Frances McDormand Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About The ‘Fargo’ Actress

From her early years all the way to becoming one of the greatest actresses of our generation, a brief biography on Frances McDormand.

Frances McDormand: The Early Years

Frances Louise McDormand was born on June 23rd, 1957 in Chicago, Illinois. McDormand was adopted by two Canadian parents, Vernon and Noreen McDormand at the age of one-and-a -half years old. McDormand moved frequently with her family, living in many small towns in Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia before eventually settling in Monessen, Pennsylvania. McDormand attended and graduated in the class of 1975 from Monessen High School. McDormand ended up attending Bethany College in West Virginia, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in theater in 1979. Forever pushing herself, which would eventually show in her work as an actress, she earned a Master of Fine Arts from the Yale School of Drama in 1982. McDormand was roommates with actress Holly Hunter at the time. The American actress, known as one of the great tv show and movie character actors of this generation is known for roles in Fargo, Olive Kitteridge, Isle Of Dogs, Mississippi Burning and many tv show roles, including Hill Street Blues, Olive Kitteridge and even The Simpsons.

A Young Frances McDormand

Frances McDormand: The Great American Actress

McDormand is one of the 12 actresses in American history to be crowned with the stunning achievement of the Triple Crown of Acting, for competitive Oscar, Emmy and Tony Award wins in the acting categories. Her debut in film was in the great Coen Brothers first film, “Blood Simple.” This is where she met Joel Cohen, her future husband and the great collaboration between the two would take off. They are both private artists who are at the top of their game and that is usually attributed to the fact that they are actually making films because it is a true passion and they are doing it for all the right reasons, not for fame or money, even though they are highly regarded as arguably the best to work in film. She appeared in “Raising Arizona” in 1987, alongside Nicholas Cage and her roommate from college, Holly Hunter. Along with John Goodman, McDormand is one of the great character actors that the Coen Brothers have written parts for in their amazing screenplays, with a specific actor or actress in mind before they even sit down to direct their films. McDormand has been in several Coen Brothers films, most notably Fargo, where McDormand actually won the Oscar for Best Actress along with the film sweeping the Academy Awards in almost every category. It was not the last time that she would be in a Coen Brothers film and it will certainly not be the last. McDormand has been received critical acclaim and is already up for discussion for many more awards for her latest film with Martin Mcdonaugh, “3 Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.” Her role as a mother who loses a child and goes on a crusade to get justice is beyond powerful. Frances McDormand has received mass critical acclaim for her movie roles and has been nominated for her performances in films like Mississippi Burning, Isle Of Dogs and Fargo and for her TV Role as the main character in Olive Kitteridge, she won an Emmy Award for best actress, which helped her become the 12th actress to gain acting awards for her performances in all 3 major outlets, movie roles, tv show performances and a Tony Award for her work on the Broadway stage in the David Lindsay-Abaire play, “Good People.”

Frances McDormand in her Oscar winning role in Fargo.

Frances McDormand: Net Worth and more

Frances McDormand met her future husband Joel Cohen on the set of the 1984 film, “Blood Simple.” They married in 1984 and have carried the amazing tradition that was passed onto her, by adopting a son, Pedro McDormand Coen, in 1994. They live in New York City. Like Joel Cohen, Frances McDormand is very private, with no social media to speak of. McDormand and Joel have collaborated on many films together including, Blood Simple, Raising Arizona, Fargo and Burn After Reading. She has won many awards over the years and her success has led to her being one of the greatest film, tv show and stage actresses of the last 3 decades. Her role in “3 Billboards” already has garnered her much critical success and along with acclaim, she is setup nicely to be a frontrunner for Best Actress this year at all of the major award shows, she might be adding another Oscar to her illustrious career along with a Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award. McDormand has amassed a net worth of $16 million dollars up to this date and with many more awards coming this season and the fact that her husband, Joel Cohen, is one of the great writers and directors in Film History, it is safe to say that her net worth will only rise in time. She is a true icon and while she avoids all of the fame that comes with such amazing success quite well, every director looks to have her in their movie or tv roles. Frances McDormand is a stunning actress and all fans of great dramatic performances will look forward to what McDormand has coming up in the future.

Frances McDormand & Joel Cohen

Frances with her husband and son.