Lindsay Shookus : Facts To Know About Ben Affleck’s Girlfriend

After a recent divorce, Ben Affleck moves on in order to keep his reputation of “Don Juan”. We present you his new girlfriend, Lindsay Shookus

Lindsay Shookus – short bio and net worth

Lindsay Shookus became more familiar to the public since she was caught as a new girlfriend of Ben Affleck. Although she wasn’t famous among celebrities, Lindsay Shookus was not unknown in Hollywood. She was always more engaging behind the camera, and now it’s time for her to shine next to one of the biggest Hollywood seducers. She had credits for co-producing ‘Saturday Night Live’ and 45 episodes of the satirical sitcom, ’30 Rock’. Her current net worth is reported nearly $75 million, mostly thanks to the success she achieves with the mentioned live TV show. Sources claimed that Ben Affleck has a serious crush on Lindsay Shookus. Although their relationship is still fresh, they really look in love. Malicious comments go way far, claiming she look-a-like his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner. Well, we had to admit, there is some similarity, and Ben Affleck sure has a good taste.

”Saturday Night Live” as her mark

This 35-year old blonde is a successful producer, and in the last 15 years, she has been highly engaged in ‘Saturday Night Live’ where she started as an assistant to the head producer, Marci Klein. She hired Lindsay Shookus recognizing her business potential, not just pretty face. Her work and commitment were noted and soon became an associate producer. She dedicates herself to this show, raising it to a higher level by choosing quality and interesting hosts and guests. In 2015, Lindsay Shookus won an Emmy for the ‘Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special’ staring numerous celebrities: Steve Martin, Jim Carrey, Justin Timberlake, Will Pharel, Robert de Niro etc. The show even had a successful ad during Super Bowl XLIX. Ben Affleck’s new girl won several more awards, as a reward for their work. For two years in a row, she was included in the list of the 50 Most Powerful Music Executives. Besides winning an Emmy, she was also nominated seven more times.

Lindsay Shookus – private life

Before she started her relationship with Ben Affleck, Lindsay Shookus was married to a TV producer named Kevin Miller with whom she has a five-year-old daughter. Shookus and Miller met after her engagement with ‘Saturday Night Live’, and soon after they started dating. After an eight year relationship together, they married in 2010, but as they later admitted, their marriage was far from ideal. Although both were active behind the scene, Lindsay gave her husband a chance to “shine” in front of the camera. Kevin Miller appeared as a guest role in one episode of the “30 Rock” series, playing himself. Although the birth of the child was supposed to strengthen their marriage, the divorce happened shortly after Lindsay gave birth. In separate interviews, both declared that the differences between them were greatly unmatched and that divorce was inevitable. She started dating Ben Affleck in June 2017, after they met in London. Till then, the public wasn’t too concerned about the details of Lindsay Shookus’ private life, except for her divorce in 2014…or should we say ”divorce”, considering she and Kevin Miller are separated, but they didn’t officially fill divorce paper yet?

Did Ben Affleck really move on?

The public was guessing what was the main reason for Ben Affleck’s divorce. Media mentioned his numerous affairs, new girlfriend, passion for gambling and alcohol, etc. There was no official confirmation of any assertation. Being known as one of the greatest seducers in Hollywood, it was just a matter of time when Ben Affleck would appear with a new girlfriend. Paparazzi took a shot of Lindsay Shookus and Ben in June, only three months after his divorce. They tried to keep things under wrap, but the public was merciless to catch them together. Since then, Ben Affleck and his new girlfriend have become one of the main topics in Hollywood.

The revealing of their love

In September, Lindsay Shookus and Ben Affleck appeared together at 2017 Emmy Awards, and the rumor was officially confirmed. They looked stunning together and numerous media announced how thoughtful Ben was to bring his new girlfriend, and they were even seen attending an HBO after party after the awards. Since revealing their relationship, they didn’t hesitate to go in public together. They attend parties and sporting events, and they’re often seen on romantic dinners being intimate and touchy. They started to behave like normal couples at the beginning of the relationship, and they both seem to enjoy it.

Lindsay Shookus is not just another famous girlfriend

Everyone thought that after his divorce, Ben Affleck would find a new girlfriend among the bevy of sexy bikini models, but he started dating one of the most successful women in Hollywood. Of course, she also has a perfect bikini body, but Lindsay Shookus is way more than just a beautiful and attractive blonde. Ben and his new girlfriend, Lindsay Shookus are successful in their professions. In the past, Ben Affleck had certain problems with vices, his career went downstairs for a while, but we hope that this is behind him. With this super-woman by his side, we hope he will return to the lanes of old glory.