Krysten Ritter From ‘Jessica Jones’: 5 Hot Instagram Pics You Need To See

American actress Krysten Ritter is a cool girl with great style. Here are five hot Instagram pics of the ‘Jessica Jones’ star that you need to see.

About Krysten Ritter

Krysten Ritter is perhaps best known for playing the superheroine ‘Jessica Jones’ in the Marvel television series. She has acted in various TV shows and movies since the early 2000s. Ritter was born on December 16, 1981 in Pennsylvania. She started a modeling career when she was a teenager and worked as a print and runway model. Ritter was able to travel to different parts of the world because of her modeling career. Eventually, Ritter found her way into acting. She had minor roles in a few movies and TV shows like ‘Veronica Mars’ and ‘Gilmore Girls.’ Ritter also appeared in the popular series ‘Breaking Bad’ as Jane Margolis. She continued to act in movies such as ‘What Happens in Vegas,’ ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic,’ and ‘She’s Out of My League.’ In 2012, Ritter was chosen to play the lead role in the TV show ‘Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23.’ More recently, Ritter played the main character in ‘Jessica Jones.’ She is also part of the cast of ‘The Defenders’ which is also aired on Netflix. Ritter is also a musician. She is a member of an indie rock band called Ex Vivian.

Krysten Ritter’s Hot Instagram Pics

Krysten Ritter has over 900,000 followers on her official Instagram page. If you check her feed, you’ll immediately notice how much she loves her dog Mikey. Ritter also shares behind-the-scene pics from her TV show ‘Jessica Jones’ as well as pics with her costars. Krysten Ritter is a beautiful and talented actress with a cool fashion style. Whether she’s all glammed up for the red carpet or casually dressed, Ritter always manages to look good. Here are five of the actress’ best Instagram pics.

Krysten Ritter looks super cool in New York City for her “Bonfire” book signing event. Aside from being an actress, Ritter is also an author. She released “Bonfire” – a thriller novel – in 2017.

Krysten Ritter looks effortlessly stylish in this editorial for Women’s Health Magazine. Her dog Mikey strikes a pose with the ‘She’s Out Of My League’ star. Ritter is known to be a dog lover and an animal rights advocate.

This black ensemble accentuates Krysten Ritter’s beautiful dark hair and light skin. The star of the TV show ‘The Defenders’ truly has a great sense of style.

The ‘Jessica Jones’ star looks tough and mysterious in the Netflix series, but on the red carpet, Krysten Ritter looks glamorous.

Even when she is dressed down, Krysten Ritter still looks chic. The ‘Breaking Bad’ actress is a true cool girl. You can follow Krysten Ritter on her official Instagram page @therealkrystenritter.