twitter and Instagram. He chose Instagram as the best place to post about his cute son. On Twitter alone, he has over 300,000 followers and he wanted to share his joy with his fans. Long named his son Waylon from one of the members of his favorite country group, The Highwaymen. That particular member is Waylon Jennings. His music touches Long, and he wished that he could have met him because of his free spirit.

Chris Long with his dog mask, barking!

So, Eagles won recently, and to celebrate the win, there was some barking at the Lincoln Financial Field. The barking almost made Malcolm Jenkins deaf before even the game started. After the Eagles saw the Championship clock hit zero, Long got back to his dog mask again. He continued to bark towards the crowd as a form of celebration. Well, this might be the new trend, as far as NFL is concerned. Next month Long will be crashing with his former team, the Patriots.

Long’s net worth

Long has a net worth of $28 million. He promised to use his salary to sponsor charities. Long has made most of his net worth from his football defensive end role in all the teams he has played for.

The year is still young for Chris Long and his team. He hopes that he will win his former team come this February. He should probably try to play with his dog mask off. It’s not a bad thought if he wants to be jobless.