Mathilde Gremaud Wiki: Everything To Know About 2018 Olympics Silver Medalist Skier

Mathilde Gremaud is a skier who recently participated at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games. Read about her net worth and other facts.

Who is Mathilde Gremaud?

Mathilde Gremaud was born in 2000. She is a Swiss freestyle skier who competes internationally. Gremaud competed in the World Championships 2017. She participated in the 2018 Winter Olympics and took the silver medal in women’s slopestyle making her country proud. Gremaud loves to indulge in Skateboarding and cycling apart from freestyle skiing. The athlete is also a student and can speak English and French. She trained in the club Ski Club La Berra in Switzerland. She made her World Cup Debut – 2016 in Silvaplana, Switzerland. She began skiing at age two. Gremaud used to participate in sports competitions and eventually decided to take up freestyle skiing as a sport. She explained in her athlete profile before the 2018 Olympic Winter Games, “I was initially attracted to downhill skiing because of my dad. Then one day I asked him to try freestyle skiing.” Her most memorable achievement was winning the gold medal in big air at the 2017 Winter X Games Europe in Oslo, Norway. She created history in the X Games event by becoming the first female athlete to claim a perfect score of 50 points.

Net worth of the skier

The net worth of the skier is currently unavailable.

Recent stint at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games

Switzerland’s Mathilde Gremaud was on the roster for both women’s Slopestyle and Big Air in Norway. Gremaud, 17, has been coming on strong in 2017 by winning the World Championships 2017 and also managed to land on the podium at four World Cups between women’s slopestyle and Big Air. She won Big Air at the February World Cup in Quebec City with a rightside rodeo 900. She also finished at the 3rd place at the most recent World Cup in Silvaplana, SUI. Switzerland’s Mathilde Gremaud took Olympic freestyle silver in the women’s ski slopestyle in the recent Olympics and her win was just a day after being taken to hospital after a concussion scare. Gremaud underwent a CT scan to check for any possible concussions but she luckily passed the protocols thereby being fit to compete. She had fallen and banged her head so hard during training sessions that she had suffered a temporary memory loss. But miraculously she soon recovered and did her country proud by winning the silver medal. Her fellow teammate, Sarah Hoefflin, was just ahead of her by a small margin. Sarah Hoefflin had also hurt herself during the training sessions. “I just know what they told me, (that) I was shocked and then we skied down. I was crying. I really don’t know what happened,” she said in the interview taken after her win. “I forgot everything about yesterday’s training until I got into the ambulance. I went to the hospital and got a CT scan and everything was all right.” Switzerland’s team doctor German Clenin explained that she had fallen off a railing and banged her head, but was not unconscious. Though she had a slight headache, she was fit to compete according to the doctors. “I did neurological testing yesterday (and) this morning so I could give the ‘go’ this morning,” the doctor said. “It’s really important to watch and be careful with concussion and if there was a concussion, she wouldn’t compete today.” Hoefflin had had also had a tough week physically after falling and hurting both her heels. The weather condition was really bad for the athletes. “It’s been incredible. It was a pretty hard week for the whole Swiss team, especially for me. I didn’t have the best training and Mathilde and I have been having a couple of injuries,” Hoefflin said. She added that she wanted to just have fun after the entire ordeal got over. She feels honored with the victory. “If I go, whatever the result, my season will be successful,” confided Mathilde Gremaud a month before the 2018 Olympics had started. With the Swiss flag wrapped around her, the girl could not hide her tears and emotion at the time of interviews. Eyes still red with tears of happiness, Mathilde Gremaud could not believe her victory and her joy was very obvious, “There is a lot of joy and emotion,” she says modestly. “I may be doing a little more than the other things that have happened to me in the last few months, it’s pretty amazing that everything has worked and my knee has not hurt me so much.” The day she managed to qualify, she again had a bad fall in training, “I had to go to the hospital quickly to do a head scan to see if everything was fine, this morning, when I woke up, I did not know if I had a concussion or not. everything was good so I thought I did not need to put the brakes on, I did not have any pressure because I had not competed this season, I really enjoyed the slopestyle it was really cool.” The Olympics of 2018 was her first take at the Olympics. It was a particularly special experience, especially since she had asked her parents not to come because of her knee injury. “Without my injury, they would have come to the Games, but I told them I did not want them to come because I was in the dark, but my little sister wrote me a message during the training and I had tears in my eyes because I was so happy to be here, to live this is a pretty incredible experience especially when there is a result behind it.”

Mathilde Gremaud is available on Instagram @mathilde_gremaud. She constantly uploads her recent photos and photos from her competitions on her Instagram page.