Lauren B From The Bachelor: 5 Facts To Know About The Contestant

Get to know all about Lauren B, who is one of the remaining contestants of the TV show The Bachelor. Her net worth is unclear.

Who is Lauren B. from The Bachelor?

If you are keenly following the TV show, “The Bachelor”, perhaps most of your attention is on Lauren B., and according to the spoilers, there is a higher chance that Arie prefers Lauren B. more than any other contestant. To start off, it’s interesting that there were several Laurens on this season, but each Lauren has her own story and personality. So, who is this Lauren B. we are talking about? Her full names are Lauren Burnham, and she is the only remaining Lauren after three others were eliminated. Every rose that has been handed to Lauren B. by Arie has its significance. They all meant that she was going to spend more time on the TV show. Lauren B. is also one of the contestants who hasn’t made either a good or bad reputation. One sure thing though is that Lauren B. has caught the eye of Arie that he just wants to see her around.

She tried to solidify her chemistry with Arie

One of the unforgettable scenes is the wrestling group date where theatrically locked horns with Marikh and where she was interrupted by Krystal when she was about to talk with Arie on one-on-one. Lauren B. managed to secure face time with Arie where she opened up about herself more. In the conversation, Lauren B. told Arie that it was hard for her to share and be vulnerable and the conversation took a turn where they started speaking about an ideal relationship dynamic to solidify their chemistry. Most contestants don’t get the final rose at the end of the TV show, but they get something out of it like a lot of exposure. Most of “The Bachelor” contestants in the previous seasons either started blogs, promote their businesses, start marketing products on Facebook and Instagram to increase their net worth, or just take to Twitter and start tweeting about the TV show. So, you might be wondering what Lauren B. has to market on Instagram or Facebook. Well, according to ABC’s website, Lauren B. is Tech Salesperson aged 25, living in Virginia Beach.

She is not so active on the TV show

In her bio, she claims that she is a Taylor Swift fanatic and she loves “Frozen.” Laura B. also wishes that she can be on reality TV shows like “Botched” and “Real Housewives.” Since the wrestling group date, she has spent few moments in the spotlight. Lauren B. has avoided dramas that other contestants have been sucked into. It might work in his favor because she has nothing to be judged on negatively. Lauren B. has some intimidating looks, and other contestants are slightly afraid of her. Her mellow wrestling date might have kept the kept the viewers’ wanting for more action, but did they know that Lauren B. has a Tae Kwon Do Second Degree Black Belt? By looking on her Instagram, she is definitely enjoying her time on The TV show. Lauren B. frequently shares behind the scenes photos showing her experience. Laura B. is not so active on Twitter though.

It’s speculated that Arie has eyes on her

Things might work in favor of Lauren B. Well, everybody believes that Arie is engaged to Becca who is at the age of 27. But that’s not the case, according to the TV show spoilers. We already know that Arie liked the nanny, Bekah but after he heard that she is aged 22, he stepped on the brake paddle. Then he turned to Becca and everything was going well for her. But according to Reality Steve, Arie has already called off the engagement with Becca to focus on Lauren B. Reality Steve gets it wrong sometimes, but he is always right most of the time. You can’t rely on her prediction, but you know what to prepare because it’s most likely that Arie is considering calling off her engagement to Becca to focus on a romantic relationship with Lauren B.

Facts about Lauren B.

She loves her dog

Most of us really do love dogs and enjoy spending time with our man best friends. The only you can be with these amazing animal is having one as a pet and Laura B. has one. Lauren B. loves her pup like a child. She calls her Dallas and often describes her as her “BFFL” on Instagram. If you see the dog Lauren B. has, you will also feel like having a dog as a pet in case you don’t have one.

She is adventurous and loves fishing

Lauren B. posted a photo on Instagram with her friends at iFLY. For those who don’t know what iFLY is, it’s an indoor skydiving simulator. A friend suggested that Lauren B. should do the real thing, and she was like “hell yeah!” It’s also common for Lauren B. to take a boat ride to a part of the sea where she can catch some fish.

Lauren B. is an artist

Lauren also does painting. If you see one of her arts, you will admire her talent. The paintings should be taken to an exhibition.

She loves her family

It is beautiful to see people hand out with their family members. Lauren B. does that and it’s evident on her Instagram.

She hates texting during dinner

Lauren B. doesn’t like people who text during dinner because she hates doing it herself. Imagine you are on a dinner date with someone, then they start texting. It’s boring.

Her net worth

The net worth of most of the contestants on the show is not clear. Lauren B. must be having a net worth she has built from her profession. Arie has a net worth of $5 million.

It seems Lauren B. will be on the TV show for a very long time, unless “The Bachelor” surprises us. It might be true that Arie wants her.