Mel B Ex Husband: Life Story about Stephen Belafonte?

10 interesting facts about Stephen and his relationships

Spice Girls Mel B in a Nutshell

Also known as Scary Spice, Mel B is a world-renowned singer and star of Spice Girls who have more often than not made it to the tabloids because of all the personal drama surrounding her relationships. Her divorce from Jimmy Gulzar, her troubled relationship with Eddie Murphy and lastly her roller-coaster relationship with Stephen Belafonte has kept the public engaged in her personal life over the years. Having a daughter with each of her past beaus, Mel B is the mother of 3 daughters Phoenix, Angel, and Madison. She has also been a judge at various reality TV shows including the X factor and America’s Got Talent.

Mel B and Stephen Belafonte: Dating, Marriage, and Divorce

Mel B and Stephen Belafonte started dating while Mel B was pregnant with her ex Eddie Murphy’s child. Stephen Belafonte was there for her through the troubling time especially when Murphy was accusing Mel B of cheating and denying that the baby was his. Belafonte was the knight in shining armor during this time and proposed to Mel B only after four months. The couple was soon married and had a daughter of their own while also raising Mel B’s two other daughters from previous husbands.

The marriage which started out passionate with Mel B claiming that Stephen is the only man that she trusts soon crumbled into drama and abuse eventually leading to the couple divorcing in 2017.

10 facts about Stephen Belafonte

1. His real name is not Stephen Belafonte

Known as Stephen Stansbury, Stephen Belafonte was born and raised in New Jersey in a large family. He decided to change his last name and rediscovered himself as Belafonte when he turned 18. It was during this time he left New Jersey for Los Angeles to make it as a film producer.

2. He has directed and produced movies

Some of the movies that he has directed and produced over the years include Mutant Chronicles, Thank you for Smoking and Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans. However, he was not able to keep his production company afloat and it soon closed in 2007 because it was accused of not filing tax returns.

3. He was Mel B’s shoulder to cry on

Belafonte knew Mel B socially since 2004 but reconnected with her in 2007 amidst her own personal drama with Eddie Murphy. At that time Mel B was pregnant and in a relationship with Murphy who was not sure if the child was his. After a paternity test, it was revealed that Murphy was indeed the father. Belafonte during this troubling time was Mel B’s shoulder to cry on and became her only support during her pregnancy.

4. He was accused of being a con artist

During this drama with Eddie Murphy, a tabloid article on Belafonte claimed that he was, in fact, a con artist. The report accused him of lying and stated that he had made false claims before being Dionne’s Warwick’s nephew and being the son of Harry Belafonte both of which were untrue. The tabloid also accused Belafonte of serving jail time for attempting to alter his police records, for being evicted from various LA apartments and for getting in trouble with a nightclub for credit card issues.

5. He proposed to Mel B just after 4 months

Mel B and Belafonte were married only four months after really knowing each other, in fact, they eloped. Belafonte then helped Mel Braise her new daughter with Murphy. Mel B who is known for being very open about her sex life claimed that Belafonte and she were incredibly sexually compatible. She further claimed that she was with a woman for 4 years before that and Belafonte allegedly converted her back.

6. Mel B accused him of leaving her to die

In 2014 Mel B who was the judge at X factor missed the finale because she was rushed to the hospital. The next day she showed on set with bruises and cuts on her body which was a point of concern for many. Some tabloid accused Belafonte of imprisoning her and holding her hostage which is why she missed the final. While other tabloids claimed that he was with her when she was rushed to the hospital for alleged overuse of drugs. Later after divorce from Belafonte, Mel B also accused him of locking her in the room when she overdosed on aspirin and leaving her to die.

7. Belafonte denied abusing his wife

As soon as accusations about abuse started surfacing in 2014 Belafonte was quick to reply on twitter and denied all such claims. Even though Mel B’s family was also accusing him of being abusive at that time he continued to maintain that he never did any harm to his wife. Mel B after 10 days of drama sided with her husband and assured the world that she was indeed just very sick and that her husband would never lay a hand on her.

8. He was having an affair with the nanny

According to Mel B and a report by TMZ, Belafonte was having an affair with the nanny while being married to Mel B. He was also accused of getting the nanny pregnant and later forced her to get an abortion. Mel B also accused him of using her money to pay the nanny for the abortion as well as for sexual favors. She claims that Belafonte paid almost 300,000 US dollars to the nanny over the years.

9. Belafonte cut Mel B off from her family

According to Mel B and some sources, Belafonte made sure that Mel B had little contact with her family back home. Moreover, he has also been accused of not letting her go visit her dying father in Yorkshire. According to one report, he hid Mel B’s passport and told her to suck it up. Mel B barely made it in time to be by her father’s side before his death.

10. He recently filed for full custody of his daughter

Belafonte and Mel B have an 8-year-old daughter together named Madison. While currently both share custody, Belafonte has recently filed for full custody on account of Mel B being away from the US for most of 2018 and 2019. Mel B who works in the UK filed a petition that she couldn’t find work in the US and therefore also wants full custody of Madison with reserved meeting rights for Belafonte to meet his daughter. The pair is still battling it out in the court.

Current Status

Stephen Belafonte while opening up about his marriage with Mel B told his side of the story. He claims that Mel spewed lies about him abusing her when in fact she has been a drug addict for years and that is what put her in the hospital on numerous occasions. He also opened up about how Mel maligned him to get an advantage over him during the divorce and siphoned millions from their joint account before filing for a divorce. He further says he has been left heartbroken ever since he has been disallowed to see his stepdaughter Angel whom he helped raise since she was a baby and that he misses her terribly.

His current relationship with Mel B


Currently, Stephen Belafonte and Mel B are not on the best of terms. Even though they share the custody of their daughter Madison, they are both legally pursuing full custody for the child. While Mel B does not want to isolate her daughter from her father she does think that Stephen may poison the child against her. Whereas, Stephen complains that Mel B is not able to give Madison the due attention she deserves because of her excessive traveling to the UK. While both parties recognize that their daughter needs both her parents in her life, they still want an advantage over the other legally and are amidst a legal battle.

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The relationship that has kept everyone on their toes, Mel B and Stephen Belafonte have had a rocky marriage from the start. The circumstances in which they met and married were also filled with drama and the marriage itself was not an easy one. The couple has loved and hated each other and there are countless rumors and reports surrounding their relationship. The pair continues to battle it out legally for the custody of their daughter.