Paul Sorvino Wiki: Everything To Know About The ‘Goodfellas’ Actor

American actor, opera singer, and sculptor Paul Sorvino has many feathers to his cap. Discover his net worth and other facts about the “Goodfellas” actor.

Who Is Paul Sorvino?

The multi-talented Paul Sorvino has appeared in a number of films and plays. In addition to acting, Sorvino is also a renowned writer, sculptor and singer. The world grew to love him for his portrayal of strong characters both in a negative as well as a positive role. The talented man is also a conscientious citizen who tries his best to give his bit to the world by his charitable endeavors. Paul Sorvino is a common face in American gangster movies. He often portrays the role of authority figures on both sides of the law. His movie ‘Goodfellas’ has left a lasting impression on the viewers’ minds. He played the strong character of Paulie Cicero in ‘Goodfellas’ which was a classic gangster film directed by Martin Scorsese. Sorvino’s portrayal as NYPD Sergeant Phil Cerreta in the legal drama series, ‘Law & Order’ also left the viewers astounded by his credible performance. He made his acting debut in the year 1970 in the film, ‘Where’s Poppa?’

Paul Sorvino’s Net Worth

Sorvino’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million. He earned his net worth through his writings, acting career and clever investments.

Harvey Weinstein Incident

Sorvino is a man who has the courage of a lion. Sorvino’s daughter, Amanda, was once harassed by her ex-boyfriend in January 2007. Sorvino turned up with a gun to threaten him and to help his daughter before the police arrived. In another similar incident, Sorvino threatened to beat up Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstrin. Sorvino’s daughter, Mira Sorvino, revealed that Harvey Weinstein had threatened to blacklist her after she resisted his sexual advances.

Actor Paul Sorvino’s Early Life

Sorvino was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York City. His mother, Angela Mattea, was a homemaker and a piano teacher and his father, Ford Sorvino, was an Italian immigrant who worked in a robe factory as a foreman. Paul Sorvino did his schooling from Lafayette High School and then attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy.

Paul Sorvino’s Personal Life

Sorvino has three children, Mira, Michael and Amanda from his first marriage with Lorraine Davis. Both Mira and Michael are actors. He and his daughter, Amanda, in 2008, had lobbies with the Americans against the Horse Slaughter in Washington D.C., for the Senate and Congress to pass the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act. The Sorvinos also run a private horse rescue in Pennsylvania. Sorvino is also an accomplished sculptor specializing in cast bronze. He made a sculpture of his friend, the late playwright Jason Miller, in 2008 which was unveiled in Pennsylvania. In 2007, Sorvino ventured into food and launched his ‘Paul Sorvino Foods’ which had a wide range of pasta sauces. The sauces were based on his mother’s recipes. The products became available in the supermarkets in the northeastern United States in 2009. He later, also ventured into cosmeceuticals becoming a part owner in Janson-Beckett in 2012. In 2014, Sorvino married Denessa Purvis Benkie also called ‘Dee Dee’ after meeting her on the TV program ‘Your World With Neil Cavuto.’

Acting Career

Paul Sorvino first began a career as a copywriter in an advertising agency. He also took voice lessons for 18 years. Sorvino made his Broadway debut in 1964 with the musical ‘Bajour’. After making his acting debut on-screen in ‘Where’s Poppa?,’ he played a much acclaimed supporting role in the film, ‘The Panic in the Needle Park’. His work in the 1972 Broadway play. ‘That Championship Season’ was also critically acclaimed. He starred in many weekly series after that, ‘We’ll Get By’ in 1975, ‘Bert D’Angelo/Superstar and ‘The Oldest Rookie’ in 1987. He tried his skills at directing with ‘Wheelbarrow Closers’ in 1976. In 1981, Sorvino appeared in the film, ‘Reds’ and in 1985, he appeared in the science fiction film, ‘The Stuff’. Sorvino also helped find the American Stage Company, a group that launched numerous Off-Broadway shows. His role as Sergeant Phil Cerreta on the popular series, ‘Law & Order’ in 1991, was appreciated by all until the left the serial after 29 episodes citing the exhaustible schedule demanded by the filming of the show. His drama/thriller movie, ‘Cruising’ in 1980 was a major hit. Paul Sorvino appeared as Captain Edelson in ‘Cruising’. The actor went on to appear in many notable films and television series. Sorvino’s work as Paul Cicero in ‘Goodfellas’ in 1990 still is considered as one of his best. He has also appeared in other films like ‘Nixon’ in 1995, ‘The Rocketeer’ and ‘The Firm’. ‘The Rocketeer’ where he played mob bosses Eddie Valentine, is also considered as one of his best work. From 2000 to 2002, Sorvino had lead role in the CBS television drama ‘That’s Life’. The actor also starred in the comedy ‘Still Standing as Al Miller, father to Bill.’

Paul Sorvino, the actor par excellence, has managed to keep an amazing balance in all the fields he has passion for. He has beautifully divided his time and attention in his directorial ventures, acting, opera, voice rendering, business ventures and charity works. Sorvino has gained not only a high net worth, but he also built a very successful career.